Service Pack for KISSsoft 03/2012

There are two different versions for the latest service pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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ProEngineer interface (Additional download, not included in the Service Pack above)

= changes since Service Pack 1
= changes since Service Pack 2

These Service Packs fix the following issues:


  • General:
  • Bug fix: DXF-Export file from graphics couldn't be opend with AUTOCAD LT 2008

    Improvement: A proper warning message is issued when the user attempts to open a file from a later version (in UNICODE format).

    Bug fix: P01 removed from listing of rights for CB1.

    Bug fix: KISSsoft was crashing at launch when the software is installed at a server with a UNC path.

    The conversion to unit myin in all the english reports with US units was wrong; myin is not any more used, we changed back to mil.

    Bug fix: Sometimes the "Cancel" button in dialogs was saving the changes.

  • Gear calculation:
  • Improvement: 3D Geometry: Improved the mouse and keyboard actions in the viewer.

    Improvement: Sizing of pitch apex to front (yi) and to back (yo) changed to use 1.5 times of inside and outside tooth height. Before, it was using 3 times of normal module in the middle, and was giving very big yi or small yo sometimes.

    Improvement: Stability of planet contact analysis iterative solver is improved.

    Improvement: Hypoid Gleason type with a<0: Itteration improved.

    Bug fix: Only with single gear calculation: dFf was wrong for inner gears with protuberance.

    Bug fix: Master gear, calculation of RTmax and RTmin according AGMA2002 was wrong, when the tip diameter of master was calculated by the software.

    Bug fix: If the speed factor is zero in the load spectrum, the power and torque factor gives numerical error.

    Bug fix: Master Gear: Proposition for tip diameter of Master Gear corrected in case of gears with undercut.

    Bug fix: Enveloping worm gear: Fixed ZK and ZN type tooth form.

    Bug fix: The total contact epsg in the result window for planetary stages showed the theoretical value (eps_g) instead of the mean value eps_g.m

    Bug fix: Use of shaft files for KHbeta calculation according to ISO 6336-1 (Appendix E) and contact analysis: If the shaft files (*.W010) contained multiple coaxial shafts and these shafts had cylindrical gears on them, the selection of the correct gear for the analysis was not proper.

    Bug fix: Fixed the values of the info field in modification tab in inch system.

    Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Worm gear): If the option "Maintain tip (root) circle when changing profile shift" is set, worm wheel is not generated correctly.

    Bug fix: Bevel gear calculated following AGMA 2003: Factor KHbbe is now called Kmb and transmitted correctly to the calculation.

    Bug fix: The diagrams along the tooth form (for example wear), where shown as diameter and also exported to dxf as such. To allow for correctly scaled dxf export, the axis was changed to radius.

    Improvement: 3D Geometry: The surface curvature of the 3D geometry was improved. Also, the file size of the model is reduced considerably.

    Improvement: Bevel gear: The measurement grid calculation saves the reports exactly according to machine type formats (Klingelnberg and Gleason).

    Improvement: 3D Geometry (Bevel gear): Single tooth and single gap models are available also for system model.

    Improvement: Fine sizing (Bevel gear): Added the sum of masses of gear 1 and gear 2 in the result table.

    Improvement: Mastergear calculation adapted for bigger range haP*, hfP* and x.

    Improvement: Show the total contact ratio in the result window for pinion with rack calculation.

    Improvement: Fine sizing (Cylindrical gear): When the option "With calculation of transmission error" is selected, the contact analysis result for the basis solution (No. 0) will also be shown.

    Bug fix: Enveloping worm gear: ZK type worm tooth form was wrong since the formula in ISO-DTR-10828.2 was wrong.

    Bug fix: Measurement grid report: Distance from side II (heel) was not updated correctly according to distance from side I.

    Bug fix: Reading of Hypoid gears from 2006 version and older: Drive and Coast flank are correctly transmitted.

    Bug fix: Material of the planet in Planetary calculation was overwritten, if it was set to own settings, and material of the sun was changed afterwards.

    Bug fix: Contact analysis of gears / Face load factor calculation: 1. When the torsion was taken from shaft files, and for the next calculation (without reopening the calculation file) the torsion was taken from own input, the bending component of the gears was wrong. 2. When the gears were split in sections, the width and position of each section had a small error. The greater the number of sections used, the smaller the error was.

