Service Packs for KISSsoft 04/2010

There are two different versions for the latest Service Pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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These Service Packs fix the following issues:


  • General:
  • - Variables that are not included in old files have not been set to default but left as in the previous calculation on loading

    - Crash related to reading DXF files solved

    - Error in saving 3D-graphics solved

    - Floating numbers under 1e-6 is truncated when the calculation file is saved.

    - The release version number in the main window is shown correctly in Asian windows

    - The message for load spectrum fault is improved: The number of faulty load element is shown.

    - Crash related to rights check fixed

    - Save file as template did not work

  • Gear calculation:
  • - Bug fix: Grinding notch was not recognized in many cases.

    - Tooth form calculation: In special cases, imaginary point removal doesn't work correctly.

    - Tooth form calculation: error with small chamfer fixed

    - AGMA 925: If k or s coefficients are zero, the default value is set according to the lubricant base

    - Path of contact: Fixed crash problem for spur gear by AGMA calculation method

    - Splines according DIN 5481: all examples corrected

    - Worm gears: Error in calculation of fm (has influence on lbm, YK) in ISO10300 (only when eps.b<1)

    - Path of contact: Fixed normal load calculation along the path of contact.

    - Operating backlash: Fixed the proposition of distance between bearings for planetary gear

    - Added a Warning for Hypoid Gears using Klingelnberg KN3030 method: The calculation method according to Klingelnberg implies falim = 0 (Influence coefficient for boundary pressure angle)

    - Fine and Rough sizing: KISSsoft crashed when switching to another gear module while sizing dialog was open

    - Fine and Rough sizing: Moment of Inertia was always 0.

    - Fine Sizing: Error messages 'Woehler line' corrected when only geometry was activated

    - Fine sizing: Option for high tooth generation did produce sometimes solutions with no high tooth profile, when the tool is a pinion type cutter.

    - Calculation module check for crossed helical gears was wrong

    - The "Proposal for hardening depth" - values for recommended case depth to avoid case-crushing" were wrong for more than one pairs

    - Cylindrical gears, when root form diameter was taken from tooth form: Documented tolerances of Profile contact ratio (epsa.e and eps.i) were incorrect in some cases.

    - Path of contact calculation: improved the display of legends in the 3D graphics

    - Path of contact calculation: the calculation of contact point, especially with internal gears with tooth modification, in some cases displayed a wrong contact line

    - Tooth form calculation: improved the message for root (or form) diameter changes between the tooth form calculation steps

    - AGMA925 calculation: fixed the calculation of pressure-viscosity coefficient alpha when 'k' and 's' are set to "own input"

    - AGMA925 calculation: fixed the error in generating report (contents were duplicated if the report was generated more than one time without recalculation)

    - Additional warning message if root form diameter changes too much from one tooth form calculation step to the next one

    - Additional Layout buttons in tab Tooth form for hprP0 and alfprP0 to input variant for 'Generate cylindrical gear with hobbing cutter': Input of Cutter data, choice for length (in mm or inch) or factor. Proposition for haP0*

    - The Modification tab will not be closed if the default setting for modification diameter has been changed

    - Noncircular Gears: Handling of variants with non-constant centre distance improved

    - Bolt calculation, flange connection: Calculation of the shearing force at the single screw by was wrong.

    - Calculation of Planetary Gear Sets with Duty Cycles: Negative rpm factors were considered as positive

    - Transmission error calculation: Warning if tooth jam because of excessive bending may occur

    - Fine sizing and rough sizing: For planets, limit for minimum transmission ratio reduced from 2.2 to 2.05

    - Splines according DIN5481: The 30x34 spline according the file "DIN5481_30x34_a11-A11_fein.Z9A" respects the measure over rolls data given in table 3 of DIN5481; but NOT the thickness of the gap Emax, Emin. There is a mistake in this DIN table!

    - Correction in the reports: the unit wasn't set by the width of intermediate groove (double helical)

    - Additional input variant for 'Generate cylindrical gear with hobbing cutter' (in tab Tooth form): Input of Cutter data, choice for length (in mm or inch) or factor. Proposition for haP0*.

