Service Pack for KISSsoft 03/2013

There are two different versions for the latest service pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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These Service Packs fix the following issues:


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP8 Thrust spherical bearings inner geometry (related to service pack 7)
Thrust spherical bearings were wrong corrected in the last service pack. This affects only the inner geometry method.

SP8 Standalone bearing calculation - angular contact and taper roller bearings
The standalone bearing module (*.W51 file extension) required a diametral clearance value for angular contact and taper roller bearings, but these values are not needed for these two types and were never used.

SP8 Documentation of bearing local stiffness dFr/dur and dMr/drr
The documentation of the bearing local stiffness was wrong in the case of the standalone bearing calculation (*.W51 file). The stiffness matrix values where correct though.

SP8 Static equivalent load P0
The static equivalent load P0 was always calculated as P0 = X0 * Fr + Y0 * Fa, and not as P0 = max(X0 * Fr + Y0 * Fa, Fr) as described in the standard (ISO 76)

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP8 CAD-Interface: Problems by helical internal gears
Some helical internal gears couldn't be generated completely.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP8 Manufacturing allowance in face load factor calculation was not reseted correctly
If the calculation of KHbeta ISO6336-1 Annex E was used with manufacturing allowance, the face load factor was still calculated with manufacturing allowance, when the calculation without manufacturing allowance was selected.

SP8 Deviation between the measurement points and 3D model of bevel gear
In the measurement grid report of bevel gear, the points are calculated exactly based on the geometry definition. However, the precision of the tooth form calculation in 3D model is dependent on the setting of the tooth form approximation deviation in the tab "Tooth form". Thus, it could give relatively big deviation for large module gears. Now, we improved the internal precision of the tooth form calculation to be more consistent with the measurement points even for the large gears.

SP8 Load spectrum with KHbeta ISO6336-1, Annex E and load iteration for planetary systems
The Planetary system had problems to find the correct gears on the shaft if KHbeta calculation according to ISO6336-1, Annex E, was used with shafts, iteration of load distribution and a load spectrum.

SP8 KHbeta of Planetary system for strength calculation
The option 'KHbeta for the strength calculation' in the dialog 'Define Axis alignment' was always giving the maximum value to the strength calculation.

SP8 The Planetary Analysis was alawys showing the results as right flank results.
The graphic representation of the path of contact was always shown as a right flank calculation even if the left flank was in contact.

SP8 Tooth form in the geometry manager
The tooth form in the geometry manager wasn't refreshing when values where changed.

SP8 KHbeta calculation with shaft was canceled if shaft didn't converge
In case of a not converging shaft calculation the KHbeta calculation was canceled. This is now fixed through asking the user if he wants to deactivae the iterative calculation. If yes is answered the calculation will be converging, if no the calculation will abort.

KISSsoft - General

SP8 If license for ISO6336-1 Annex E is missing, the contactanalysis was not working
If license for ISO6336-1 Annex E is missing, the contactanalysis was not working with planetary systems.

KISSsoft - Proof of strength with local stresses

SP8 FKM Guideline: some issues
- KWKσ3 = 1, if σ3 is vertical to the surface area.
- Kf-factor have to be >= 1
- To calculate σV by pressure is to use fσD instead of fσZ
- Static calculation: The values for σsk, npl, Kp, ask, σhydro were avaiable only for the System, now available for all elements.

SP8 FKM: relation R < -1 allowed
The relation R smaller -1 is now allowed, it is used for the cases with alternating compression stress.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP8 Frictional moment of drag losses by the bearing calculation
The frictional moment of drag losses was always calculated with the oil level depth h = 0.

SP8 Sizing for strength - line at the wrong position
The functionality 'sizing for strength' draw the calculated line at the wrong position, when the shaft position isn't 0.

SP8 Sizing lifetime FKM
The sizing of the lifetime for the strength calculation according FKM was not always giving a result. In the most cases the required service life H was set to 0 h.

SP8 Thrust bearings on shaft calculation
The shaft calculation was handling all bearings with pressure angle, that were defined as pure thrust, in a wrong way. It is suggested that you run the relevant calculations again. This affects only the inner geometry method.

SP8 Load spectrum in shaft calculation
Removed error message for checking the descending order of the stress levels of load spectrum elements. The message unnecessarily interrupts the calculation even when the calculation proceeds without any problem.

SP8 Messages
Messages "Radial and axial force are 0!" and "Please define which bearing has to support the axial force!" These error messages were showing up some times in the shaft calculation, and they were misleading.

SP8 Inconsistent bearing tolerance from older calculation files
Some old calculation files (prior to Release 2013) were saved with inconsistent tolerance values for some bearings. For example, it was possible that a deep groove ball bearing was defined with a tolerance value which corresponds to taper roller bearings. The wrongly selected tolerance was used then in the calculation. This affects only the inner geometry calculation.

SP8 Thin ring four-point bearings
This a special bearing category, which is not defined in the standard for the approximation of inner geometry, but KISSsoft ignored that fact. Dedicated messages guide the user in the required steps for any problem resolution.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP7 Spherical roller bearings with clearance change
When a (radial) spherical roller bearing was changing its internal clearance (due to press fit, thermal effects etc.), the bearing calculation results were not correct. This affects only the inner geometry method.

SP7 Thrust spherical bearings inner geometry
The thrust spherical bearings (inner geometry method) were calculated wrong, due to an internal error in the geometry handling.

