Service Pack for KISSsoft 03/2014

There are two different versions for the latest service pack available: as self-extracting archive (extension .exe) or as zip-archive.

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Implementation of the database

ProEngineer interface (Additional download, not included in the Service Pack above)


These Service Packs fix the following issues:


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP7 Tooth thickness of worm wheel 3D geometry
In the 3D geometry of worm wheel, the tool addendum is wrongly treated and gives wrong tooth thickness when it has root diameter tolerance.
Now it's fixed to give correct tooth thickness regardless of the tolerance field setting. 

KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP7 Documentation of bearing local stiffness dFr/dur and dMr/drr
The local bearing stiffness dFr/drr and dMr/drr documented were wrong, due to internal exchange of the x-coordinate with the z-coordinate values. The calculation results were unaffected.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP7 SolidWorks 2015
Interface to SolidWorks version 2015 is implemented.

SP7 NX: some worms weren't generated correctly
Changing the generation of the worm gear model in NX.

SP7 NX 10.0 interface
Interface to NX 10.0 is implemented.

SP7 ProE/ Creo: Own parameter with one space
Own defined parameters, which are defined in KISSsoft, are set in ProEngineer/ Creo as variables.
The problem was, that by own defined parameters a space was  added.

SP7 Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2016
Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2016 is implemented.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP7 Reading hardness data file
When the user defines the hardness data file without the header, the calculation of the flank breakage leads to a crash of the program.
In addition, when the data file is defined with redundant spaces before the line break, the reading of the data is wrong.
Now both problems are fixed to read the data correctly. 

SP7 Porportional scaling of axis misalignment was not working properly
The proportional scaling option of misalignment for planetary systems at module specific settings was overwritten by the proportional scaling option at axis alignment of the contact analysis.

SP7 Load spectrum calculation of planetary gear with zero frequency bin
In the load spectrum calculation of planetary gear, the calculation gives a wrong error message if the load spectrum has zero frequency bin.
Now the checking condition is fixed and the calculation proceeds without any problem. 

SP7 Hypoid gear assembly drawing
In the 2D assembly drawing for hypoid gears, the pinion in the top view was in some cases not in the correct position, but shifted in the x-coordinate.

SP7 Worm gear calculation (ISO or DIN) with Power-on time less than 100%
Worm gear calculation (ISO or DIN) with Power-on time less than 100%: Life factor ZH for flank safety was calculated wrongly.

SP7 Problem with contact analysis and left flank in contact
The contact analysis didn't consider left flank contact correctly for cylindrical gears and planetary systems. This affected the display of the buttressing effect in the 3D graphic.

SP7 KHb calculation according ISO6336-1 annex E with different Kgamma
When KHb calculation according ISO6336-1 annex E was used with duty cycles having different Kgam for every bin, then the calculation was always performed with the global Kgam. This is now fixed.

SP7 Root form diameter for gears with constructed involute
Root form diameter dFf of gears generated with constructed involute was wrong calculated in the main report (radius rofP* instead of rofP**mn was used).

SP7 Coefficient of friction in Module Specific Settings not saved (Bevel/Hypoid gears)
The coefficient of friction of bevel/hypoid gears (in Module Specific Settings -> Tab Calculations) was not saved when the file was closed and then reopened.

SP7 Planetary gears: Contact analysis and KHβ calculation according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E, with shaft files
When shaft files are used for contact analysis or KHb calculation (ISO 6336-1, Annex E), the bending of the gears is defined from the corresponding shaft file (if defined). In planetary systems, the bending of all components (sun/planet/ring gear and carrier) needs to be expressed in a common coordinate system. However, this operation was not performed properly for the bending components of all gears. This affects the load distribution along the face width in both meshing (sun-planet, planet-ring).

SP7 AGMA925 for planetary stages
Until now the absolute speed of the sun was used. Now the relative speed of the sun = sun speed - carrier speed is used.
For the ring, the relative speed of the planet vrel multiplied with dwPlanet / dwRing is used.

KISSsoft - General

SP7 IGES-format: save curve from a graphic wasn't working
If you saved a curve from a graphic (IGES-format) then KISSsoft crashed.

SP7 Decimal numbers are not shown correctly in graphic properties
For some language or country settings (localization) decimal numbers are not shown correct in graphic properties.

SP7 Chamfer at tooth end was not considerd by contact analysis
Chamfer at tooth end was not considered by contact analysis. This reduces the effective common tooth face width. This is now fixed.

