Service Pack for KISSsoft 08/2009

There are two different versions for the latest Service Pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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These Service Packs fix the following issues:

  • General: links in the index of the manual did not work
  • General: file extension for KISSsys was not connected correctly
  • General: file extension for report logo was case sensitive
  • General: DPI for logos depends on the pixel at width
  • General: start parameter INI was also interpreted as a calculation file
  • General: translation issues
  • General: change of material lables in configuration tool did not work
  • Shaft calculation: Cross section at position y=0 and active load spectrum crashed the software
  • Shaft calculation: Approximation of inner geometry of needle bearings is improved
  • Shaft calculation: saved diagram curves did not show up in the legend
  • Shaft calculation: Error for L-beam corrected. Ixz, Wxx and Wzz are changed
  • Gear calculation: Load spectrum in graphics for S/N_curve is sorted according to load
  • Gear calculation: Units for misalignment in tab path of contact were not considered correctly
  • Gear calculation: message about minimum tooth thickness was shown too often
  • Gear calculation: Sizing of end relief: Result bI and bII documented in the report; Lc* in module (proposed factor was in facewidth instead of module)
  • Gear calculation: Profile modification data corrected in drawing data report
  • NX: Splines generation corrected
  • HiCAD: changes in the interface
  • SolidEdge-Addin 64bit version
  • CAD-interface-Addin 32bit for SolidEdge, SolidWorks and Inventor could not open KISSsoft on WinXP
  • ProEngineer: the menu "Edit gear" corrected
  • Bearing calculation: the load spectrum was not shown in report
  • Bearing calculation: a crash could occur after selecting a load spectrum
  • Bevel gear geometry ISO23509: Iteration improved
  • Bolt calculation: graphic position also works without load data
  • KISSsys: double-click to a KISSsys file opens the file and sets the project directory to the file directory automatically.
  • KISSsys: KISSsys can be executed from the Command Prompt using the parameters 'path to File' and/ or 'project directory'.
  • KISSsys: waiting cursor kept running when opening tables.
  • KISSsys: a crash could ocurr when rendering a not valid expression in tables.
  • KISSsys Classes: using certain coordinates for 3D gears returned a weird shape of the element.
  • KISSsys Classes: added Ksoft variables for 'DoubleHelical' gears and 'Kgam' to planetary calculation.
  • KISSsys Templates: added variables for 'DoubleHelical' gears to planetary calculation.
  • General: corrections in the american reports
  • General: KISSsoft closes if user wants updates to be installed
  • Gear calculation: K-charts are not shown correctly in US units
  • Shaft calculation: program crashed if no shaft was selected in tab tooth trace correction
  • Shaft calculation: unit error in own data for Woehler line solved
  • Tooth form calculation: treatment for special cases improved
  • Bevel gears: no collision check available but property was shown anyway
  • Bevel Gears following ISO10300: fpt used for KHa is not divided by 2, if Profile correction is applied (not as in ISO6336).
  • Helical Gears following AGMA2?0?: Kac was documented wrongly (displayed in wrong unit)
  • Bevel Gears following ISO10300: ZR,ZL,ZX,ZW,Ydrel,YR-Factors corresponds always to the endurance value (no interpolation with the static value as in ISO6336)
  • Material of gears: Correction in the conversion hardness to sigHlim
  • Gear calculation: license check for collision was wrong
  • Gear calculation: If tool thickness for hob was overwritten, the protuberance was transformed wrongly
  • Cylindrical gears: Calculation of hFaP* changed, if alfnk-alfn < Limit-angle for Undercut
  • Shaft calculation: Function for locating critical sections for strength calculation improved
  • Graphic Hardning depth: the measured data were not shown
  • Crossed Helical Gears: Operating backlash is calculated without manufacturing errors (Manufacturing errors are assumed as eliminated by wear); as it was in earlier relieases.
  • CAD-Interfaces: symmetric tooth form for internal gears corrected for 3D export
  • ProEngineer-interface: Problems with long file names corrected
  • CAD-interface to Solid Works 2010
  • CAD-Interface to Solid Edge ST2
  • NX6-interface: correction for the generation of helical gears
  • KISSsys Classes: maximum number of coaxial shafts increased from 10 to 15
  • KISSsys Templates: included member 'name' to kSysShaft
  • KISSsys: fixed possible program thrown exception when setting incorrect values to 'vector x' and 'vector y' for an element (in Properties dialog).
  • Crossed helical gears: helix angle was wrong when exporting gear 2 as KISSsoft single gear file
  • Gear calculation: Start of profile correction was not considered correctly, if root modifications are made and the root form diameter is read from the tooth form
