Service Pack for KISSsoft 03/2011

There are two different versions for the latest Service Pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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ProEngineer interface (Additional download, not included in the Service Pack above)

These Service Packs fix the following issues:


  • General:
  • - Bug fix: Tolerance ZC according ISO 286 was wrong

    - Bug fix: Tolerance JS (twice the value) and js quality 9 was wrong

    - Bug fix: Conversion of unit "Nm/°/mm" from/to "ft*lbf/°/in" was wrong.

    - Bug fix: Module change was only possible after saving and pressing the no button

    - Bug fix: translation errors fixed

    - Bug fix: dxf files in inch units containing vertex elements where not read in correctly

    - Bug fix: after saving a file the calculation is now set to ‘inconsistent’ (in some cases by saving, material values were changed and reset only after recalculating)

    - Translation error fixed

    - Bug fix: Font size for reports was not shown correctly in the settings dialog

    - Improvement: IDs of graphics are displayed in the properties, ready for use in the report templates

    - Bug fix: *.out files for the cad interfaces were written wrong in some cases

    - Bug fix: Databases could not be opened for writing in some cases

    - Bug fix: Permission for Z05x was not checked correctly

    - Bug fix: Project details were in some cases not listed in the report.

    - Error in project administration related to 'save file as...' fixed

    - Unit display error in 3D diagrams fixed

    - Material dialogs resized

    - 2D-Graphics do not jump back to the default view when window is resized

  • Gear calculation:
  • - Bug fix: Tip clearance was wrong calculated with negative root diameter allowance

    - Bug fix: Profile modification 'Pressure angle modification': If value was introduced as negative number, results were not coherent. Negative values are not considered anymore. (In release 2012 negative values will be correctly treated.)

    - Bug fix: Face gear : Pressure angles and contact ratio are not calculated correctly for the setting of "Only geometry calculation"

    - Bug fix: Splines ISO 4156 - Sheet with data for Gauges: All data was wrong

    - Bug fix: Sizing of profile shift was giving wrong numbers for maximum flank and root safety in some cases

    - Bug fix: rounding error when input of diametral pitch fixed

    - Bug fix: Default for tooth form operation 'Modification for wire erosion' was wrong

    - Bug fix: Reading empty dxf files in the tooth form calculation could coz a crash

    - Bug fix: KHb-calculation following ISO6336-Annex E: When using shaft data, in some cases bending and torsion was combined wrongly (display in file 'KHbeta_calc_Rad 1 - Rad 2.tmp' is also corrected

    - Tab Toothform: In the Pinion-like cutter window, input of alfprP0 and alfKP was wrongly converted from ° to rad; and hkf0 was inverted.

    - Optimization of profile modifications (cylindrical gears): The family of curves, under the title "Contact analysis", where depicting the results of the last calculated case. This leads to confusion, because it is not clear to which case they correspond. Now all the graphs are empty.

    - Worm gear calculation according DIN3996 or ISO TR 14521: After discussions with Prof.Predki, it was cleared that factor ZH should become smaller than 1, if the life time is bigger than 25000.

    - Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Enveloping worm gear): Tool tip rounding is not applied correctly sometimes.

    - Improvement: 3D Geometry of globoid worm gear: Improved memory management.

    - Bug fix: Case depth value according ISO 6336-5 corrected

    - Error message added, if root form diameter dFf was taken out of the tooth form AND if profile modifications where used starting at root form diameter. In such a case, it is not possible to get dFf from tooth form!

    - Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Planetary gear): System model with 1 planet was not working

    - Bug fix: wrong unit for eta in rough and fine sizing removed

    - Bug fix: case depth to avoid case crushing according ISO 6336-5 corrected

    - Improvement: Master Gear: Added display of Test radius RTmax and RTmin according AGMA2002 in the report.

    - Improvement: Contact analysis of gears: The calculated loss was documented and shown for a slice. As depending on the choice of calculation accuracy the number of slices varies, the power loss values displayed were changing. The units in the patch are now calculated in W/mm (Power loss per mm face width). In the patch the unit W/mm cannot be changed, but in the next release the units will be again selectable.