SP7 Ball bearings, inner geometry method
If the user defined own geometry for ball bearings, sometimes the error message "Iteration for the axis ratio is not possible!" was shown. The code has been corrected so the message doesn't show up anymore.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP7 Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2015
Adaption to Autodesk Inventor 2015.

KISSsoft - Connections

SP7 Detaching speed
The detaching speed of snap rings on shafts(snap ring, module M50) was calculated wrong.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP7 Tolerance on Grinding allowance
A Tolerance on the Grinding allowance was reducing the pregrinding tooth thickness tolerance interval, instead of increasing it. This was affecting the report.

SP7 Active tip diameter dNa with undercut on the paired gear
An undercut, if starting too high on the tooth, may reduce the active tip diameter on the paired gear. This was not always considered correctly.

SP7 Flag for iterating load distribution (KHbeta) (Planetary stages)
The flag 'Iterating load distribution of contacts' in tab 'Face load factor/Contact analysis' in the module specific settings for planetary gears was not working. If the flag was checked an error message was shown. The flag is now renamed to 'Iterating load distribution (KHbeta)' and it is recommended to use it always (in case of planetary gears) if the load distribution factor KHbeta is calculated with shafts.

SP7 Tooth thickness at tip diameter with semi-topping tool
Tooth thickness at tip diameter with semi-topping tool is improved (formula used until now was slightly simplified).

SP7 Graphs of contact analysis: Bending stress when using AGMA rating
Due to a mistake in converting the bending stress from sigF0 to sigF, the tooth bending stress in the graphs of the Contact analysis was wrong. This happened only, when an AGMA rating was used.

SP7 Sizing of root radius of reference profile in bevel gear calculation
In bevel gear calculation, the sizing of the root radius coefficient of the reference profile was wrong. (1) The tooth thickness modification coefficient was wrongly treated. (2) The resultant value was divided by the normal module one more time.

SP7 Runout tolerance for bevel gear
The runout tolerance for bevel gear (Fr) was giving slightly bigger values in case of DIN3965 with the quality bigger than 8.

SP7 Convergence Problem of Contact analysis of Planetary system
In some cases the contact analysis of planetary system had converging problems while considering missalignement of planets and carrier.

SP7 Finesizing of planetary stage
Finesizing of planetary stage: When using dv3 +-% as criterion: In some cases possible solutions were eliminated, if the +-% range was less than 15%. This is now corrected.

SP7 Calculation of safeties with duty cycles
The iteration, when calculating the safeties (bending, flank,..) with duty cycles, is much improved. Up to now, when complex duty cycles were applied, sometimes an error message 'Iteration does not work' showed up.

SP7 Contact ratio of bevel gears
The contact ratio of bevel gear was not shown correctly in the result window with Klingelnberg Palloid KN3026 calculation.

SP7 Tip form diameter when tip diameter tolerances as h6 are used
In the first calculation run, tip diameter tolerances based on ISO tolerance class (as h6) were read in too late. Therefore in some cases when running the calculation again, tip form diameters dFa.e/i could change.

KISSsoft - General

SP7 Measurement report for hypoid gear
As the 3D geometry of the hypoid gear is not available, the calculation of the measurement grid report is suppressed.

SP7 Lifetime calculation with materials having SN-curve in a file
Lifetime calculation (only when using the lifetime report) with materials having very uncommon (measured) SN-curves in dat-files was giving wrong results. This happened with PEEK.

SP7 Short modifications at the tip
In the tooth form calculation, the modification at the tip has been improved, so that now also very short modifications with big tip relief are possible.

SP7 Information for dCa for modifications
In the tab "modifications" the value of dCa in the Info-text has been improved, so that it corresponds better to the generated tooth form.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP7 Stability of shaft solver
The stability of the shaft solver has been improved, especially for the inner geometry method with very small loads.

SP7 Load spectrum in shaft calculation
When the user opens and closes the load spectrum definition window, the values under the 7th digits from the decimal point are truncated. This may cause some problem such as the sum of the frequencies is not 100% or the frequencies with the other elements are not consistent. Now we save the load spectrum in scientific notation with higher precision to prevent the problem.

SP7 Misleading error message for bearings
For some shaft models, the misleading internal error message (allways in German)"Axialkraftaufnahme ist undefiniert!" or "Nur ein Lager kann die Axialkraft aufnehmen!" was shown, even though the calculation was consistent. This is corrected (message doesn't show now), and the results should remain unchanged. It is however recommended that you control the results for these cases again.

KISSsys - General

SP7 Cut view for the deformation contour in KISSsys 3D Viewer
The cut view is now also available for the deformation contour in 3D viewer of KISSsys.


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP6 Oversize factor for worm wheel cutter
The oversize factor for worm wheel cutter was wrongly treated in 3D geometry generation of worm wheel. Now it's fixed and gives correct surface.

SP6 STEP model of planetary gear
The planets in the STEP model of planetary gear had wrong position.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP6 Interface to SolidWorks 2014
Adaption to SolidWorks 2014.

SP6 Interface to Kompas V14
Adaption to Kompas V14.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP6 Face gear: roF for bending and report update
a) Face gear report, when using static calculation, did not show all results. b) For method ISO and method static, the root radius at 60° tangent section is now calculated according VDI2637 method, thus giving more precise values for bending stress.