SP7 Checking condition error in linear drive calculation
The checking condition for number of threads is fixed.
Also, the problem in saving the tightening and loosening angles are fixed.  

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP7 2D Graphic root stress
For internal gears, the contact analysis graphic for the root stress in 2D didn't show any results.

SP7 Problem with load distribution graphic
In some cases the graphics 'Normal force distribution (line load, length of path of contact)', 'Safety against micropitting (ISO TR 15144) on tooth' and 'Stress distribution on tooth Gear A/B' where wrong or missleading. They are now deactivated and will be replaced at KISSsoft 03-2015.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP7 Shaft is crashing in single load spectrum calculation
The shaft calculation was crashing when load spectra were defined and the calculation input was "Consider only one element of the load spectra" (tab "Basic data"->"Strength"->"Load spectra"). This was accidentally introduced in the previous patch.

SP7 Improvements in new shaft calculation solver
General improvements on the stability and performance of the new shaft calculation solver.

SP7 Load spectrum calculation of shaft with stiff connections
In very rare cases, the load spectrum calculation with stiff connections could crash the software.

KISSsys - General

SP7 Portuguese language in KISSsys
The selection of Portuguese language was not possible in KISSsys. 

SP7 Transparency setting according to power flow in 3D viewer
The transparency setting according to power flow is now working in the 3D viewer of KISSsys.

SP7 Required safety factors for gear calculations are not connected with KISSsoft variable correctly
The required safety factors for gear calculations are not connected with KISSsoft variables correctly in the translation table.
Now the table is fixed and the data transfers correctly.

SP7 Contact analysis from KISSsys
When the shaft data is used for the ExecuteContactAnalysis(), it was working only with the KHb flag with ISO 6336 Annex E calculation. 
Now it's fixed to perform the contact analysis for all settings.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP6 Wrong lifetime in bearing results window
In the results window of the bearing calculation (W50 files), there was an error: if the lifetime of the first bearing was infinite (999999999.), then the lifetime of all bearings was shown as infinite as well. However, the values documented in the report were correct.

KISSsoft - Bolt calculation

SP6 The admitted shear stress of the nut wasn't correctly read
The admitted shear stress of the nut, when the material was introduced by 'own input', wasn't correctly read.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP6 CoCreate, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling: left hand worm wasn't built correctly
To build a left hand worm wasn't working, there was built only the cylinder.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP6 Problem with modification sizing of planetary systems
KISSsoft was terminated if a detailed report was chosen for a solution in the modification sizing dialog for planetary systems.

SP6 Considering partial load in planetary gear contact analysis
The setting for "Considering partial load" in axis alignment of the contact analysis of planetary gear was always set back to "constant" even if the user changed the setting to "proportional to partial load".
The selection is correctly set now.  

SP6 Flank twist modification
There was an error in the application of the flank twist modification to the tooth form. To be able to apply the modification correctly, the tooth thickness of the first manufacturing step has to be increased by the amount of the modification and then removed accordingly. This was not correctly handled when the twist value was negative.
This has an effect on 2D-toothform, 3D-toothform, as well as in contact analysis.

SP6 Wrong conversion of load spectrum in face gear calculation
When the load spectrum is defined for the face gear, not the pinion, the conversion of the speed from the factor to value was wrong.
The conversion was using the speed of equivalent spur gear, not the speed of face gear.

SP6 Importing tooth form from dxf
When a tooth form is imported from dxf and it contains spline elements, there was a small deviation at the end of the curve.

SP6 Selection of module in the fine sizing of crossed helical gear
The selection of module range was not possible in the fine sizing of crossed helical gear.

SP6 Crash of contact analysis with shafts
KISSsoft crashed if contact analysis was used with shafts and partial load was set to 50%.

SP6 Work hardening factor
We corrected two minor bugs in the Work hardening factor Zw (ISO6336 and DIN3990): When the pinion had exactly HRC58, the factor of the not hardened gear was not applied (set to 1.0). Same happened, if two not hardened gear with very different hardness were in contact, then also Zw was set to 1.0.

SP6 Misalignment in planetary stages was not considered proportional
KHb-Calculation following ISO6336, Annex E, with duty cycles in planetary set: Axis misalignment (in sub-window 'Axis-alignement') of planetary stages were not considered as proportional to partial loads with load spectra (when this was requested under 'Module specific settings).

SP6 Sizing of flank line modifications was wrong in case of left flank in contact
Sizing of the flank line modifications using ISO 6336-1, Annex E, was not working correctly, when left flank is in contact. This  is fixed.