    - Bug fix: When dFf is calculated from tooth form, sometimes in the report dNf was documented wrongly.

    - Improvement: 3D Geometry (Bevel gear): System model shows the flank overlap distance in the comment.

    - Improvement: 3D Geometry (Bevel gear): The measuring points report is available (only on request).

    - Bug fix: Center distance tolerance accoring ISO 286 js5 wasn't read before.

    - Improvement: Micropitting: After long discussions with the ISO comitee, it was cleared, that to calculate the permissible specific lubricant film thickness, the oil temperatur during the test has to be used. For data produced on the FZG test rig, this is normally 90°. So now always 90° is used (and documented in the report). In the next version (2012) of KISSsoft, there will be a choice for SKS-levels measured at different oil temperatures.

    - Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Cylindrical gear): The system model is shown correctly when the axial offset is set.

    - Bug fix: Cylindrical gear: The axial offset (bv) was not treated correctly if it had negative value.

    - Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Bevel gear): Fixed the tooth thickness of straight and helical bevel gear.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis: KHbeta was calculated wrong when flank line modifications were applied to an inner gear (the modification was considered with the opposite sign). This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Modifications input: widget of factor 1 was editable for a new crowning item

    - Bug fix: Rough and fine sizing change from patch 4 did hide some error or warning messages

    - Bug fix: Tab Operating backlash was not opened in old files automatically

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of planet: The planet meshing phase shiftings were calculated wrongly, this is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: The Improvement in Patch F (Diameter, where undercut starts is calculated) caused sometimes problems with dNf.e

    - Bug fix: the convertion of the tip/ root diameter allowance was wrongly by the tolerances of the gears

    - Bug fix: Calculation of inner rims VDI2737: KF calculation including now also KFa

    - Improvement: Calculation of inner rims VDI2737: Always sFn and roFn is calculated according VDI2737, Annex B (before calculation was depending on choosen calculation method for sFn, roFn)

    - Bug fix: Flank breaking: In certain cases, the calculation didn't stop when insufficient hardness data were used, and KISSsoft froze, This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of gears and KHb-calculation with data from shaft files: When the pinion's or gear's data is defined in the corresponding shaft file by reading from gear file (Flag ‘Read from file’ is set in the cylindrical gear in the shaft editor), then the contact analysis and KHb results were wrong. Additionally, sometimes an internal error occured which caused an empty results window to show up, without any message. Both cases are now fixed.

    - Improvement: (Sorry late announcement; was already implemented in Patch D) Operating backlash calculation: More accurate effective backlash at operating pitch diameter. Formulas of DIN3967 and ISO21771 are not accurate for big center distance tolerances. (More detailed description on request.)

    - Improvement: Diameter, where undercut starts is calculated and reported in dFf and dNf diameters.

    - Bug fix: Wrong helix angle direction at 3D-View of stress distribution of gear B

    - Bug fix: Flank breaking: if the begin and end designators of the hardness file contained blank characters (space and/or tab) the calculation did not run. This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Grinding notch was not recognized in many cases (Bug since Version 2010, Patch G).

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of planet: the error, when no. of planets is 1, is eliminated, the calculation does not stop anymore.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of planet: the pitch error of the sun-planet meshing was sometimes overwritten when opening an old file, this is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of planet: the meshing 2D graphics and contact analysis graphics of the planet system were not reset when a new example was loaded. This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: fpt and my was not correctly displayed in graphics comment

    - Bug fix: Tip alteration and reference profile own input handling was wrong in patch 3, when data sets form version 2010 and older were loaded (in some cases tip diameter da was changed sligthly).

    - Bug fix: Legend for graphic wear along the tooth was not shown

    - Bug fix: Title of load spectrum own input was not shown correctly in the result window

    - Improvement: Additional property rotation steps for flank alignment added

    - Improvement: Text in fine sizing more clear

    - Improvement (Operating Backlash): Backlash at operating pitch diameter improved for big centre distance tolerances; Crash in case of 4-gear-chain eliminated.