SP6 Rack: roF according VDI2637
Rack: For method ISO and method static, the root radius at 60° tangent section is now calculated according VDI2637 method, thus giving more precise values for bending stress.

SP6 Negative 'Angle of first Planet' in 'Define axis alignment'
The KHbeta calculation and Contact analysis for planetary gears had problems with shaft files, if the 'Angle of first Planet' in the 'Define axis alignment' dialog had a negative value.

SP6 Second load spectrum for planet
The second load spectrum for a planetary system was not displayed correctly in the user interface.

SP6 Numerical problems in tooth form calculation
If the grinding wheel tip radius is 0, numerical problems in the tooth form calculation occured and the tooth couldn't be calculated correctly. Now, in the calculation, a very small radius is applied.

SP6 Safety for wear with duty cycles
Safety factors for wear SW, when duty cycle were applied, had often iteration problems. This is improved. In the case of cylindrical gears, in the result window the safety factor for reference load was displayed.

SP6 Tooth form report
In the report of the Tooth form calculation: For inner gears with odd tooth number, the measure over 2 balls is corrected.

SP6 Gleason data dialog using diametral pitch
The 'conversion of Gleason data sheet' window and the 'input of Gleason data' window were always using transverse normal module even when the normal diametral pitch was to be used in bevel gear calculation. Now it's using transverse diametral pitch according to the setting.

SP6 Plastic data from DSM (PA4.6)
Added a new message for the flank data, if no. of cycle is higher than data available.

SP6 Scuffing according ISO TR 13989-1 (Flash temperature)
Review of the ISO TR 13989-1 (Flash temperature) standard showed some printing errors in the document. We corrected this in the software. In case of gears with relevant tip relief Ca higher than optimal tip relief Ceff, values may change (higher safety factors SB). Also for helical gears with total overlap eps.g > 2 with tip relief Ca>0, the flash temperature distribution will be lower (higher safety factors SB).

SP6 KHbeta Calculation in profile optimization without KHbeta Annex E license
The profile optimization calculation did not calculate KHbeta correctly if the user does not own the license of ISO6336-1 KHbeta Annex E. If so, the calculation does now a fall back to the method B of ISO6336-1.

SP6 Contact analysis problem with dxf files
The contact analysis had in some cases problems with tooth form imported from a dxf file.

SP6 dxf export of profile diagram
The dxf export for the profile diagram was not working in Patch E. This problem was fixed.

SP6 Redundant warning for static calculation
Removed a redundant warning message for static calculation about risk of wear.

SP6 Planetary contact analysis did not work with sun which has a speed of 0 rpm
When the speed of the sun is 0 rpm in a planetary system, the contact analysis did not work.

SP6 Quality symbol for AGMA 2015
Changed to use the symbol "A" instead of "Q" when the user selected the AGMA 2015 for the quality standard.

SP6 Tip form diameter dFa calculated with semi-topping and grinding allowance corrected
Tip form diameter dFa, with semi-topping tool and grinding allowance, was slightly wrong (a difference to dFa from tooth form was noted). This is corrected.

SP6 COM interface for operating backlash calculation
Added COM interface for operating backlash calculation.

SP6 Contact analysis of Planetary Systems did not converge in some cases
The contact analysis had in seldome cases problems solving the system equation matrix because of a wrong comparison strategie of the resulting determinat of the matrix.

SP6 User defined center distance used in contact analysis
In the contact analysis for gear pairs, user defined center distance was not considered (the theoretical center distance was used instead). This is corrected now.

KISSsoft - General

SP6 Rights for measure function in graphic window
The right Z05x regulates the measure function only for gear modules. For all other modules, the measure function is available even without Z05x.

SP6 Message window clearing
Message window was not cleared when a new data file was opened.

KISSsoft - Interference Fit calculation

SP6 Sizing function for tolerances
The sizing function for tolerances gives no warnings back anymore, when the diameter is out of range for a tolerance class.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP6 K2F and γF-Factors different for hard surface layer
According to the standard DIN 743:2012, K2F and γF-Factor change for shafts with a hard surface layer.

SP6 Missing shaft connection in connecting element of shaft model
When the inside or outside connected shaft was not given as input in the element editor of a connecting element (as for example when a shaft is deleted from the model), the calculation crashed. This is now fixed, and an error message hints to the problematic connecting bearing.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP6 Equivalent diameter hub corrected
For hubs with sections with different outer diameter, the equivalent diameter hub was wrong calculated in the modules for splined shafts m02b, splines m02c, Z09a and woodruff key m02e.


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP5 Tip rounding of rack in 3D geometry
The 3D geometry of rack with tip rounding couldn't be generated.

SP5 COM interface for bevel gear 3D model
The position of bevel gear 3D model via COM interface was different from that of the model saved in the graphics window.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP5 Reopen calculation file wasn't working correctly
NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor: To reopen the calculation file from the KISSsoft-Addin wasn't possible in all modules.

SP5 Interface to SolidEdge ST6
Adaption to SolidEdge ST6

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP5 Contact analysis/KHβ with shaft files
If a contact analysis or KHβ calculation according to ISO 6336 was requested with shaft files, and in the shaft the gear of interest was mounted on an additional worm wheel, the gear selection did not work. Thus, the iterative load distribution could not be performed, and the load was varying only linearly (no iteration).