KISSsoft - General

SP6 Several improvements in the report template
The following improvements are made in the report template:
1. The unit [UpM] is replaced to [1/min] in several places in gear and shaft calculation report.
2. The value for "Reserve (dNf-dFf)/2" in four gear calculation is fixed.

SP6 Mass moment of inertia units conversion
Correction in the conversion of mass moment of inertia units from kg*m2 to kg*mm2

SP6 Wrong decimal separator in saved files
Some Windows Versions cause problems with the localization. This can lead to data losses due to wrong decimal separators in the saved files. The patch prevents KISSsoft from writing wrong files and corrects already damaged files.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP6 DXF-export: special characters
Special characters were not exported correctly for most dxf-viewers. The problem occured with some units (e.g. °) or characters in text (e.g. ä).

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP6 Bearing friction loss
The oil level was wrongly calculated (less than 5% wrong); only when the shaft was inverted (β = 180°), the error was much bigger.

SP6 Importing a planetary gear in shaft calculation (introduced in Service Pack 5)
The import of planetary calculation files (Z014) in a shaft calculation (W010), as far as the planet gear is concerned, was partially resolved in Service Pack 5: the planet gear was being calculated based on the power, which could give wrong results due to the presence of a planet carrier and its associated speed. From now on, planet gears defined in a shaft calculation and imported by a Z014 file, will be calculated based on the torque and NOT on power. This is the safest method and does not cause any discrepancies in the shaft calculation results.

SP6 Improved stability of new shaft calculation solver
The new shaft calculation solver has been improved in its accuracy, stability and convergence ability (module specific settings -> tab "Calculations" -> check box "Use 2013 Solver" must be unchecked).

SP6 Operating clearance of rolling bearings
When a bearing's inner ring was fixed on the housing, and it's outer ring was fixed on a shaft, the operating clearance of the bearing (taking into account the running speed and tolerances) was wrong. In addition to that, when taking into account centrifugal effects on connecting rolling bearings, instead of using the absolute shaft speeds on both rings (inner shaft speed on inner ring, outer shaft speed on outer ring), the relative speed difference was used on the inner ring and the outer ring was kept stationary. This affected the bending line and all related results.

SP6 Position of eccentric load did not update
The position of an eccentric load in the element editor did not update when moving the load in the shaft editor.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP6 Cylindrical (multiple) interference fit
In the cylindrical (multiple) interference fit, the material properties for the outer diameter of each press fit where set wrong (temperature and thermal expansion coefficient). In addition, the tolerance values of the hub were overwritten to 0 in the pressure sizing dialog, when the tolerances of the shaft and hub were given directly as values (eg. +40/+15) instead of s6, for example.

KISSsys - General

SP6 Reset positions after 3D graphic simulation
After running the 3D graphic simulation in KISSsys, the position of the elements were taking the temporary position from the simulation.
Now it's fixed to reset to their original position.

SP6 Update KISSsys instructions on the website
We updated some of the KISSsys instructions and calculation files on our homepage.
The following is the list of the updated files.

   - GPK Tutorial
General Instructions
   - Lubrication
   - Variable names
   - Table adaptation
   - User interface
   - Text output
   - Translation table
   - Bearing force export
   - Functionalities in KISSsys
   - 3DView settings
   - Component positioning
   - Load spectrum
   - Frequencies in gearbox


KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP5 ProE/ Creo, NX: *CAD.out files weren't written
The files *CAD.out and *CADW.out weren't written in the cad-folder.
The files are used to transfer variables to the cad system (only available for ProEngineer/ Creo Parametric or NX).

SP5 Solid Edge ST7
Interface to Solid Edge version ST7 is implemented.

KISSsoft - COM

SP5 COM-interface: SaveFile function hadn't working correctly
The SaveFile-Function hadn't saved the whole file.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP5 Tooth Thickness modification factor for worm gear
The tooth thickness modification factor was mutiplied with the transverse module, instead of the normal module. This was giving a tooth thickness on the worm wheel which was typically a few micrometers wrong, if the tooth thickness modification factor was used.

SP5 Input in diametral pitch in fine sizing of crossed helical gear
The fine sizing of crossed helical gear was always using normal module.
Now, the input in diametral pitch is possible in accordance with the basic data.

SP5 Wrong sign check of planet pin tillting
In cases of tilting of the planet pin axis along dt for planetary systems, the sign of dt was checked wrong. This didn't have influences onto the calculation itself but triggered only a message to inform the user about his possible wrong entry.