    - Setting of Accuracy of calculation for Path of contact calculation improved

    - Infinite loop by excessive bending in Path of contact calculation fixed

    - DXF file names containing umlauts could not be read

    - Tip diameter tolerance according ISO wasn't updated automatically for gear 2

    - Active tip circle was not always drawn correctly in gear pair graphics

    - For cylindrical gears the automatic proposition for l,s,dsh (Planets lPla) is rounded to 0.1 mm (before to 1.0 mm); This to avoid in some cases too big changes in KHb when changing the module sligthly

    - Path of contact calculation was wrong when the overlap ratio is very large

    - The color scale in the fine sizing graphic was not always drawn correctly

    - An input of mass temperature (theM) was not considered in the scuffing calculation according ISO 13989

  • Master Gear calculation:
  • - For inner gears: Proposition of damax was wrong

    - If Manufacturing tolerance according AGMA2000 or AGMA2015 is used, Vcq is considered for the calcualtion of amin according AGMA2002, Eq. 8.5

    - Tooth form calculation: Data was not taken from option when selecting the root item

    - Tooth form calculation: Import worm in axial section did only work for worms with one tooth

    - Path of contact calculation: Solved the problem in showing the result graphics when only the part of the tooth flank has contact

    - Path of contact calculation: Safety Micropitting was sometimes displayed as 0.

    - Draw gear pair if the center distance is not set to zero when no. of teeth are same for internal gear pair (to do spline calculation using gear pair module)

    - Graphics: 3D-Diagrams could not be read clearly after looking at the axis position graphic anymore

  • Reports:
  • - Gear calculation: English translation fixed
    (foot -> root, flanc -> flank)

  • Worm gear calculation:
  • - Conversion of calculation with Duty Cycle improved

    - Calculation with negative input speed fixed

    - 3D model for ZA tooth form included

  • Shaft calculation:
  • - Bug fix: Sometimes the position of a cross section could cause convergence errors.

    - For classical bearing calculation, axial clearance (uA) was overwriting the bearing offset (deltay). This lead to wrong results for bearing displacements, life and reaction forces, and wrong shaft deformations. This is now corrected.

    - If the strength calculation was wrong, KISSsoft crashed when you open the graphic "strength". We set this result to zero.

    - Strength calculation according FKM: The factors Kd,m and Kd,p for stainless steel were wrong calculated.

    - Worm/worm gear elements: the forces on these elements where sometimes calculated wrong.

    - Load spectrum calculation: In some cases the load spectrum calculation did not convergence, even though the individual load steps worked fine. This is fixed.

    - The data for inner geometry of IBC bearings seem to be incorrect, and this leads to non-convergence when the bearing and shaft tolerances are taken into account. Since no database change can be performed in a patch, from now on in this version, the inner geometry of IBC bearings is approximated and not taken from the database.

    - Splines according to ANSI did not take the correct values if KISSsoft was set to the metric unit system

    - helix angle can be set to 0 without setting the list to spur gear manually

    - Bug fix: Angles in the reports of eigenfrequencies and buckling cases where documented with a wrong value. The bug was found only in the documentation, not in the calculation.

    - Bug fix: When gears where considered as mass and stiffness, the shaft inner geometry was ignored. That lead the whole body of the gear to contribute to torsional stiffness, which was wrong.

    - Flank line modification (W10): graphic display improved

    - The bearing displacements/rotations are now documented with the correct sign. Until now, the absolute value of the displacement/rotation was correct, but documented with an opposite sign. This is now fixed

    - In certain cases, where short loaded elements were defined (for example a coupling only 1mm in length), the results could be wrong due to false convergence and no error was issued. This is now fixed, and the results shown are reliable

    - The shaft temperature was not transmitted correctly to the shaft strength calculation when FKM method was selected

    - The bearing type is shown in the warning message when the bearing relative speed is zero. This makes easy to find the bearing that causes the warning. It is particularly useful in multiple shaft calculations with a lot of connecting bearings

    - Graphics failed if a gears with same diameter as the shaft was applied

    - Improved the message showing the load element number when the load spectrum calculation fails.

    - DIN 743 strength calculation: With compression stress the medium stress sigzdm and sigbm can become negativ according to DIN 743, this was not considered in the calculation

    - Load spectrum calculation having worm element with efficiency less than 100% fixed

    - The meshing calculation of the lead correction factor is only posible when a gear is defined

    - Temporary file of a bearing calculation were written to the wrong temp directory

    - Graphic load distribution did not draw useful dimensions for high loads

    - When reopening the sizing of roller bearing dialog, the current bearing was not selected

    - Graphic strength crashed if the calculation of one section failed

    - Consider gears as mass and as stiffness was not correctly working with bevel gears

    Note on Shaft Calculation:
    Shafts that are supported on rigid bearings with clearance have certain particularities, and are not guaranteed to give out correct results. Unfortunately, KISSsoft cannot issue a warning or error because the situation depends heavily on the user's calculation case. However, we suggest the user performs one of the following steps to verify that the results are reliable.