SP5 Inner diameter di calculated with given sR*
The inner diameter di was rounded to 1 digit after the comma, which was calculated with a given rim thickness coefficient sR*. Then in the report not the exact coefficient sR* was shown. We round now the inner diameter di to 3 digits after the comma.

SP5 Calculation of Ca and Cf, when Excentric profile crowning is used
Tip and root relief (Ca and Cf), as shown in the report, was wrong, when excentric profile crowning was used.

SP5 Face gear with radial offset
We don't consider the radial offset in the 2D tooth form calculation of face gear. Thus, the related graphics are not consistent with the theoretical tooth form. We suppress the tooth form graphics for face gear to avoid the confusion. The user should use 3D geometry for checking the tooth form and the contact pattern.

SP5 Planetary gears: Report of the sizing modifications
In the tab 'Profile modification' was the report button never activ, now if you press calculate the button will be set activ.

SP5 Master Gear: Test radius according AGMA 2002: Radius Rm changed
For the calculation of RTmin and RTmax according AGMA 2002, the 'Master Gear Test radius' Rm was changed. Until now tip diameter dae was used, now reference diameter d will be used. The definition of Rm in AGMA2002 is not very clear, but for master gears with x=0 it should be Rm = d/2. So we decided to use always d/2.

SP5 Problem in gear calculation with coaxial shafts
In some cases with coaxial shafts and relativ speed, the gear calculation was not able to find the fitting gear on the shaft for KHbeta Annex E and contact analysis.

SP5 Bevel gear efficency according Wech
In some cases, no efficiency according Wech was calculated due to calculation precision. This is improved.

SP5 Crossed helical gears: DIN3962 and 3963
Tolerances according DIN3962 and 3963 can now be activated (as for cylindrical gears).

SP5 Crossed helical gears: Tolerances according DIN 3961 is set, if VDI2545 method is selceted
Crossed helical gears: If tolerances according calculation method is selected, always ISO1328 was used. This is corrected: Tolerances according DIN 3961 is set, if VDI2545 or VDI2736 method is used.

SP5 Change of reference gear in load spectrum calculation
In load spectrum calculation with own input by Value, the values are not converted accordingly when the reference gear changed. Now the reference gear can be changed only if the load spectrum is input by Factors, not by Values.

SP5 ZK tooth form of worm gear
If the base diameter is bigger than the root diameter, the ZK tooth form of worm gear can be wrong for big tool tip diameter.

SP5 Info graphics of face gear
Some of the info graphics of face gear are improved and added. Now the helix angle and the axial and radial offset directions are more clearly defined.

KISSsoft - General

SP5 Tip relief
Small tip reliefs may be incorrect for gears with great profile shifts. Bug removed.

SP5 The dockwindows Information and Graphiclist could not be deactivated
The dockwindows Information and Graphiclist where not possible to deactivate. They appeard each time after restarting a calculation module.

SP5 Safeties with duty cycles calculated with materials having there own Woehler line definition
For duty cycle calculation only: We found a bug, resulting in wrong safety factors, when materials with proper Woehlerline were used (as for example the DNV materials).

KISSsoft - Hertzian pressure

SP5 Hertzian stress beneath the contact area
The distance beneath the surface for Hertzian stress graphics was too small. Now it's shown to the depth of 6 times of the distance of maximum shear stress.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP5 Sizing of bearing with load spectrum
The sizing of a bearing did crash when a load spectrum was applied.

SP5 Correction of center of mass calculation
The center of mass was not calculated correctly for some cases of shafts with inner contour.


KISSsoft - Bolt calculation

SP4 Screws: x-axis unit in the joint diagram (restraint)
The unit of the x-axis was wrong in the joint diagram.(mm instead of mym)

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP4 Deformation of plastic gears according VDI2736
A (small) change in the formulas for the check of the deformation of plastic gears according VDI2736 is implemented.

SP4 Woehlerline Grafic (for materials with own woehlerline)
The grafic of the Woehlerline, when using materials with own woehlerline, was not correct.

SP4 Materials for calculation according DNV 41.2
Woehler line of DNV materials revised (some smaller changes in the time depending range).

SP4 Micropitting XCa factor changed to Method A
Based on last discussion in the ISO comitee, calculation of tip relief factor XCa is always calculated following method A. (Small difference.)

SP4 Bevel Gears according ISO10300: Relation be/b
If relation be/b was introduced (Setting the flag in tab 'Rating'), and later the flag was removed: Then b/be will be re-set to standard value (0.85).

SP4 Face width of 3D geometry of double helical rack
3D geometry of double helical rack was using effective face width, not actual one.

SP4 Active diameters in the profile diagram
The minimum value of active root and tip diameters (dNf.i and dNa.i) from tolerance field is used instead of nominal values. Also, the marker texts are using SAP (start of active profile) and EAP (end of active profile) instead of dNf.i and dNa.i when the US customary units are used.

SP4 Error message when using DIN58405 tolerances
When using the new tolerances for DIN58405 (with Quality 5-10), the error messages showing up were corrected.

SP4 Contact analysis: Additional warnings
An additional warning is implemented: Progressive profile modification create a jump in the flank curvature at the beginning of the modification. Hertzian stress will have a peak at this position.

SP4 Profile Modification for Crossed Helical Gears
In case of crossed helical gears with profile corrections: The corrections on gear 2 were not shown in the graphics.