SP5 Worm gear report
Some of the tooth thickness related values were always shown in mm, even if the units system is set to US customary units.

SP5 AGMA2001, 2101 etc: YN modified for through hardened steels
After discussion with the technical committee of AGMA TDEC, the Woehlerline for bending as shown in fig.18 (AGMA2001) is modified for steels with HB other than 160, 250 or 400. Up to now for a steel with HB240, the curve of HB160 was used (to be on the save side). Now the TDEC confirmed, that it is permitted to interpolate YN static based on the HB-value and than use the Woehlerline accordingly. Therefore in such cases the admitted material values for bending will be increased.

SP5 Propositions for profile shift x, when tip rounding is used
No proposition was presented for x to get optimum specific sliding, when gears had a tip rounding.

SP5 Tooth form by constructed involute: final treatment
When using a constructed involute, the final treatment (grinding and corrections) were limited to not go below the previously generated root form.
This was now removed and the value set in the tab corrections is considered as is.

SP5 Calculation of dFa improved
Calculation of tip form diameter dFa, when high ramp angle (alfaKP) is used, was sometimes not giving results (which then resulted in not accurate result in the report). This is improved.

SP5 Duty cycle calculation with only 1 bin
Duty cycle calculation with only 1 bin may give not expected results. A Yes/No-Message is now added:
"Duty cycle calculation with only 1 bin is not allowed. Do you want to change the nominal data (speed, torque, power) accordingly and run the calculation?"

SP5 Material POM for VDI2637
Due to a missing information in the material file Z014-POM_VDI2736.DAT, duty cycle calculations using this material were giving wrong results.

KISSsoft - General

SP5 Unit conversion between Nm/° and Nm/mrad
There was an error in the unit conversion between Nm/° and Nm/mrad (factor 1000).

SP5 Decimal numbers are not shown in tables
For some language or country settings (localization) decimal numbers were not shown in tables. Zero was shown instead.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP5 Problem in graphical representation of planetary systems
The planet/rim graphics of the contact analysis for planetary systems which show only a part of the path of contact (the pitch) had a wrongly shifted x-axis. This doesn't effect the calculation. Only the graphical representation lead to misunderstanding.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP5 Documentation error: Total axial load
The "Total axial load" in the shaft report was documented wrong if the user was considering a single case from a load spectrum. The rest of the calculation results are unaffected.

SP5 Shaft report error
Power of forcing elements was documented wrong in some cases in the shaft report, when torque was input by the user. Calculation results are unaffected.

SP5 Lifetime of bearings in the results window
For bearings that are not available with the inner geometry method, the shaft calculation uses (for these bearings only) the classical method automatically. The (reference) lifetime results for these bearings were misleadingly showing a very high value in the results window, even though the result of maximum pressure was 0. In order to make this clear from now on, and only in these cases, the reference lifetime Lnrh/Lnmrh will be shown as 0.

SP5 Importing a planetary gear in shaft calculation
When the data of a cylindrical gear in the shaft calculation were imported from an existing KISSsoft planetary calculation file (Z014 extension), and gear was supposed to represent the planet gear, the value for the power/torque was wrongly set to the double of the correct value, because it was neglected that the planet gear has two simultaneous contacts (one with the sun and one with the ring gear).

SP5 Campbell diagram with classic bearing calculation
Due to wrong internal data handling, the plot of the Campbell diagram could show artifact eigenfrequencies which were not actually there. The error was caused when the shaft calculation mode contained a bearing with the classical method.

KISSsys - General

SP5 2D plot in KISSsys
The 2D plot class was not working correctly.
Now the axis tick markers and data line labels are shown correctly.

SP5 Shaft calculation with shafts and sub shafts
If a shaft element has sub shafts, for example a planet shaft is modeled under a carrier shaft, the shaft calculation so far included all the elements from the sub shaft. 
This was changed to not include all the elements by default. The user can set the variable "includeSubElementsInShaftCalculation" to 1 in order to include the elements.
This does not affect coaxial shaft calculation. 

SP5 Kinematic calculation in four helical gear constraint
The kinematic calculation in four helical gear constraints used the efficiency (eta2) for the pair 'gear3 - gear4'.
Now it uses eta3. 

SP5 Frequency template update
The frequency calculation template and the tutorial are updated for download.


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP4 3D STEP-model of bevel gear: blank geometry
The blank geometry of the 3D bevel gear model (STEP interface) was incorrect.
The mistake occured on bevel gears with tip alteration at the outside. In those cases, the angle at the back of the gear was slightly wrong.

KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP4 Oil level was wrong defined
In the calculation modul W050 for bearings, the oil level H was calculated without ring thickness t.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP4 NX: russian ribbon menus fixed
The russian menu files for the ribbon menu *.grb, *.rtb and *.men were wrong saved.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP4 Tip relief Ca from semitopping cutter
The calculation of Ca, when a reference profile with ramp angle is used (semi topping), is more precise now.

SP4 Calculation of tip form diameter from tooth form
In rare cases, namely in internal gears with small normal modules (mn < 0.5) and profile corrections, the calculation of the tip form diameter from the tooth form was incorrect.

SP4 Tooth form by constructed involute: large root radius
The root radius for constructed involute can be introduced in the tab "reference profile". However, there is a certain maximum, after which it's impossible to fit the radius in the root. In that case, the input was simply ignored and an edge in the root was generated.
This has been changed, so that the radius taken in the tooth form calculation will be the maximally possible radius. In that case, a warning message is displayed.
This change can also have an influence on the tool of pinion type cutters, since they're internally generated as constructed involute.

SP4 Helix angle factor in the report
The "Helix angle factor" in the gear bending strength calculation report was wrongly described as "Helical load factor".
Now it's fixed to use the correct term "Helix angle factor".

SP4 Changing the reference profile did not always work
Changing the configuration of the reference profile (hobbing cutter, pinion type cutter, reference profile gear, constructed involute) did not work in cases where not all 4 configurations are available (for example racks).

SP4 Master gear: Improved range for tip diameter of the master gear
Master gear: We had cases where the haP* of the Master gear was negative. The method can now treat also such special cases.

SP4 KHbeta convergence problem
In some cases the KHbeta calculation of planetary systems with shafts, load iteration and load spectrum was broken and did not converge.

SP4 Improvement of torque layout
Torque layout function often was giving 'Itteration does not work." The function is improved.

SP4 Hertzian Pressure in Contact analysis for internal pair with small tooth difference
The Hertzian pressure calculated with contact analysis was too high for an internal gear pair with very small tooth number difference (e.g z2 = z1-1).

KISSsoft - General

SP4 Abort button inhibited use of special calculation
If abort button of the progress bar was pressed while calculating with a special module (e.g. Contact analysis, Operating Backlash, etc), the user was not able to start any calculation of a special module again. A restart often was necessary.

SP4 License file download did not work
The download of the license file directly from the software did not work.

SP4 Links to news and trainings did not work
The links to the news and the trainings on the start page did not work.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP4 Markers in the flank line diagram
In the flank line diagram, the number indication on the horizontal and vertical markers was fixed to either [mm] or [mil] unit.
This was changed, so that the unit on the y-value corresponds to the unit on the y-axis. This means that the numbers change, when the unit of the axis are changed.

SP4 Bevel gear drawing
In the bevel gear drawing, the tip alteration at outside was not consistent with the 3D model, in the case of a modified blank.
Now, only the length of the tip alteration at outisde is considered, when modified blank is activated. The value hake is hidden in that case.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP4 Import of RotCAD exchange and DXF files did not work properly
The import of RotCAD exchange and DXF files did only work for Asciii files, whereas the export produces UNIcode files. Therefore the export/import mechanism did not work.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP4 Woodruff key: groove depth for the hub
If the geometrie standard was set to 'own input', it wasn't possible to define the groove depth for the hub.

KISSsys - General

SP4 Restored the icon for UpdateAllShaft
The icon for "UpdateAllShafts" was missing. Now it's restored in the main toolbar. 

SP4 Show full path in the message
In the KISSsys message window, we display now the full path instead of local path to help the user to quickly find the element related with the message.
For example, the new message shows as "[_O.GB.s3.Key] reference does not exist." instead of "[^.Key] reference does not exist.".

SP4 GPK model update
The shaft calculation methods in the GPK models are fixed to be consistent with the KISSsoft shaft calculation.
Important note: The GPK models existing on the user installation will be overwritten by this patch. So when you change data in a GPK model always store the model under a new name, so that it will not be overwritten!


KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP3 3D STEP models of cylindrical improved
In the 3D STEP models of the cylindrical gears, there was in some cases a thin fillet at the side of the cylindrical gear. The error has been cleaned up.

KISSsoft - Bolt calculation

SP3 'Results from FEM calculations' wasn't shown
The tab 'Results from FEM calculations' wasn't shown, if you open an example, in which the configuration 'Proof for bolts with FEM results' was set.