    Bug fix: Fine sizing (Cylindrical gear): When the basic calculation is "Inconsistent", the solution 1 is shown in bold character.

    Bug fix: Fine sizing (Cylindrical gear): When the option "With calculation of transmission error and sizing of profile modification" is selected, the profile modification is not calculated.

    Bug fix: Fine sizing (Cylindrical gear): With k*mn values given in the Tab 'Reference profile', in the fine sizing results a small difference could be noted between eps.a in the fine sizing and eps.a in the basic calculation.

    Bug fix: Root form diameter is not calculated correctly with the reference profile of "Constructed involute".

    Bug fix: 3D Geometry (Bevel gear): Tip alteration with modified blank was not working correctly if the modification distance along y axis is zero.

    Bug fix: Torque calculated by contact analysis was presented wrong in graphic.

    Double helical gears: KHb following ISO6336-1, method C, error in eq.58 fixced: KHb is now lower in some cases.

    Improvement: Report of Tolerances: A warning is added, if tolerances shown are out of the permited range.

    Improvement: When using DIN3990-41: For Scoring KA = max(KAF, KAH) is used.

    Improvement: In the tooth form calculation, diametral pitch is shown, if 'use diametral pitch' is set.

    Bug fix: Planets with Duty cycles, when using KHb calculation according ISO6336-1, Annex E, fSigd was not changed proportional to the load

    Bug fix: Crossed helical gear lay out window: If speed / torque was introduced for gear 2; accepting a lay-out proposition was inducing a change of power.

    Bug fix: Gear pump. Display of highest speed through GN was updated only after a repeated calculation run.

    Bug fix: Tooth form calculation: the operation "Modification for pinion type cutter" changed also the original gear tooth form.

    Bug fix: Planetary contact analysis was not converging for planetary systems with a sun/planet contact ratio < 1

    Bug fix: planetary gears: Pin diameter were definable for all gears, now is that only for planets possible

    Bug fix: 3D-Stress and load representation on the gear flanc was in some cases wrong, leaded to strange gear geometry in the 3D-View.

    Bug fix: If imperial unit system was used the scaling of the colors in the 3D-Graphics was wrong.

    Bug fix: The required service life input field was disabled for the selection "load cycles per revolution".

    Bug fix: Load spectrum calculation using shaft files for the face load factor: Some users prefer to set 1.0 for the nominal values of speed and torque and then define the actual operating values of each load case in the load spectrum definition directly. In some cases that could lead a shaft calculation to non convergence. This is now fixed by updating internally the load spectrum definition and the nominal torque values. 2. If the setting "Consider partial load" was set to "From shaft calculation" (tab "Contact analysis", group "Contact data, button "Axis alignment"), and in addition shaft files were used for the calculation of the face load factor, in the case of a load spectrum, the resulting KHb factor for each load case was wrong.

    Bug fix: Calculation of dFa of pinion like cutters with radius on the tip was sligthly inaccurate. By consequence the dFf of the gear was inaccurate.

    Improvement: Contact analysis: The peaks in the 3D result graphics for helical gears removed. Only real data is shown, now.

    Improvement: Micropitting calculation for planet stages: The relative speed (sun-planet and planet-ring) is used for method A and B).

    Improvement: Planetary gear: The maximum number of planets was limited to 10. Now, it's increased to 30.

    Improvement: 3-Gear-Chain, scoring: definition of number of contacts (xp) changed for Xmp.

    Improvement: 3-Gear-Chain: Calculation of KV following ISO documented in the report.

    Change: 3-Gear-Chain: Calculation of KV following DIN: ISO-formulas are not used anymore.

    Bug fix: Coefficient of friction mym following ISO15144 is calculated based on operating pitch diameter (before based on reference pitch dia.).

    Bug fix: Cylindrical gears with undercut: In some cases the minimum contact ratio (epsa.i) was a bit too high.

    Bug fix: A Warning was issued that DIN 58405 should be used for small gears, even when this standard was chosen.

    Bug fix: KHbeta calculation of planet systems according to ISO 6336-1 Appendix E: the axis deviation/inclination were wrongly adjusted according to the partial load factor wt of tab Contact Analysis

    Bug fix: 3D geometry of rack: The face width of rack wrongly used the face width in contact instead of the real one.