SP4 Graphical Method (for YF, YS)
For gears with profile overlap eps.a smaller then 1.0, if YF method B was used, in some special cases the load application angle was near to 90°, giving then wrong results.

KISSsoft - General

SP4 Warning if Start of Root modification is too near to the Root Diameter
Especially when root modifications are applied to 'Constructed involute', often the start of root modification (if the input 'from Root Form Diameter' is used) is too near to the root diameter; producing problems in the tooth form at this position. A warning is generated, if this may happens. The user should then change the start of modification on a bigger diameter.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP4 Flashtemperature graphic of bevel gears
The flashtemperature graphic for bevel gears is deleted. This graphic had no function.

SP4 Face gears : Display of vga in grafic corrected
Face gear: In the graphic of sliding velocity, instead of vgf, zetaa2 was displayed.

SP4 Woehlerline Diagramm
When duty cycles with individual KHb per element were used, the stress was not correctly shown in the graphic.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP4 Hardness definition for shaft materials
The hardness definition wasn't in the material dialog from the shaft. This value is used for the DIN 743 calculation.

SP4 Classic bearing calculation: Force at 180°
In some cases, the shaft calculation did not converge when one of the bearings experienced a reaction force at 180°. This affects only the classic bearing method.

SP4 FKM: static support factor nst
The static support factor nst for the cross sections 'smooth shaft' and 'own input' are set now to 1. Before nst was set to 0 and the calculation stopped. The static support factor nst is a part of the material mechanical support factor nwm.

SP4 Documentation points (shaft sections) in main report
The data of the documented sections were not shown correctly in the main report.

SP4 No tooth trace modification when tab closed
In some cases warnings from the tooth trace modification came even if tab was closed.

SP4 Radial offset in pure thrust bearings
If radial offset was used at a bearing which was selected by the user as pure thrust bearing, the results (bending, bearing reactions) were wrong. This affected only the inner geometry method.

SP4 DIN 743: compressive stress modificated when sigzdm < 0
If (sigzdm < 0 and sigbm > 0), compressive stress (DIN 743, part 2): - the maximum value of the bending stress sigbmax is negative. As comment in the DIN 743 only sigbm (table 1) is described. - for taumv the sigmv calculated with the formula on page 12 was used instead the formula (23) on page 14.

SP4 Campbell diagram
The calculation of backward/forward whirling modes for the Campbell diagram has been improved (there were crossings in the eigenfrequencies at high rotation speeds). This is improvment is only visible when the corresponding flag "Calculations -> Use alternative Campbell diagram algorithm" is set (this is found in module specific settings).

KISSsys - General

SP4 Problems with special duty cycle
Duty cycle with elements having power lower than 0.0000001 kW were not calculated. This happened with KISSsys and also in KISSsoft. But in KISSsoft error messages were visible, so the user could react.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP3 Modified bearing lifetime αISO factor
The lubricant viscosity ratio κ, which is used in the determination of the bearing lifetime modification factor αISO, can sometimes be below 0.1 (κ<0.1). In these cases, the modified bearing lifetime appeared as infinite.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP3 out-files by 3D-export
The out-files (f.e. Z10GEAR1.out) were only written if you changed the parameter "CALCINTERFACEOUT" in the kiss.ini, now they will also be created, if you start the 3D export.

SP3 Fixed the STEP export file format
Fixed the STEP export file format not to include log data since some of CAD modeler can't read the file correctly

SP3 Creo/ProEngineer: Cad system crashed with a big duty cycle
If the calculation file has a line with more than 255 characters, for example a calculation with a big duty cycle, the cad system crashed, when the gear was generated.

SP3 SolidEdge ordered-mode
Some SolidEdge installations opens for the generation of a gear a new file in the 'synchronous' mode instead of the 'ordered' mode. Now we set this mode to 'ordered' if we open a new part, before the interface loads a new part with the default settings. (Note: From now on only SolidEdge versions bigger or equal ST3 are supported!)

KISSsoft - COM

SP3 SaveFile-function in the COM interface
The SaveFile function in the COM Interface didn't save the correct data in the file.

KISSsoft - Feather key calculation

SP3 Sizing functionality of nominal torque
The sizing functionality for the nominal torque was not always working correctly, sometimes no result was given.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP3 Pressure angle modification: Additional info
For pressure angle modification: In the Comment the effective pressure angle is displayed.

SP3 Missing graphic in gear pump report
The graphic "Oil inlet from energy balance" was not shown in gear pump report.

SP3 Contact analysis converging problems with toothform from DXF-Files
The pair contact analysis had convergence problems for gears with read in toothform (DXF) due to problems with the normal angle, curvature radius and newton solver.

SP3 Contact analysis for planetary systems crashing
The contact analysis of planetary systems had sometimes system crashing problems with wrong calculated matrices.

SP3 Grinding allowance tolerance
Error message for too big grinding allowance tolerance corrected.

SP3 Fine sizing with the calculation of transmission error
Fine sizing of cylindrical gears with the calculation of transmission error was giving wrong result because the tooth form was not updated correctly. Also, the contact analysis for the basis solution was not done and showed no corresponding result. Both the problems are fixed now.

SP3 Measure over balls from the tooth form (MdK)
Measure over balls (MdK) in the tab Tooth form calculation was wrong for odd number of teeth.