SP3 Bolt length of engagement: input values are overwritten
In the 'Length of engagement' subwindow, the input values are overwritten with the default values, if you close the window.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP3 SolidWorks: some helical gears weren't generated
Some helical gears with an helical angle bigger than 15 degrees and a big face width weren't generated.
The guide line of the cutout is now a bit longer so that KISSsoft can generate the gear.

SP3 Creo Direct Modeling: opened allways a new application
When exporting a gear System, for every gear a new part was opened, instead that all gears were created in the same part.
If you choose the Graphic/3D Export/System only one gear was generated. Now you get a message, which you can accept when a gear is finished, then the next gear will be generated.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP3 Wrong behaviour of ui for profile shift according to manufacture
Error in behaviour of user interface for the calculation of profile shift according to manufacture fixed.

SP3 Message for reference gear for planetary gears improved
The message informing about the fixed reference gear is improved and shown directly when the change is attempted.

SP3 Operating backlash: DjSigmabeta
For the calculation of the reduction of the backlash by misalignement of axis (DjSigmabeta), always the face width of the pinion was used. Now the smaller face width of both gears is used.
The proposition for the distance between two bearings (Lg) is changed (improved) if resistance calculation according AGMA or for plastic materials is used.

SP3 Measurement grid report for cylindrical gear
The Z coordinate values in the measurement grid report of cylindrical gear were not shown correctly. 

SP3 DXF file name in tooth form operations could only be set directly
DXF file names in the tooth form calculation could only be selected via file dialog but not edited manually.

SP3 Proposition of wear coefficient according Plewe for case carborized steels
The proposition of wear coefficient according Plewe for case carborized steels was wrong (the Plewe curve for through hardened steel was used).

SP3 Sizing of reference profile
Some options for the sizing of the reference profilewhere disabled for most customers. Now all four options are available for all customers with sizing permission.

SP3 Issue with concave/concave flank contact in contact analysis
In case of a flank contact with concave/concave curvature, the hertzian deflection can't be calculated. In these cases a warning message will appear and the stiffess related to hertz'ian deflection is set to fixed 1.0*10^100 [N/mm/mym]. A closer examination of the toothform is necessary because results of the contact analysis will not be reliable.

SP3 IMPORTANT: User defined pinion cutter lists in database differentiate between 2013/2014 definition
As noted in the list of changed topics from Version 2013 to 2014, the definition of dFf0 (semi topping) and dFa0 (protuberance) was changed. If a user defined cutter lists having data for protuberance and/or semi-topping is used, then the data read in from the list was not updated to the new definition. This is now corrected. So if lists valid for 2013 are used, when showing up in the user Interface in 2014, the values of hFfP0* and hprP0* will be different, because transformed into the new definition.
Adding the line '#Definition: 2013' or '#Definition: 2014' to the file will indicate its definition. Without such an indicator, the definition will be 2013.

SP3 The protuberance of a pinion cutter was not always updated correctly
The protuberance of a pinion cutter defined in KISSsoft 03/2013 or earlier was not in every case updated correctly to KISSsoft 03/2014 definition.

SP3 Message added if old file contains tooth form operation with pinion cutter
Message added that informs of the definition change of the pinion cutter if an old file contains the tooth form operation 'Generate gear with pinion cutter' and a protuberance or ramp angle is set.

SP3 Drawing data report for crossed helical gear
In the drawing data report of the crossed helical gear calculation, some of the values of gear 2 showed the values of gear 1. Now the problem fixed.

SP3 Points in dxf file to read in tooth form
When importing a tooth form from a dxf-file where points are present, the tooth form can not be extracted correctly. These points need to be deleted from the dxf, so a warning message about presence of such points has been added.

SP3 Message was missing when sizing of the axial offset of a face gear was called
The message showing the result of the sizing of the axial offset for face gears was missing.

SP3 Wear removal by method A
In the main report, the wear removal by method A was using the value from the standard calculation, not from the contact analysis.
Now it's fixed to use the value from the contact analysis.

SP3 Static safety for tensile stress
The report showed wrong symbol for the static safety for tensile stress of cylindrical gears.
Now it's fixed to use the correct symbol as [Sb=sigFP,sB/sigF].

SP3 Master gear calculation for single gear
For the master gear calculation in single gear module, the active diameters for the test gear are not available.
Instead, we use the form diameters for the proposed value of the maximum active tip diameter and the minimum active root diameter.