  • Data file for Plastic material PBT Ultradur B4520 changed (sigFlim values canceled because not approved, temperature limit reduced to 60C)
  • License tool: Tree of rights was only updated when hovering over with the mouse
  • Licence administration: when starting a second instance of a network license, the first instance lost its rights automatically
  • Shaft calculation: On reading gear data from a gear calculation conversion between power and torque could fail. An Message was also shown in this case.
  • Shaft calculation: An offset for a bearing together with a stiffness could lead to a doubled stiffness considered in the calculation
  • Shaft calculation: Sizing a shaft for strength did not consider the connecting elements
  • Hypoid-Gears: Profile angle used for tooth form calculation in the 2D corrected (now: alfnD,C).
  • Reports: translation error in W060 in italian and spanish fixed
  • Constructed Involute: Calculation of rfP corrected
  • Bearing calculation ISO 16281: graphic "pressure curve" corrected
  • Bearing calculation ISO 16281: "_State before last calculation" was saved at the wrong place
  • Gear calculation: Operation theoretical involute in tooth form calculation did not allow overwriting of root diameter
  • Corrected haP0 in the case of topping tools for pre-manufacturing (changes dFa-diameter)
  • Gear calculation: software could crash if second load spectrum for plantetary gear stages had more elements than first spectrum
  • Worm calculation: graphic "gear pair" crashed by lead angle = 0
  • Bevel gears following AGMA2003:Iteration of life time calculation had iteration problems with sometimes wrong results
  • Message: 'Wrong Klingelnberg machine' corrected in case that no Klinglenberg machines are selected
  • Tooth form calculation: special cases treatment improved
  • Data files for the tolerances according ISO 286 completed
  • Worm Gear Calculation (DIN3996:1996): h* was overwritten if own input
  • Worm Gear Calculation (DIN and ISO): Calculation of lubricant temperatur following Method D is calculated using KA*T2 (until now using T2)
  • KISSsys Classes: For all bearings it is now possible to view bearing force values not only if the scaling factor is larger than zero.
  • KISSsys Templates: The "stateRy" value is now selected in the StateRy list when the bearing Dialog is shown.
  • KISSsys Tables: When using the Tabulator to navigate in tables, the cursor jumped sometimes to the cell below instead to the next cell on the right.
  • KISSsys Dialogs: When text in a combobox list contained the character "<", the character and the following text was removed.
  • KISSsys Dialogs: Real numbers where sometimes rounded.
  • KISSsys Classes: Data on operating pitch diameter is now transfered to shaft calculation instead of data on reference diameter.
  • KISSsys Examples: Update of GPK models
  • Roller bearing graphics: formatting of unit improved
  • Hertzian pressure module: the large half axis of area of pressure 'a' was wrong calculated by cylinder-cylinder and cylinder-area
  • Cylindrical gears: number of teeth spanned in results window corrected in US customary units
  • Cylindrical gears: graphic hardening depth was incomplete if it contained measured data
  • Error in calculating tip reduction on the pinion (dimensions bk' and LAk1) in Klingelnberg KN3028 and KN3029 corrected
  • Tolerance Fr following DIN3965 (Bevel gears) was wrong (too big)
  • Cylindrical gears: Notation of axis in K chart improved
  • Planetary gears: Dimensions of planet support is not converted to US customary units in Face load factor definition window
  • Shaft calculation: Shows the number of the load element that causes termination of a calculation with load spectrum
  • Gear calculation: number of points for profile corrections increased from 500 to 750 per flank
  • Crowning introduced in version 08/2009 and older will be updated
  • Four gears: dynamic factor for gear pair 3-4 is included in the report
  • Worm gears: calculation with negative input speed fixed
  • Bolts: Own input of fatigue life in additional data for strength class was not considered
  • Shaft calculation: Load spectrum calculation having worm element with efficiency less than 100% fixed
  • KISSsys Classes: Added variables "TolHub", "TolShaft", "clearanceID" to kSysConnectionRollerBearing "generateRotCad".
  • KISSsys Classes: Added variable "Kgam" to kSoftPlanetaryGearSet.
  • KISSsys Classes: Added variables "ba_min" and "ba_max" (width/center distance) to kSoftHelicalGearPair "translation table".
  • KISSsys Templates: Added variables "TolHub", "TolShaft", "clearanceID" to kSysConnectionRollerBearing element.
  • KISSsys Templates: Added variable "Kgam" to kSoftPlanetaryGearSet.
  • KISSsys Templates: Added variables "ba_min" and "ba_max" (width/center distance) to kSoftHelicalGearPair.
  • KISSsys Templates: Shafts were not found when adding a "Bearing1" kSoftBearing to a kSysConnectionBearing.

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