Service Pack for KISSsoft 03/2008

There are two different versions for the latest Service Pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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This Service Pack includes an update of KISSsys. Models created with prior versions can be read again. Please read the notes for the KISSsys update. If you still have problems contact and enclose your model

In addition, these Service Packs correct the following issues:

  • Graphics do intercept invalid zoom rects
  • Graphics do keep their zoom rect when resized
  • Shaft calculation: own data for calculation B in tab deformation is taken over now
  • Shaft calculation: data update of selected gear improved
  • Shaft calculation: crash while deleting connected shafts relieved
  • Shaft Calculation: shaft data was not taken over correctly when changing default values in tab basic data
  • Shaft calculation: Database ID and value of roughness was mixed up
  • Shaft calculation: Second load spectrum of a V-Belt is taken over now
  • Shaft calculation: Improvement of convergence for unidirectional bearings
  • Shaft calculation: Offset for roller bearings without consideration of inner geometry is considered
  • Shaft calculation: Strength calculation with selected element of load spectrum fixed
  • Shaft calculation: Error when reading bevel gear solved
  • Shaft calculation: Error when entering own gear data after a file was selected solved
  • Shaft calculation: report for the strength calculation corrected
  • Shaft calculation: License W01a was not checked correctly
  • Shaft calculation: Details of sections were not updated correctly
  • Shaft calculation: Stress ratio was not set when stress was changed
  • Bearing calculation: License W05a was not checked correctly
  • Stress Analysis with local stresses (FKM): "Type of calculation" and "Load case" wasn't readout correctly
  • Project administration: "Close all" added
  • Labels for Materials other than DIN where missing
  • Bolt calculation: Error in tab positions solved where the table was mixed up
  • Bolt calculation: translation on-the-fly in tables added
  • Gear Calculation (Gear Pump): Graphics in the gear pump report
  • ProEngineer: Files for Windows XP 64bit (valid for Wildfire 2 and 3)
  • Gear calculation: data is taken from module before starting rough or fine sizing
  • Gear calculation: geometry manager for cylindrical and crossed helical gear pair added
  • Face gear: KV-Factor was not set right
  • Gear/Lubrication: Default values for temperature flank and root, the values weren't saved
  • Bearing data base corrected
  • Hydrodynamic axial-journal bearing: deltaT2 according DIN31654 was calculated wrongly
  • Shaft calculation: Direction of torque and helix angle in graphics 'load application' corrected
  • Shaft calculation: Table for selecting a standard spline added
  • Shaft calculation: ComboBoxes in roller bearing editor did not always show correct units
  • Shaft calculation: gear elements draws Helix angle
  • Shaft calculation: Type of bevel gear was not saved correctly
  • Shaft calculation: Bearing stiffness is considered only if the corresponding flag is set
  • Shaft calculation: Update for shaft calculations saved before 2002 did not work
  • Shaft calculation: General joint for connections between two shafts had wrong entries in the list. Please check your calculations already generated with version 03/2008.
  • Shaft calculation: Selection of key norm did not work for unconditional cross sections
  • Shaft calculation: Unconditional sections did not get new diameters when the geometry changed
  • Shaft calculation: Approximation of roller bearing inner geometry is accepted if inaccurate and a message is shown
  • User specific protocol for CADOR added
  • Filter "All files" added to the dialog "Open file"
  • The default e-Mail address for sending files as e-Mail did not work on Outlook
  • Test version can be released with a write protected kiss.ini
  • Loading projects from server is faster
  • Database tool: Inputs for roller bearings separated on two pages because of screen size
  • Splines files for output with actual/effective tolerances
  • Graphics did not opened correctly when rights for some of them where missing
  • File extension igs for iges files added
  • Bolt calculation: table of positions did show x,y coordinates but had wrong text
  • Sending reports by Email was done without filename is calculation was never saved before
  • SolidWorks-/ SolidEdge-/ Inventor-Addin corrected
  • While activating a network licence, access of parent directory instead of licence directory was checked
  • Startparameter INIDIR is supported again
  • Gear calculations: ISO 6336 Corrigendum 1 (2008) is considered, for gear pairs the formula for Zbeta can be set under settings
  • Bearing calculation: Translation error with/without filtration fixed (english and italian)
  • General: program crashed when a graphic was about to be saved in a module without graphics
  • Shaft calculation: The sign of shaft speed was not considered for bearing calculation without load spectrum (affects only connection bearings between two shafts)
  • Shaft calculation: The direction of contact angle for bearings did not change in shaft editor if outer diameter instead inner diameter was selected.
  • KISSsys: Update of shaft calculation did not work in some cases
  • Think3 CAD-interface with Bevel gears generation