SP3 Measurement grid report for bevel gears
Fixed the normal vectors of the measurement grid report for bevel gear. Before, spiral angle change along the lead was not considered correctly.

SP3 Message 'You did not introduce a grinding operation'
Message 'You did not introduce a grinding operation' showed up too often.

SP3 Wrong color scaling in graphical report of fine sizing
The graphical report of the fine sizing function had a wrong color scaling which leads to missunderstandable results in the graphical report.

SP3 Wear factor proposition based on Plewe; zeta.w according Plewe
The proposition for a wear factor following Plewe was sligthly adapted to a more accurate interpolated Plewe curve. The formula for calulation of zeta.w was changed (the formula in the Niemann book II (1983) is wrong; it is corrected in the Edition 2003).

SP3 Report on eccentric modification
Added description on eccentric modifications in the Report.

SP3 No rotating rims in planetary contact analysis
In the contact analysis of planetary system, now also systems with rotating rim can be calculated.

SP3 Converting addendum and dedendum in reference profile gear only possible for own input
Addendum and dedendum (coefficient) of a reference profile gear can only be converted if own input is selected.

SP3 Calculation of specific sliding zetam
The formula used for specific sliding zetam (for wear factor calculation according Plewe) was wrong (the formula is wrong documented in Niemann Book II, 1983). The value given by this formula has to be divided by eps_a.

SP3 Master gear: RTmin, RTmax when using lay out of master gear tip diameter corrected
When using the lay out option for master gear tip diameter, RTmin, RTmax (AGMA 2002)where calcualted too early, therefore sometimes sligthly wrong.

SP3 Increase of file size solved
The file size increased every time the file was saved after the fine sizing was used.

SP3 Specific sliding graphics
Specific sliding graphics shows no comment and markers when there is no backlash.

SP3 Conversion of reference profile of worm wheel
The conversion of addendum and dedendum coefficient of worm wheel was not correct when the setting of "Calculation with normal module instead of axial module" is selected.

SP3 Load Spectrum with own input when using templates
The combination of "own input" for a load spectrum and a template file for the default values was leading to wrong definition of the load spectrum.

SP3 Base helix angle of hypoid gear
The base helix angle of virtual gear for hypoid gear calculation was wrong. It was calculated from nominal transverse pressure angle, not from pressure angle of corresponding flank.

KISSsoft - General

SP3 Rules also in ASCII format
Rules files can now be in ASCII format as well as in UNICODE 16bit-LE

SP3 Rounding sharp corners
For calculation of Hertzian stress corners like the one between tip and involute can be rounded to avoid singularties. If applicated, the calculation inserts now a Bezier spline instead of a radius if the edge angle is < 3° . Bezier splines solve well the requirements of tangential transmission and a well rounded corner. The roundings (if applicated) are just used in the calculation of Hertzian stress. They are not shown in any graphical view.

SP3 Contact analysis sometimes wrong
In some situations the results of the contact analysis (with equal parameters) differed from each other, depending on the sequence of the calculations done before. This bug has been removed.

SP3 3D analysis on tooth
In the graphics for the results of the contact analysis, there were some cases in which the results were not projected to the 3D tooth correctly.

SP3 Circle Segments Insertion: bug found & removed
Insertion of circle segments follows these steps: 1. Finding the common tangential points. 2. Inserting these points into the tooth form. 3. Removing points between the common tangential points. 4. Inserting curve points between the common points. Now step 3 works well in any case.

SP3 Reference profile
Imrovements in the internal calculation of the reference profile. Avoids a very small but unwanted rounding near the tip of the appropriating gear. Affects contact analysis.

SP3 DXF-Version R12 for Autocad14
We write the line LWDISPLAY only for the DXF-Version R15, otherwise the files can't be opened in AUTOCAD14 anymore.

SP3 Disconnecting Users from the Network License
Disconnecting users from the network license (e.g. after a crash of a client computer) using the license tool didn't work properly.

SP3 Additional units available
Additional units [m²/N/1E+15] for wear factor and [tenth] for length (one-tenth of a thousandths of an inch) are available.

SP3 Reports without tab stops are possible again
Due to several requests a "legacy mode" for the reports was implemented. If the first line of the report template is //NOTABSTOPS the indentation in the reports is made with blanks instead of tab stops, and the font is Courier New.

SP3 Reports work with Asian Windows
Report templates that were still in ASCII were truncated when using Windows with Asian localization. All ASCII templates are replaced with UNICODE versions now.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP3 3D analysis of planetary system
The display of the flanks in the planetary system has been changed, so that points without contact are not drawn (before they were displayed in blue). Additionally, it's now possible to rotate all gears in the planetary system.

SP3 Saving graphics as .jpg
Graphics could not be saved in jpg format.

SP3 Bug in assembly drawing for internal gears
The drawing of internal gears was not correct, when no thickness for internal gears was specified.

SP3 Bug in 3D graphic of planetary system
In the graphic "3D geometry" -> "Tooth system" for the planetary gears, the deviation and inclination error for the axis of the last planet was also applied to the ring. This only concerns the graphical display.

SP3 Wrong side of gear tooth displayed
In case of internal gears, in the graphic "Contact analysis"->"Stress distribution on tooth", the wrong side of the tooth was displayed. This is only a mistake in the display and has no effect on the calculation.