SP3 Reading user-defined load spectrum file
If the user-defined load spectrum doesn't have full list of contents to the temperature, the programs can't read the file correctly.
Now, we fixed the problem and the user can define only the part of the contents, for example, only up to KHbeta1.

SP3 Worm gear tip diameter da2 slightly changed in some cases
Tip diameter da2 of the worm gear, when a topping tool was used and profile shift was x<>0, was very slightly wrong; because da2 was calculated with x*mn in stead of x*mt.

SP3 Bevel Gear Geometry according ISO23509 if shaft angle <> 90 degrees
Improvement: Workgroup 13 of ISO TC60 found, that the formula 129 in ISO23509 is wrong, if the shaft angle is <>90°. This is now corrected.

SP3 Bevel gear according ISO 10300 (2014)
Calculation of Fn for pitting changed according newest document (Eq. 3 in ISO 10300-2:2014).

SP3 Total rotation angle j.tsys corrected
Total rotation angle j.tsys corrected as displayed in the report was wrong for 3-gear-chain, 4-gear-chain and bevel gears.

KISSsoft - General

SP3 Errors regarding the order in database tool fixed
When activating/deactivating data sets in the database tool, the order got mixed up.
Moving multiple data sets to the top or bottom did also mix up the order.

SP3 Database update did not consider changes in the order of KISSsoft data sets
The database update did not respect changes in the order of data sets or of data sets hidden by the user for all sets with ID < 20000 (concerns all original KISSsoft data sets).

SP3 Crash due to missing help file solved
KISSsoft crashed if no help file was found when pressing F1.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP3 Settings of graphics in manufacturing drawing
Normally, the saved settings for the graphics in the manufacturing drawing are taken to generate the diagrams.
In some cases, the settings were not set correctly, which is fixed now.

SP3 Display of Woehler lines (S-N curves) with load spectrum
In the details for the rating, there is a new option that let's you specify how to consider negative bins of the load spectrum.
Until now, this option was not considered in the woehler line graphic.
Remark: The last option "Check both cases and document the unfavorable case" can't be displayed at the moment and no lines are shown.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP3 'Consider gears as masses' in shaft calculation
When multiple identical gears were defined in the same position, and the user selected to consider the gear's mass (tab "Basic Data" -> drop-down "Gears" -> option "Consider gears as masses"), the mass was considered multiple times and not one, as it should. This affected the shaft's bending line.

SP3 Editing the elments-list in shaft input does not bring the elements-editor to the top anymore
Selecting or editing an item via the elements-list does not bring the elements-editor to the top anmore.

SP3 Correction of conical section diameter in the "Diagrams of bending" report
In the case of conical shaft sections that do not start at global y=0, the outer diameter in the "Diagrams of bending" report was wrongly given.

SP3 Cross section position was not considered directly
When changing the position of a cross section in the elements-editor, the value was not considered in the calculation, when calculate was triggered right after entering the value. It was only taken when the input field was left before triggering calculate.

SP3 Correction of load distribution plot in connecting bearings
Solution of the problem where in some cases the plot of load distribution of connecting bearings was not shown, even though the bearings were loaded.

SP3 Improved calculation accuracy and speed for inner geometry bearings
The accuracy and speed of our functions which are used for ball and roller bearings (inner geometry method) has been significantly improved. This is expected to have a minor ( < 2-3 %) effect in the results.

SP3 Tooth trace diagram in shaft calculation
The tooth trace diagram in shaft calculation showed the defined modification wrongly for the left flank. 
Also, the end relief calculation gave small errors if the starting of modification is not coincide with the calculation node.
Now the problems are fixed.
In addition, the following things are improved for better readability.
- The default color for the lines is now consistent with the deformation diagram.
- The scale of the X- and Y-axis are changed.
- The Y axis values of the right flank diagram is reversed to be consistent with the diagram in gear calculation.

SP3 Press fit defined by the user was neglected in some cases
Correction of the case where a press fit in a bearing was neglected, even though it was correctly defined.

SP3 Inclusion of the complete stiffness matrix of supports in the eigenfrequencies calculation of the new solver.
The full 6x6 stiffness matrix of supports is included in the eigenfrequencies calculation of the new solver. This will have an effect when rolling element bearings with internal geometry are used.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP3 Reference profile was read from wrong database
The data for the reference profile was read from the wrong database. Due to this error in some cases a message appeared telling that the data set was not found in the database altough the entry was shown in the drop down list as well as in the database tool.

SP3 Setting geometry according DIN 5481/ DIN 5482
Setting the the geometry according DIN 5481 and DIN 5482 was not possible anymore, these geometry profiles were only working with the examples. It is fixed now.