  • Solid Edge CAD-interface runtime errors by some generations eliminated
  • Stress Analysis with local stresses (FKM): "Type of calculation" and "Load case" wasn't readout correctly
  • Springs: Materials "wire SH (EN 10270-1)", "wire DM (EN 10270-1)" read the wrong file from the data base
  • Changing the selected rpu-file did only work when the flag was changed too
  • Fine sizing: report button is activ just after calculating not only after selecting a solution
  • Geometry manager: run calculation after leaving the dialog with OK
  • An open module was not updated after changing the labels of materials
  • License tool: table rights was not translated on the fly
  • Shaft editor: after resizing a zylinder, conus or drill, the following elements where not always updated
  • Shaft editor: inside and outside shaft selection was not updated immediatly in connecting elements
  • Shaft editor: painting of circumferential groove was wrong if r > t
  • shaft calculation: Nodes for cross sections were introduced on a wrong position if shaft starts at position not equal zero. In result error messages were shown.
  • shaft calculation: Update of old files has error for not-locating general bearing
  • Shaft calculation: Lubrication dialog did not show additives
  • shaft calculation: sizing of strength did not work correctly if used for several coaxial shafts
  • shaft calculation: line mass is considered more accurately if length is very large
  • shaft calculation: report of load spectrum corrected
  • Module K120: error in changing units fixed
  • V-Belt, Toothed Belt: If the belt type changes, the lists of teeth, length or diameters are updated.
  • Radial journal bearings clearance sizing according to Niemann corrected
  • gear calculation: update of old files did not read tip radius of cutter pinion correctly if defined in tooth form calculation
  • gear calculation: tip clearance for grinding in tooth form calculation is increased (could cut the tip for large tooth thickness tolerances)
  • gear calculation: calculation for master gear also possible for internal gears now
  • gear calculation: formula for ZW for static case in ISO6336(2006) corrected (factor 680 instead of 6800 is given in standard)
  • Bearing calculation: In Dialog for "Thermally admissible service speed" the "lubricant volume flow" was not shown correctly
  • Keys calculation: The data from the selected standard weren't correctly read
  • Hydrodynamical axial journal bearing: unit in the resultsoverview for the friction power was wrong
  • Shaft calculation: Load spectrum for several coaxial shafts resulted in a chrash of the software
  • Shaft calculation: helix angle of worm wheel was set back to 0 when entered directly
  • Shaft calculation: diagrams with "empty" axes destroyed the graphics permanently
  • shaft editor: Champfer was not painted correctly
  • Shaft editor: Free cross section did not set/get relief groove data correctly
  • Shaft calculation: Contact angle was not considered correctly for angular contact bearing from FAG (display was wrong)
  • shaft calculation: Shoulders were in some cases not recognized correctly on sizing for cross sections
  • Gear calculation: woehler line for plastic of flank gear 4 was not calculated and displayed
  • Gear calculation: In strength calculation according AGMA the selection for factor Cpm was reset
  • Bevel gear calculation: Lifetime calculation according AGMA 2003 did not work.
  • Planetary gear calculation: graphics in fine sizing did show wrong values
  • Bolt calculation: Stresses were too high if loading was pressure instead of tension
  • Shaft editor: relief groove with own input did show error messages that was not needed
  • Gear calculation: Sizing of profile shift for optimal specific sliding corrected for 3 and 4 gears
  • Gear calculation: Measurement over pins were not calculated in special cases for single gear calculation
  • Gear calculation: Tooth form factor was not calculated for large profile shift of pinion type cutter
  • Shaft calculation: forces of herringbone (double helical) gears corrected
  • Shaft calculation: Lables in graphics for strength diagram corrected
  • Shaft editor: the width of a square groove in a section was not taken over from older file formats
  • Bearing calculation: Error messages eliminated for calculation with double row taper roller bearings (0-arrangement)
  • Project administration: Error while opening external file formats resolved
  • Chain calculation: Measure over pins was wrong calculated
  • Data base: the order of h*prP and h*FaP was wrong in the data base tool
  • Polygon calculation: the calculation with the profile P4C was only possible when a calculation with the profile P3G was executed before
  • Polygon calculation: areas were calculated wrongly
  • Worm gear calculation: Check for license of strength was checked wrongly
  • Tooth form: error when adding points at root solved (occured first in an example with to modifications for wire cutting)
  • Compression and tension spring calculation: own wire tolerances wasn't saved
  • Worm gear calculation: Printing error in DIN3996 corected (Formula for B, used in h*); Programming error for pm* only when using ZC-flanc
  • Limit for the sizing of the profile shift coefficient increased from 4.0 to 10.0
  • Bevel gear calculation: Error in factor Yf (J) according AGMA2003 corrected

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