SP3 KISSsoft crashes if in kiss.ini the 'calconopen' flag is set to 0 and a graphic was opened
If the calconopen flag in the kiss.ini was set to 0 and a graphic was open, without executing the calculation, KISSsoft was crashing.

KISSsoft - Pin calculation

SP3 Sizing of diameter wasn't active
The sizing of the diameter for full pins wasn't possible anymore, the sizing button wasn't active.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP3 Bearing friction loss
The drag component of the bearing friction loss was calculated with a wrong oil level. This affected the total amount of bearing friction moment, and consequently the friction power.

SP3 Symbols for coupling/motor and interference fit have changed
The symbol for coupling/motor now considers the effective coupling diameter if defined. The symbol for interference fit has changed too, so that the element can still be selected if a coupling and an interference fit are at the same position.

SP3 DIN 743: coefficient K1(deff) for CrNiMo-Steels
DIN743-2, picture 13, curve 3: For CrNiMo - case carburized steels - now the formula 12 instead of formula 13 is used.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP3 ANSI92.1 Flat root side fit : Tolerances of Major diameter d0 sligthly adapted to table 5 to 13
ANSI 92.1: For flat root side fit: Tip diameter tolerance sligthly changed. There is a small difference between the tolerances given in table 107 and in the tables 5 to 13. We changed now to values as documented in tables 5 to 13.

KISSsys - General

SP3 Load spectrum for non-administrators
Improved load spectrum definition for non-Administrators.

SP3 KISSsys user functions code saving
The code saving is now faster.

SP3 Show message when reaching maximum number of users
A message is shown when the maximum number of users (license condition) is reached.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP2 Bearing (stand alone version W51): Outer ring rotation
This affects only the stand alone inner geometry bearing calculation (W51): When a connection to a shaft file was used, and for the selected bearing's outer ring a misalignment was defined, this misalignment was taken into account twice.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP2 Documentation of YM in duty cycles
YM in duty cycles was only documented correctly for element no.1, for all the other elements always 1.0 was documented (but YM was used correctly in the calculation).

SP2 Lifetime and trasmittable torque report
Calculations with duty cycles: Lifetime and trasmittable torque report was not made, showing message 'not consistent', when 'Consider load spectrum' was deactivated.

SP2 Powerloss calculation of gear chains in gear pair contact analysis
The powerloss calculations was not working for the gear chains in the pair contact analysis.

SP2 Planet contact analysis/KHβ with carrier deformation
The complex movement of a planet carrier was not considered correctly when all of the following conditions were true: 1. planet deformation was defined from shaft file 2. carrier deformation was defined from own input 3. left flank of the meshing under consideration was in contact

KISSsoft - General

SP2 Update of Database
Due to an error in the conversion the update of the database from 2012 or an older version leads to corrupted character strings in the copied data sets. If you already updated the database rerun the update and confirm the overwriting of existing data sets. In case you have many data sets added to your database you can download the original files for 2013 from Extract the files into your kdb directory overwriting the updated files. Attention: All user data sets added in release 2013 will get lost. Contact our support team if you have questions about this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error.

SP2 Saving database results in program crash
If you add a data set in the tapered roller bearing table saving the database will result in a crash or a frozen program. Other tables might also be affected.

SP2 Calculation of curvature of toothforms imported via dxf (only internal gears)
The normals and curvatures as shown in the 2D graphics of imported toothforms had the wrong sign for internal gears if defined by arcs. Affects contact analysis.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP1 Stress/lifetime calculation for roller bearings
This affects only the "Rolling bearing ISO/TS 16281" module: The stress and lifetime calculation for geometric splitting of rollers was wrong.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP1 Settings of calculation file
The date and time from the calculation file wasn't read correctly, when the check, if the model is actual, was made. (Autodesk Inventor, NX, SolidEdge, SolidWorks)

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP1 Eccentric Crowning and Profile barelling was not selectable
Eccentric Crowning and Eccentric Profile barelling was not selectable in the profile optimization dialog of the gear cylindrical gear calculation.

SP1 Sorting Solutions of Profile Optimisation
Sorting of solution id's in profile optimisation dialog of cylindrical gear calculation was improved.

SP1 Toothform update problem
Tooth form (in the graphic) was not updated properly while selecting a solution in rough- and fine sizing dialogs of the gear calculation.

SP1 Symbols in varying quality input window
Fixed the symbols for helix form deviation and Single normal pitch deviation of DIN 3961 in Varying quality input window.

SP1 Flank overlap of 3D bevel gear
Flank overlap in property window of 3D bevel gear system was shown in wrong unit.

SP1 2D geometry of bevel gear
2D geometry for inside and outside tooth ends was not avaiable, when topological modification are used.

SP1 STEP file in unicode
Fixed saving 3D geometry in STEP format with unicode file name. Parasolid formats (X_T, X_B) are still not working.

SP1 Conditions for fine sizing of cylindrical gear
1. Enable "Calculate geometry only" if the main calculation method is "Only geometry". 2. Disable "Suspend results which do not meet required safety factors" if the main calculation method is "Only geometry" or "Static calculation".

SP1 Tip relief factor
Tip relief factor (scoring and micropitting): Ca value used is set to 0, if Ca is much too big (Ca > 2 * Ceff). Report had some errors in printing 'Ca is optimal'. Ca is only considered as 'optimal' if the Flag 'Consider Tip releif as optimal' is set.