    1. Run a shaft calculation for which the bearing calculation method (Tab "Basic Data" -> Combo box "Roller bearing") is set according to inner geometry (option "Roller bearing stiffness calculated from inner geometry" or "Roller bearing service life according to ISO/TS 16281"), or

    2. Enter manually a relatively high radial stiffness for each bearing that you want to calculate with clearance, and run the calculation
    Please note that proper care should be taken in the amount of clearance entered for the bearings. Too high clearance for a given bearing type and size could lead to wrong results which cannot be check automatically by KISSsoft.

  • Bolt calculation:
  • rebuild the stripping strength window with calculation and report button

  • Polygon:
  • the calculation method list was wrong readed

  • Bearing calculation:
  • - Note on bearing calculation correction of patch 2 ( The bearing clearance is now properly calculated and taken into account when a general radial load (XZ plane) acts on the shaft.): The clearance distribution was considered as in a square window and not as in concentric circle window. The correction is implemented for the first shaft only, even if in the same file multiple shafts may exist. We suggest the user defines a separate model file for each shaft.

    - The bearing clearance is now properly calculated and taken into account when a general radial load (XZ plane) acts on the shaft

    - Friction torque according to SKF 2004 wasn't calculated in some cases

    - The tapered roller bearing length Lwe wasn't read correctly in bearing calculation according to ISO 16281

  • Various
  • - Hertzian Pressure: Fixed Approach of bodies for cylinder-plane configuration

    - FKM, Stress analysis with local stresses: correction of type of calculation method 'miner consistent'

  • CAD interfaces:
  • - SolidWorks: The dll for 64bit was wrong compiled

    - SolidWorks 2011: the shafts were not generated.

    - ProEngineer Wildfire 4: The check 32bit application on a 64-bit machine is gone.

    - Interface to Solid Edge ST3

    - ProEngineer: The inner gears were generated with the wrong helix angle

    - Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2012

    - ProEngineer: The generation of inner gear with small module was improved

    - 3D Geometry (Parasolid): File size of worm gear and bevel gear is reduced

    - 3D Geometry (Parasolid): Rotation of worm gear and bevel gear pair is improved

    - NX: The bore was wrong in the bevel gear generation

    - ProEngineer: The ProE WF3 32bit crashed if you tried to generate a gear

    - Interface to NX 7.5

    - Think 3: Cylindrical gear was always with helix right (not left)

    - ProEngineer: adding additional variables directly to the CAD system wasn't working correctly

    - 3D Geometry (Parasolid): Positioning of system model for planetary gear and face gear fixed

    - The CATIA interface wasn't shown in the list 'CAD program for 3D Export'

    - NX6 interface dll wasn't signed correctly

    - Interface for ProEngineer Wildfire 5 32bit wasn't completed

  • KISS Editor:
  • - kissEditor: language selection


  • General:
  • - To avoid waiting long periods of time while opening the KISSsoft interface from KISSsys, the tab Explorer (in KISSsoft) is now removed.

    - improvement in calculation performance. Time for calculations reduced

    - A "ksyslog.txt" file was created in every "KISS" temporal folder, created in every calculation. Only one will be now saved in the folder set for "TEMPDIR" in kiss.ini

  • Templates:
  • - "Bearing1.n": fixed speed(n) expression

    - Shaft and CoaxialShaft calculations: added new members "HousingTemp" for housing temperature, "Impurity" for oil impurity and "BearingCalcMethod"

    - Shaft calculation: added new members "Temp" for shaft temperature and "ShaftCalcMethod" for shaft (strength) calculation method

    - Gear calculation: added new members bmnMax, bmnMin, bd1Min, ba_min, ba_max, MaxZaZahl and MinZaZahl for rough sizing values

    - Lubricant "deleted from the database" message shown when adding new calculations. Lubricant member default value changed

  • Classes:
  • - Added the conections corresponding to the new members in the templates

    - "sizing" method for kSoftHelicalGearPair, kSoftPlanetGearSet and kSoftThreeHelicalGears didn't return any information values. Now it will return "1"(true) or "0"(false) when sizing is performed

    - KISSsys.SetPositionFromWormGear: to work correctly for every case, specially for coaxial shafts

    Important general note
    In large networks the KISSsoft-Explorer-tab may take minutes to initialize, thus slowing down the start up time of KISSsoft. In such cases we recommend to do the following:

    - Start KISSsoft

    - When KISSsoft is opened, close the Explorer tab (typically located left top next to the "projects" and "modules" tab)

    - Close KISSsoft: The information, that the Explorer is not to be used, is stored automatically

    - If you want to reopen the Explorer, you can do this any time by activating it in the "view"-menu

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