    - Improvement (Worm gears): Layout of transmittable torque improved in some cases

    - Bug fix: Fixed the width factor of end relief in Sizing modifications window

    - Bug fix: Fixed the profile shift coefficient for face gear with shaft angle <> 90

    - Big fix: Rough and fine sizing did change some calculation data even if dialog was closed without accept

    - Improvement: Face gear: Static calculation is now available (Note: You need also to replace z000.kdb data base, this has to be requested from our hotline.)

    - Bug fix: Spiral bevel gear: Fixed the spiral angle and the tooth form of 3D geometry model.

    - Improvement: Spiral bevel gear: Implemented face milling process for 3D geometry model.

    - Bug fix: Enveloping worm gear, 3D Geometry: The model with large lead angle and thread was not generated sometimes.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of planet: the 2D meshing graph was not showing the actual path of contact for the sun-planet but the theoretical one.

    - Bug fix: Report: The amount of helix angle modification (conical) is always shown in micro inch.

    - Bug fix: Tip alteration disabled for hobbing cutter, pinion type cutter, constructed involute and customized reference profiles.

    - Improvement: Wear calculation according to Plewe corrected and extended to 2mym oil film thickness.

    - Bug fix: The convertion of the tip/ foot diameter allowance for crossed helical gears were wrong

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis of gear pair: convergence problems with shaft files fixed.

    - Bug fix: Profile diagram: Tolerance according to AGMA 2000 was not correct (instead AGMA 2015 was used)

    - Tooth form calculation: Tip modifications generated an additional (very small) chamfer

    - Tooth form calculation: Normals have been wrong for constructed involute in case of internal gears

    - Contact analysis: Improved 3D graphics for lubricating film thickness, micropitting, and wear

    - Modification optimization: In the Overview-Report you will find an additional table with the Transverse contact ratio

    - Bug fix: 2D and 3D Geometry: Gears are always rotating in the same direction

    - Improvement: 3D Geometry (Spiral bevel gear): Improved the model generation having flank modifications. Now, the surface quality and the probability of operation success much improved.

    - Improvement: 3D Geometry (Spiral bevel gear): Added mounting distance in the comment window of the system model

    - Bevel, Worm, Splines and Crossed Helical gears: For the tip diameter tolerances, the flag if the tolerances were introduced by own input or by a tolerance class (as h7) was not stored in data stored prior to this patch. Therefore, when loading data files, this flag will be set.

    - Bevel gears: Error in calculation of fm (has influence on lbm, YK) in ISO10300 (only when eps.b < 1)

    - User interface error in dialog for converting allowances fixed

    - User interface error in fine sizing fixed (number of teeth)

    - Input of number of teeth with decimal places did not work

    - Tooth form calculation: Root diameter was wrong in some cases with modifications

    - Tooth form calculation: Index error fixed (reason for null results in contact analysis in some cases)

    - Tooth form calculation: Problem with schematic presentation of 3D geometry solved (Error in eliminating points!)

    - Tooth form calculation: DXF-Preview crashed if called without defining a file

    - Tooth form calculation: DXF-Preview did not show internal gears correctly

    - Bevel gears, 3D-Volumina: We improved the generation of the tooth form in the root area; now it is much easier to get directly a perfect 3D model, without any need to change settings of the parasolid-modeler.

    - 3D Geometry (General): Parasolid settings saved in calculation file

    - 3D Geometry (General): Automatic rotation is available for system model

    - 3D Geometry (Face gear): Flank modification for pinion is available

    - Contact analysis: The KHbeta is calculated iteratively according to ISO 6336-1 Appendix E (this is a very important topic)

    - Contact analysis: Contact at left or at right flank can be selected, asymmetric modifications are accordingly respected

    - Contact analysis: Fixed normal load calculation (deformation normal to tooth form is wrongly considered)

    - Contact analysis: Fixed tooth end stiffness of left flank meshing

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis (planet systems): The friction coefficients for the sun-planet and planet-rim meshings were ignored and always set to 0.1.