SP1 Method DNV
Calculation according DNV: Additional restriction for YC factor implemented.

SP1 Cast steel
Cast in ISO6336-3: for YrelT formula 58 instead of 59 was used

SP1 Root form diameter gear 2
Calculation of dFf of Gear 2 with Protuberance was sometimes wrong, when Gear 1 did not have a Protuberance.

SP1 Wrong position of slices in contact analysis
For very small number of sections chosen in the tab contact analysis (Accuracy of calculation: Own Input), the position of slices where wrong. This didn't affect the calculation, but the 3D-Graphics.

SP1 Contact analysis converging problems for very high contact ratio
For gear meshings with very high contact ratio (e.g z1=158, z2=-159) the contact analysis had converging propblems. This is fixed now.

SP1 Contact analysis with shafts
Sometimes the cross sections defined in a shaft file affected the stability of the calculation.

SP1 KHβ calculation according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E
In a gear chain calculation module (3 and 4 gears), the KHβ was calculated with the deformation (fΣβ/fΣδ) of the first pair.

SP1 KHβ calculation according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E
The iteration of gear load according to Annex E is now in addition activated for planet systems (tab "Factors").

SP1 Safety Hardened Layer SEHT for gear 2 not displayed
When using duty cycles: Safety of Hardened Layer SEHT for gear 2 was not displayed.

SP1 Kγ with Duty cycles (Report)
Kγ and YM was not printed correctly in the report, when duty cycles with dat-files from data base were used.

SP1 Warning for [tg/rg]
If grinding notch data [tg/rg] is set, without using a grinding tool, a Yes/No warning is generated.

KISSsoft - General

SP1 Colon punctuation (:) in text fields
Colon punctuation (:) is again possible to be used in text fields. (important to define paths)

SP1 Floating license miscounts active users
When using KISSsoft with a floating license (network license) the number of concurrent users logged in is not counted correctly. Especially installations with only one concurrent access right are blocked completely.

SP1 Reference Profile
Reference profiles are the standard tools for final treatment or modificated ("Corrected") gears if choosen generating grinding, not if form grinding. Reference profiles have a sharp tip and a rounded root. The rounding is generated in the normal plane by the grinding tool´s rhoaP0. The sharp corner is the crossing point of the tangent of the last point generating the involute with the tip.

SP1 Grafik of racks in cubic and quadratic interpolation
Cubic or quadratic interpolation is unsuitable for racks. In cases it is selected the switch is internally set to polynomial.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP1 3D analysis of planetary system
In the 3D graphics after contact analysis of planetary systems, the flanks were not always drawn in the correct position.

SP1 3D face gear assembly
The assembly in the 3D tooth system was not correct with radial offset and in some cases with helix angle.

SP1 Kinematic graphic not shown
Kinematic graphic was not shown for planetary gear system calculation.

SP1 Unit conversion of 3D-Data
Unit conversion of 3D data export was not proper. If the user exported 3D-Graphics, such as normal load, the units were not considered.

SP1 Standard view of tooth form
The standard view was set to the whole gear. Now it will adapt to the drawn part, to fit for example the half tooth for export.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP1 DIN 743: coefficient KV linear interpolate
DIN743-2, Table 4: If the diameter is bigger than 40 mm, the coefficient KV will be set based on linear interpolation to 1.0

SP1 DIN 743: beta(dB), K2,and K3 for square groove
The coefficients beta(dB), K2,and K3 for square groove was calculated with the outer diameter instead the smaller diameter.

SP1 DIN 743: KF for some types of notches
For experimental evaluated notch factors, all KF were set to 1, this is now corrected.

SP1 FKM: For austenitic, stainless steel S-N-curve type II
For austenitic steels (stainless) weren't set to S-N-curve type II.

SP1 The root diameter for splines according DIN 5480
The root diameter for a spline cross section according DIN 5480, selected in the list, was wrong.

SP1 Solver stability with classic bearing method
In some cases the shaft calculation is converging, but when you repeat the calculation, the loads in the bearing are drastically changing. In such cases a quick check to control, is to calculate with a different node density (eg. from high to normal).

SP1 Eigenfrequencies
The eigenfrequencies (when defined) were not calculated when the "Consider weight" flag was not set.

SP1 Approximation of inner geometry
The approximation algorithm of the inner geometry of bearings, for which no manufacturer data exist, is significantly improved. This can lead to different results, depending on the bearings used.

SP1 Point masses on shaft nodes
Point masses on the shaft nodes were considered twice. This influenced the force distribution (due to the mass weight) and the eigenfrequencies results.

SP1 No strength calculation
It wasn't possible to set the menu item "no strength calculation" in the strength tab.

KISSsys - General

SP1 Unicode characters
Some Unicode characters are not shown correctly in tables.

SP1 Internal gears positioning angle
The positioning angle for internal gears has to be calculated according to the planet contact analysis.

SP1 3D graphic viewer: Power direction
The power direction in the 3D graphic viewer is not shown.

SP1 kSysConnectionRollerBearing and kSysConnectionBearing clearance
A reference to the variable 'clearance' is missing.

SP1 Contact analysis calculation for a planetary system
The shafts files are not generated automatically when executing the contact analysis calculation for a kSoftPlanetaryGearSet.

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