Service Pack for KISSsoft 10/2008

There are two different versions for the latest Service Pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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These Service Packs fix the following issues:

  • general: Help can be printed now
  • License tool: The license model was not updated when the license file was changed
  • Hertzian stress: translations of graphics were missing
  • Bevel Gear Report, small text change in the german version
  • Polygon calculation: Additional profiles according to DIN 31711 (Draft) and DIN 31712 (Draft) implemented
  • Polygon calculation: Areas were calculated wrongly
  • Tooth form: error when adding points at root solved (occured first in an example with to modifications for wire cutting)
  • Gear calculation: User specific reports Z10GEAR1..4.rpt -> Modifications were written wrongly
  • Gear calculation: Display of section and automatically joining flanks did not work
  • fine sizing: texts in comboboxes of graphics were missing if the tooltip was not set in the list view
  • Shaft editor: the width of a square groove in a section was not taken over from older file formats
  • shaft calculation: Direction of rotation could not be set in basic data
  • shaft calculation: Default for number of eigenfrequencies set to 0
  • shaft calculation: Notch factor of shoulder is not considered correctly (error had already be fixed for version 03/2008)
  • shaft calculation: the shaft can now be shown in the background of all diagrams
  • shaft calculation: Bearing lifetime with modified life rating and load spectrum: Lnh was calculated wrongly while Lnmh was correct because aISO was taken for one load spectrum element only.
  • Compression and tension spring calculation: own wire tolerances wasn't saved
  • Worm gear calculation: Priniting error in DIN3996 corrected (Formula for B, used in h*); Programming error for pm* only when using ZC-flanc
  • Bevel gear lay-out: Required safety factors are considered also when the required safeties are not depending on size
  • Bevel gear following AGMA2003: Error in formula for calculation of Yf1, Yf2 factor corrected
  • Gear: Plastic data files without sigHlim, sigFlim values can be used.
  • Gear: Limit for the sizing of the profile shift coefficient increased from 4.0 to 10.0
  • Rough Layout of Planets: Face width lay-out optimized
  • General: Material and lubricant dialogs now remember the selection when switching between table and own input
  • Graphics: tacho did not show the current units of a diagram
  • Graphics: message about how to save toothforms was shown for all types of curves
  • Graphics: the position of the legend in transformed diagrams was wrong
  • Help: as help can not be shown if linked by an unc path, help will be loaded from the web instead
  • Reports: the included diagrams were improved
  • DXF-output: Polyline-lineweight corrected for usage in Inventor 2009
  • Cylindrical gears: Error message about missing right Z19A was unnecessarily shown when opening the settings dialog
  • Crossed helical gears: flag for automatic tip diameter modification was not set correctly
  • Graphic 'Stiffness curve' by the path of contact calculation when the x-axis was set to 'Pinion diameter' was not shown
  • Pinion with rack: converting addendum and dedendum is not available yet
  • SolidWorks-Interface for 64bit is available
  • Inventor-Interface for 64bit is available
  • Bevel Gear: Update of Gleason Calculations, saved in earlier versions (rc0 is calculated according to the outer helix angle beta.e)
  • Shaft calculation: Helix angle for lead correction was only correct for fHb greater than 0
  • Conical interference fit: Help picture with the diameters and angles corrected
  • Shaft calculation: text for the force elements in the report was wrong (radial stress instead of power)
  • Shaft calculation: free cross section with relief groove on 'own input' did lead to wrong diameters for calculation of notch factor
  • Shaft calculation: scaling of diagramms improved
  • Shaft editor: Notch factors were set back to 0 when closing the editor of a cross section
  • Splines: graphic meshing allows to edit the center distance
  • Cylindrical gears: Help pictures for deviation and inclination error of axis
  • IGES-2D: The header of the file was wrongly written
  • Shaft calculation: load capacity of four point ball bearings is now calculated as two row bearing instead of single row bearing, which leads to different lifetimes using ISO/TS16281
  • Graphics: Diagram properties were not stored corrently
  • Graphics: Diagram marker were not printed using the actual range but the internal range