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis (planet systems): The results for the system transmission error only were not correct when switching from right to left flank.

    - COM-interface x64: KISSsoftCOMPS64.dll was wrong compiled

    - Operating backlash: Fixed the calculation of distance between bearings for planetary gear

  • Bearing calculation:
  • - Minor Bug fix: In reading data files, which contain roller profiling data or ring deformation data (empty spaces after keywords DATA or END were causing the problem).

    - Bug fix: The pressure distribution calculation for taper roller bearings, and their corresponding profiling, was wrong.

    - Bug fix: Inner geometry calculation (W051): The radius of curvature ri and ro could be given as input for cylindrical roller bearings. This was wrong and is now corrected. The results were NOT affected.

  • Polygon calculation:
  • - Bug fix: Polygon profile P3G graphic corrected

    - Bug fix: The warning concerning the smallest hub wall thickness was wrong.

  • Tooth form calculation:
  • - Bug fix: Angles in operation 'Generate cylindrical gear with hobbing cutter' where not shown in degree but radians

    - Bug fix: Angles in operation 'Generate cylindrical gear with pinion type cutter' where not shown in degree but radians

    - Improvement: Default for operation 'Generate cylindrical gear with pinion type cutter' is taken from reference profile

  • Shaft calculation:
  • - Minor Bug fix: The influence of the gears' mass and/or stiffness was not documented properly, but the calculation results were correct.

    - Minor Bug fix: For the inner geometry method, the change of bearing diametral clearance was slightly wrong (less than 1%). This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Notch effect smooth shaft had not been handled correctly.

    - Bug fix: Strength calculation according FKM with more than one shaft, was setting the flag "satisfied" wrong.

    - Bug fix: When inner contour was used inside rectangular outer contour elements, the calculation didn't run and the error message was inappropriate. This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: For the Campbell diagram calculation, the sense of rotation of the selected shaft was neglected.

    - Bug fix: The "Read from file" functionality for worms/worm wheels was wrong in the power value and the driving/driven characterization.

    - Improvement: A new version of the FEM core improves the stability of the calculation.

    - Bug fix: In some cases, the calculation converges, but the axial displacement is unrealistically big (for example, greater than the shaft length, which is clearly not possible). Most of the times this problem can be solved by increasing the node density, and if so it is done automatically.

    - Bug fix: Load spectrum calculation with shaft temperature different than the reference temperature was producing wrong results in the bearing forces. This is now fixed.

    - Bug fix: Clearance was not documented in the main report when it was given as own input.

    - Bug fix : Tooth trace modification: The modification diagram doesn't show the modification curves for Calculation B.

    - Bug fix : Tooth trace modification: Fixed the values of (f-corr) in Tooth trace modification report.

    - Bug fix : Results for classically calculated bearings with clearance AND offset, or with offset in both X- and Z- direction were wrong. Since the associated error cannot be fixed for the classical calculation (because of the calculation's assumptions), a descriptive message that the calculation method must be changed to inner geometry is issued, and the calculation is stopped.

    - Bug fix (shaft editor): unit settings were not saved

    - Bug fix (documentation): The documentation of the bearing reaction and displacement direction, in the bearing report, was documented with its supplementary angle.

    - Improvement: The Campbell diagram can now be generated when bearings are calculated with the inner geometry method

    - Bug fix: Convergence problems in cases of classically calculated bearings with clearance fixed.

    - Bug fix: In some cases the aISO limiting factor (aISOmax) was not respected for the modified rating life according to ISO 281.

    - Bug fix: Pure thrust bearings were wrongly reporting radial forces.

    - Bug fix: Some load spectrum calculations were not converging as a set.