    Bug fix: In chapter 4b of the report, Micropitting safety should not be printed when using duty cycles of micropitting (the safety is already correctly printed on page 1 of the report).

    Bug fix: Calculation of YM according ISO6336-3 for plastic was missing.

    Bug fix: In some seldom cases interpolation in 3D-Graphics where wrong.

    Bug fix: Bevel gear: Alternating bending factor was not applied for AGMA strength calculation.

    Bug fix: Begin of modifications in root area: When dNfi was requested, dFfe was used.

    Bug fix: Contact analysis of planets: The results were not correct when switching from right to left flank. This is especially obvious in symmetric systems. We also improved the overall stability of the algorithm.

    Bug fix: 3-Gear-Chain and 4-Gear-Chain in the tab 'Operating Backlash': The coefficient of thermal expansion for housing was zero, didn't read from the database.

    Bug fix: Worm gear: Sizing of power by wear safety was not activated.

    Bug fix: Cilindrical gears with profile modification in the root area: Root rounding was calculated mathematically, root rounding did not exactly represent hobbing/grinding process.

    Improvement: In the contact analysis, the tooth pair stiffness is now adjustable: In module specific settings, the factor Cm can be introduced (will by multiplied with the actual stiffness calculated according Petersen).

    Improvement: 3D-Data in table format of line load and hertzian pressure is exported to file 'ResultTablesContact.tmp', which you find in the tmp folder (as defined in KISS.INI).

    Improvement: Range for warning (instead of error message) when hFfP0* > haP0 increased.

    Documentation fix: Contact analysis of planets: The minimum local oil film thickness (hYmin), minimum specific oil film thickness in contact area (lamGFY) and the safety factor against Micropitting (Method A) were documented as 0 for both sun-planet and planet-ring meshings (they were however calculated).

    Bug fix: Bevel gear: The result in the fine sizing was wrongly converted in inch system.

    Bug fix: Helix angle modification and flank twist were considered wrong when the left flank is in contact. This affects the contact analysis and the KHbeta calculation according to ISO 6336-1 Annex E.

    Bug fix: Profile modification optimization: The calculation of KHbeta was neglecting fma and fHb (if existing). In addition to that, the user input for the profile optimization window was not saved in the calculation file.

    Bug fix: KHb-calculation according ISO6336-Appendix E: 1. The torsional deformation of internal gears and/or when right flank was in contact was considered wrong. 2. Documentation bug: (a) deviation error (fbeta) was not printed out and contact point angle of internal gears was wrong. (b) Direction of contact flank when left flank was in contact (no shaft files) was documented wrong.

    Bug fix: Cylindrical gear: The report doesn't show the correct value of pinion type cutter for internal gear with ISO 6336 calculation.

    Bug fix: Contact analysis: The comment text on the Planet-Rim graphics was documenting the wrong flank in contact.

    Bug fix: In some cases of root relief the contact analysis had converging problems.

    Bug fix: The markers of the beginning and ending of the theoretical path of contact weren't shown in the 2D graphics of the Planet/Rim meshing.

    Bug fix: Graphic of single tooth stiffness wasn't shown in some cases.

    Bug fix: In the Info produced for helix angle modification (Tab Modifications) the helix angle 'beta.eff' was sligthly wrong

    Bug fix: Contact analysis of planets: 1. The 3D-Graphics when changing from one planet to the next did show wrong values. 2. Load distribution was wrong when all elements (sun, carrier, rim) were rotating.

    Bug fix: Comment data in the graphics where wrong in contact analysis of planets.

    Bug fix: 3D-Graphics were black for contact analysis of planets with just one planet.

    Bug fix: Cylindrical gears: For Pinion-Inner Gear Pairs, when Pinion has undercut, the undercut was not considered in contact ratio.

    Bug fix: Gear with duty cycles using calculation of YM from Left/Right Flank load: Small error in resulting safeties corrected.

    Bug fix: Read in of DXF-tooth form could lead to general exception.

    Bug fix: Normal of shaping cutter read in from DXF corrected.

    Bug fix: Reading of planet files from older versions: The setting of contact flank in this release was overwritten (left flank was always set to right).

    Bug fix: Rough sizing of planetary gear: program crashes if the sizing window is closed just after aborting the progress window.

    Improvement: Various bug fixes and improvements concerning the calculation following DNV 41.2.

    Improvement: Rough Sizing optimized (sometimes all solutions had the same center distance).