  • Graphics: Diagram did not switch the units correctly when the type of an axis was changed in the settings
  • Graphics: Saving diagram curves was blocked sometimes
  • Graphics: Stored curve properties did overwrite the name of tooth form operations
  • Graphics: Error messages due to invalid input data were not always printed in the graphics window
  • Bolt calculation: the sizing of reference diameter sizing
  • Bolt Calculation: the type of the bolt was not correctly read from the database
  • Shaft calculation: new roller bearing did not have a default for tolerance and bearing clearance
  • Shaft calculation: if the calculation was not consistent, sizing roller bearings did not work properly
  • Shaft calculation: Properties loading and cross section could not be changed for Smith-, Haigh-, Goodmann-Diagrams
  • Shaft editor: drawing of radius improved
  • Gear calculation: Number of teeth of selected pinion type cutter could have been overwritten by software
  • Gear calculation: Settings for the result tables of rough and fine sizing where not taken over
  • Cylindrical gears: root stress in path of contact under load calculation was wrong for gear3 or gear4
  • Cylindrical gears: y-scale from the graphic stress curve (path of contact) corrected
  • Cylindrical gears: the drawing for the assembly was wrong
  • Cylindrical gears: path of contact graphics for specific sliding and heat development for inner gears corrected
  • Cylindrical gears according ISO6336: YDT was not calculated (always 1.0)
  • Cylindrical gears: Dimensions over balls will be calculated for pressure angle over 60deg
  • Cylindrical Gears in Plastic: Calculation of operating backlash: Water absorption of Non-Plastic materials was not always 0
  • Scuffing by Flash Temperatur: Itteration for theflamax: Precision increased
  • Pinion and rack: Calculation with manufacturing profile shift corrected
  • Crossed helical gears: Helix angle gear1 can now be larger than angle between axes
  • Bevel gear: Data of Klingelnberg Machine (if choosen) was read only when Klingelnberg Calculation Method was selected
  • Report Editor: Page numbering is added
  • Interface to Think3: Problems with decimal seperator fixed
  • Interface CATIA: Now the generation of a 3D-gear with splines and polylines is possible. If you want to change the type, add a line APPROXIMATION=1 in the file 'kiss.ini' under [CATIA].
    Definition APPROXIMATION: 1=Polylines; 2=Arcs; 3=Splines(for worms Arcs)
  • DXF-Export: Text in diagrams was positioned wrongly
  • Reports: No legend is shown for diagrams with only one curve
  • Reports: Setting REPORTLANGUAGE was not respected if different from DISPLAYLANGUAGE
  • Reports: Setting MESSAGESINREPORTLANGUAGE was not respected
  • Tooth form: Shown tolerance field was not correct if form diameter or moment of inertia was calculated from tooth form
  • Gear calculation: path of contact graphics where scaled incorrectly if the first gear had more teeth than the second
  • Gear calculation: sizing of profile shift coefficient did not calculate all options if license Z19k was missing
  • Gear calculation: Proposition for Automatic Pinion type cutter improved
  • Gear calculation: Root radius for theoretical involute improved
  • Gear calculation: converting helix angle did not work for internal gears and double helical gearing
  • Graphics 'Woehler lines' for plastics corrected
  • Bevel gear calculation: In AGMA2003 strength calculation use tooth thickness calculated according ISO23509 instead of Niemann
  • Planets and 3/4 Gears: Operating backlash calculation: Thermal dilatation of gear 3 and 4 was sometimes wrong
  • Shaft calculation: Clearance of full complement cylindrial roller bearing was not considered
  • Shaft calculation: Software did crash on calculation with single element of load spectrum and strength calculation with limited life
  • Shaft calculation: Less nodes used in FE model to improve performance
  • Shaft editor: selection of elements improved
  • License tool: access directory not ending with \ could cause wrong license code
  • License tool: Canceling the selection of an access directory caused a strange message
  • Translation: Tab reference profile within gear calculations had some missing translations
  • Help search: did not open the results in the help text viewer
  • Inventor interface: Interface to Inventor 2010 with icons for the KISSsoft modules
  • Hertzian pressure: Sizing of normal force corrected
  • Solid Edge interface: The attributes were set wrongly
  • Gear calculation according AGMA2001: rim thickness factor KB corrected