    - Bug fix: In load spectrum cases were the speed was changing sign (ie. the sense of rotation was changing for each load case) the results were wrong. This is now corrected

    - Bug fix: Strength calculation according Hänchen&Decker: The frequency of the load wasn't saved

    - Improvement: For shaft models with multiple shafts, if a shaft is axially loaded but not axially supported this could lead to non-convergence. Now KISSsoft checks this case automatically, and displays a warning.

    - Bug fix: Error with reading load spectrum in some minor cases solved.

    - Bug fix: Error in the internal definition of magnetic forces and face gears could cause crash (solved).

    - Bug fix: Load spectrum: In some cases the load spectrum calculation did not convergence, even though the individual load steps worked fine.

    - Bug fix: Inner contour influence on bearing clearance: The calculation of operating bearing clearance (inner geometry) ignored the inner contour of the shaft (bore).

    - Bug fix: Bearing reference load: The equivalent reference load for roller bearings with inner geometry was calculated with wrong exponent (1/3 instead of 0.3).

    - Bearing stiffness graph: The bearing stiffness graph (inner geometry method) was not shown in the bearing report. Additionally, in some cases the raceway radius (ri, ro) was not documented.

    - The data for inner geometry of IBC bearings is sometimes not correct, and this leads to non-convergence when the bearing and shaft tolerances are taken into account. Since no database change can be performed in a patch, from now on in this version, the inner geometry of IBC bearings is approximated and not taken from the database.

  • Splines calculation:
  • - Bug fix: With a topping tool it is not possible to change the tip diameter allowance.

    - The tolerance for the tip diameter was sometimes overwritten, when the flag was set.

    - Splines according DIN 5481: all examples corrected

  • Bolt calculation:
  • Bug fix: Error message by bolt own input "thread length is bigger than the bolt length" was sometimes wrong showed.

  • Spring calculation:
  • Bug fix: Disk spring calculation: Factor K4 for group 3 was wrong calculated.

  • Clambed connection calculation:
  • Bug fix: The tensile strength of the hub in the report had the wrong value (tensile stress of shaft).

  • CAD interfaces:
  • - Bugfix: ProEngineer: the generation of an internal gear by the functionality "gear on shaft" was wrong. (by separate download)

    - Improvement: Interface to Solid Works 2012

    - Improvement: Interface to NX8

    - Improvement: Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2013

    - Bug fix: ProEngineer: It was only for Z012 possible to reopen KISSsoft and modify the gear (by separate download)

    - Improvement: Interface to Solid Edge ST4

    - Bug fix: ProEngineer: The manufacturing data were not set in the drawing (by separate download)

    - Bug Fix: Interface for the 32bit version to SolidEdge, SolidWorks and Inventor, the language of the addin was only german

    Improvement: ProEngineer: the CADDIR can be now a path to a server directory

    - NX: Rack generation added

    - NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor: KISSsoft calculation files with the extension *.Z9a couldn't be reopen in the CAD-System

    - For SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor: Rack generation added

    - ProEngineer: Modifying toothing on an existing shaft added (by separate download)

  • Graphics:
  • - Issue with very small values fixed (e.g. wear)


  • General:
  • - Bug fix: variable "Temp" in coaxial shafts was set to default value when calling UpdateShaftElements.

    - Improvement: Bearing3Calculations and Bearing4Calculations tables: removed double inputs

    - Bug fix: Contact analysis report: fixed report generation

    - Improvement: kSoftBevelGearPair: added "KHb" and "Reb" results for Sizing Models

    - Improvement: Bevel gears 3DView: imporoved view for Sizing models

    - Improvement: kSys3DView show reflections: improved view to optimized generation time

    - Improvement: SetPositionDialog: improved options for gears 3D positioning

    - New classcad library (bugs in 3D display fixed)

    - 3DView: bug fix in positioning of shaft elements.

    - kSysRollerBearing: default values for ToleranceID and ClearanceID. DB error message thrown if values = 0.

  • Templates:
  • DBList "material1" member of connection calculations returned a list index as default instead of a material DB ID.

  • Coaxial Shafts:
  • - Bug fix: positioning of coaxial shafts

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