    Improvement: 3D geometry: Some of the example files using quadratic spline could not generate 3D model. Now they are using cubic spline.

    Improvement: 3D geometry of worm wheel: "Increasement factor" was renamed to "Oversize factor" following industry convention in the tab Generation of 3D of module specific settings.

    Improvement: 3D-Graphics now are showing the gear sides (Side I, Side II). Information which flank is the working flank is added to the comment field.

    Improvement: Bevel gear: The root form and the active root diameters are included in the Measurement grid report.

    Bug fix: Bevel gear: Method following ISO CD 10300(2010): sFn was set to 0; therefore safety factor bending was 0.

    Bug fix: Tip diameter is not calculated correctly, if the tip profile modification is applied with the positive tip diameter tolerance.

    Bug fix: Profile modification sizing: the calculation was overwriting (deleting) in some cases the defined modifications in the tab "Modifications" and the partial load factor "wt" in the tab "Contact Analysis".

    Bug fix: In some cases the face load factor (KHbeta) was indeed calculated, but missing from the overview report.

    Bug fix: Contact analysis: The power efficiency result shown was not considering the partial load factor (wt).

    Bug fix: The min and max values in the legend of the 3D-Graphics where sometimes too high. Scaling of the min and max values by the user is improved.

    Bug fix: Tip corner relief wasn't shown in 3D view of tooth form modifications.

    Bug fix: The graphic of contact lines on Tooth flank was inverted.

    Bug fix: If the user changed the units in 3D graphics to N/m^2 or m, KISSsoft crashed.

    Bug fix: The tip alteration value and the corresponding flag was wrongly read in the tab "Reference profile" with the choice "Hobbing Cutter" or "Pinion type cutter".

    Bug fix: 3D geometry of worm wheel: Fixed the center distance in cutting simulation. Now the correct root diameter of worm wheel is shown

    Bug fix: Cylindrical gear pair calculation: The inputs for the face load factor (in Tab Factors) when using 'according calculation method' were not read out correctly.

    Bug fix: The unit conversion in some dialogs and tabs were wrong.

    Bug fix: 3D geometry of bevel gear: The calculation of the length of tip alteration in the conversion window fixed.

    Bug fix: Cylindrical gears: The report for subsurface fatigue was not translated.

  • Shaft calculation:
  • Improvement: Non-loaded bearings were reporting a static safety and lifetime of 0 instead of infinite. Now this is changed and for the safety a value of 1'000 is considered, and for the lifetime a value of 1'000'000'000 (1e9).

    Improvement: The pretension calculation for bearings with inner geometry is more efficient and works for all bearings which are available with inner geometry.

    Bug fix: Calculation with load spectrum: Some cross sections were reporting zero (0) loading in the shaft documentation, even though the shaft was loaded. This affected only the documentation of the cross section safeties.

    Bug fix: The pressure angle of axial spherical roller bearings was not considered in the calculation, when "Roller bearings, classical calculation (contact angle considered)" was selected.

    Bug fix: The eigenfrequencies calculation was slightly wrong, when the shaft did not have constant diameter along its whole length.

    Bug fix: When non-consistent load spectrum data were defined for the force elements but the load spectrum was set to "Don't consider", instead of a nominal calculation to be performed an error message appeared, and the calculation was interrupted.

    Bug fix: The input "consider of one element of the load cycle" was limited to 50.

    Bug fix: Wrong calculation of the individual roller moment of double row cylindrical roller bearings. This affected the shaft convergence.

    Bug fix: The force/moment distribution was wrong when additional masses were used in the model (the effect of the additional mass was handled wrong).

    Bug fix: Extremely small axial reaction forces of bearings (< 0.01N) can cause sometimes fake warnings/errors about the bearing setup.

    Bug fix: Classic bearing calculation: When bearing clearance was used, occasionally the (radial) reaction force of the bearing was not colinear with the (radial) bearing displacement. This had an effect on the bending line and the lifetime of the bearings.

    Bug fix: Inner geometry calculation: After a bug fix in Patch D, any thrust bearing with inner geometry caused the shaft calculation not to converge. This is now fixed.

    Bug fix: Rope sheave force element: the duty cycle lists (power and force) were wrongly read.

    Bug fix: Flank line modification with inner gears: Proposition for CHb has to be inverted.