  • Gear calculation: Number of load cycles for rack were wrong by factor 3 if effective length was defined
  • Tooth form: Error in elliptic root modification for racks solved
  • Disk springs: Own input geometry values were not read out correctly
  • Shaft editor: symbol for spline element improved
  • Shaft calculation: If connections between several coaxial shafts were present, the inner diameter of the first shaft was set to zero in the calculation
  • Shaft editor: V-notch and cross hole where not found correctly by the conditional section item
  • Shaft calculation: Forces partly outside of shaft were not considered correctly
  • NX-Interface: Tolerance correction of the sweep by helical gears
  • NX-Interface for 64bit is available
  • All AGMA-Calculations: if Kgam is > 1, then Kgam is multiplied with KA everywhere
  • Shaft calculation: Some critical sections (as V-groove) were not always found by the automatic function for the localisation of critical sections.
  • Gear calculation: Modifications for wire path had been wrong in tooth form calculation for helical gears
  • Gear calculation: simplified stiffness curve was not shown if permission Z24 was missing
  • General: Translation errors corrected
  • General: time format settings where not taken correctly
  • Gear calculation: simplified stiffness curve was not shown if permission Z24 was missing
  • Shaft calculation: non-located roller bearings were documented as fixed bearing in the report
  • Bevel-Differential: Wrong forces in the report (Ft, Fa, Fr, Fnorm) corrected.
  • Shaft calculation according FKM: formula for temperatur factor KTm by aluminium corrected
  • Shaft calculation: interference fit for bearing clearance was not considered correctly
  • Worm gear calculation: Profile shift was not considered correctly in tooth form calculation for worm gear
  • Gear Calculation: Fine optimization: Variation Stiffness was not correctly considered in "Overall assessment (weighted)"
  • Sizing tooth trace correction did take flags from sizing profile correction
  • Saving diagram curves to a file did not work for graphics with a background drawing
  • Gear calculation: Generation of custom root radius improved in tooth form calculation for small radius
  • Gear calculation: Correction for root form diameter of internal gear. The tip radius of pinion type cutter was not considered correctly
  • Bolt calculation: Import of bolt positions did not work correctly
  • Tooth form: error in spline approximation fixed
  • Tooth form: crash in sizing dCa of a progrssive profile correction fixed
  • General: links in the index of the manual did not work
  • General: start parameter INI was also interpreted as a calculation file
  • General: Timeout for network version works again
  • Gear calculation: message about minimum tooth thickness was shown too often
  • Bolt calculation: graphic for position of bolts valid without load data
  • Gear calculation: If tool thickness for hob was overwritten, the protuberance was transformed wrongly
  • Bearing calculation: correction for minimal axial load for axial sherical roller bearings
  • Bearing calculation: Print out of static safety for maximal load instead first element, if load spectrum is used
  • NX6-interface: correction for generation of helical gears
  • Inventor-Addin 32bit can't open KISSsoft on WinXP

  • Specifically for KISSsys:

  • Diagram: positioning of elements while adding elements to the diagram corrected.
  • Diagram: when selecting an element in the diagram, the same element in the model tree and in the 3DView are now selected automatically.
  • Images for speed/torque in diagram: added a new image when speed is "ccw" and a new image when speed = 0.
  • Adding elements to model using ctrl-C and ctrl-V: the diagram is now updated automatically.
  • Adding elements to model using drag/drop: the element where the new element was dropped, remains selected.
  • Template "Bearing1": the dialog now takes connection bearings into account.
  • 3DView, Tables, Text table and 2DPlot: left mouse double-click activates "show".
  • kSysText: it was not possible to write or edit text as Administrator if the editable flag was set to 'not editable'.
  • kSysTable: it was not possible to change the width of the table columns as not Administrator. The current width was not saved.
  • Update tool: the model update didn't include the "DoubleHelical" variable for kSoftHelicalGearPair or kSysHelicalGear.
  • Messages window: error messages were shown when a model was loaded and tables from a previous model were still opened.

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