    Bug fix: The speed of a connected planetary calculation file for the planet gear was wrong.

    Bug fix: Cylindrical roller bearings (double row full compliment) were ignored with the inner geometry method, even though the calculation method was there.

    Bug fix: The change in roller bearing clearance was wrong, when the bearing was a connecting element (the diameter onto which the bearing was placed was read wrong).

    Bug fix: Export of journal bearings from shaft calculation: the diameter exported was wrong when the bearing was a connecting element.

    Bug fix: Strength sizing for own defined keyways wasn't calculated.

    Improvement: A new version of the FEM core improves the stability of the calculation.

    Bug fix: Campbell diagram was not cleared sometimes when a new calculation was executed.

  • Bearing calculation:
  • Bug Fix: Radial journal bearings according DIN 31652: The values for the lubrication pocket width for bearings 2 and 3 weren't saved.

    Bug fix: In certain cases when the inner geometry method was selected, the bearing displacements were wrong. This had an effect in the shaft bending line and the bearing stiffness as well.

    Bug fix: Bearing calculation module according to ISO/TS 16281: Improvement of the solver stability for force/moment combinations.

    Bug fix: In the friction calculation according SKF 1994 for single row tapered roller bearings P1 was wrong calculated. For this calculation the forces must be used as absolut values, which was not considered.

    Bug fix: Bearing calculation module according to ISO/TS 16281: For cylindrical roller bearings, the tilting moment input was blocked.

    Improvement: If the actual bearing load is lower than the minimum bearing load, then the friction torque is calculated with the minimum bearing load (Note: Minimum bearing load depends on the bearing type, but is approx. 0.02*C).

    Improvement: The stiffness curve range has been increased to show where the full bearing operating area.

    Improvement: In the calculation of the friction torque, now also the seal losses is included (if RSL, RS1 or similar indication in the bearing name is found).

  • Splines calculation:
  • Bug fix: When the geometry standards changed from ISO/DIN to ANSI or vice versa, the input field for normal module changes to normal diametral pitch but the value doesn't.

    Splines according DIN 5481: In some of the examples, tooth form couldn't be generated.

  • Interference Fit calculation:
  • Bug fix: Multiple interference fit, values for material and surface quality for additional hubs were not read out correctly.

  • Bolt calculation:
  • The pressure of the washer under the nut wasn't included in the safety against pressure calculation.

    Bug fix: The table in the data file for Hex nuts according ASME/ANSI B18.2.2-1987 was wrong.

  • Tolerance calculation:
  • The result for the tolerance field in the statistical summary was wrong, if the bigger and smaller tolerance was negative.

  • CAD interfaces:
  • ProEngineer: GearOnShaft didn't set the parameter in ProEngineer/Creo which should be read again with EditGearOnShaft.

    SolidWorks: Bevel gear couldn't be generated in SolidWorks 2013

    Improvement: Interface to SolidWorks 2013

    Improvement: SolidWorks Interface is working with an own predefined template part with axes.

    Bug fix: NX-interface: some worms weren't generated correctly.

    Bug fix: SolidWorks-interface: worms with big helix angle weren't generated correctly.

    Bug fix: Inventor-interface: The pitch pt from the rack was wrong calculated if the length of the rack was given

    Improvement: Interface to Solid Edge ST5

    Bug fix: The face width of rack wrongly used the face width in contact instead of the real one.

    Bug fix: ProEngineer: The generation of an internal gear by the functionality "gear on shaft" was wrong. (by separate download).


  • General:
  • Issue with KHbeta update from 2010 to 2012 fixed.

    Bug fix: The external library used in KISSsys was causing memory allocation. This was producing an ongoing memory leak; therefore with some extremely complicated models a crash happened after long calculation time.

    Bug fix: some contact analysis variables name didn't match the name given in the helical gear pair calculation translation table.

    Bug fix: the function kSys_CloseSubWindow(id) was closing only tables and not all types of subwindows.

    Improvement: introduced the variable "System.maxMessages" to control the maximum number of messages shown in the messages window before clearing them. It improves the calculations performance, specially when working with loops, and the system memory allocation. A negative value (-1) means there is no messages limit.

    Bug fix: The Dialog for calculations was not opening once the calculation was already added to the model tree

    Bug fix: The KHbFlag setting in old models was not correctly set when the model was opened with the new 2012 release

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