KISSsoft - Bolt calculation

SP2 Ratio of shearing strength for the bolt is dependent on the strength class
The ratio of shearing strength for bolts are defined in a table according VDI 2230 (2003).
This ratio is dependent on the strength class.
You can set an own definition for this ratio in the subwindow Define near the strength class list.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP2 NX9 ribbon menu
NX9 ribbon menu added. Now you can use the KISSsoft-addin in the ribbon bar and in the menu.

SP2 ProEngineer: Problems with region settings
Problems are solved with comma or point definitions by numbers of the different regions settings.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP2 Load spectrum report for planetary gear
When the load spectrum for the second gear is defined in planetary gear calculation, the header for the load spectrum report wrongly showed the power and the torque as well. Now, we removed these items and show only the frequency and the speed.

SP2 Bevel Gears according ISO10300: 2014 Factor YNT and ZNT
Factor YNT and ZNT for endurance domain was always 1.0 (instead of 0.85, if 0.85 for 10^10 was selected).

SP2 AGMA925 Report
In the AGMA925 Report, if imperial Units are used, the maximum flash temperature is printed wrongly (32°F too low).

SP2 Gear/Shaft matching problem for 3 and 4 gear chains
In case of calculating KHbeta accoring to ISO6336-1, Annex E including shaft calculation, for 3 and 4 gear chains: The algorithm could not find the correct gears for bending and torson line.

SP2 Gap and lineload graphics had empty results for 3 and 4 gear chains
The graphics for Gap and Lineload according to ISO6336-1, Annex E, where empty for 3 and 4 gear chains.

SP2 'Modification sizing' dialog did not work properly
Due to problems in the user interface of the 'Modification sizing', it was often not possible to set the inputs as requested. Input synchronization between different modifications was not possible.
Furthermore an error message is shown if the user tries to import modifications from tab 'Modifications' while the calculation is inconsistent.

SP2 Saving offset in beveloid gears
In the beveloid gear module, the offset was not saved and reset to 0, when loading the file.

SP2 Convert protuberance angle without given protuberance height coefficient
The protuberance angle could not be converted if no protuberance height coefficient was entered before.

SP2 Loading files with references to not existing data base entry
When loading a file that refers to a not existing hobbing or pinion type cutter in the data base, the cutter/tool is now set to own input.

SP2 Duty cycles with negative pin's: Additional modes
When duty cycles with negative bins are used, we added an additional mode in ‘Details’ of tab ‘Rating’. You may select now for the flank safety ‘Check both cases and document the unfavorable case’. For the bending safety you may select ‘Check both cases and document the more realistic case’. For bending, as the rule used (DIN3990-6, Method FC) is very conservative (multiplying one side bins by 1/0.7, thus giving low safeties), the case giving higher results is shown.

SP2 Convert tip form diameter for pinion type cutter added
The convert button for the tip form diameter of a pinion type cutter was added just as the convert button for the root form diameter of a reference profile or constructed involute.

SP2 Convert protuberance in tooth form calculation fixed
The converting of the protuberance in tab tooth form for operation 'Generate gear with hobbing cutter' and 'Generate gear with pinion type cutter' did not work properly.

SP2 Beveloid gear licence
The beveloid calculation in the version 03/2014 is now free for anybody and no licence is needed.

SP2 Tip form diameter dFa with topping tool
Calculation of the tip form diameter dFa, when a topping tool is used, is very complicated. The algorithme is now sligthly improved.

KISSsoft - General

SP2 Decimal point or comma did not work for all languages !
Due to a change in the tool we use to design the user Interface,  for some language or country settings only point or comma was accepted as a decimal separator. For some non was accepted at all.
This is the main reason, why we had to publish so early an additional patch.

SP2 Size of column dialog for tables improved
For tables with a lot of columns, the dialog to show/hide the columns was too small.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP2 Manufacturing drawings for Splines
In the splines graphics for the manufacturing drawing, the wrong report was printed. Instead of e.g. Z10Gear1e.rpt, the correct template Z9AGear1e.rpt will be taken.

SP2 Addendum diameter in 3D graphics
In the 3D display of a gear, the addendum diameter in the comment section was in rare cases not correct. This occured, when the tooth form was generated from a tool, where the root height was too small.

SP2 Assembly drawing for helical gears
In the assembly drawing of helical gears, the direction of helix angle was not correct.

SP2 Beveloid gear manufacturing graphics
In the graphics for the manufacturing of the beveloid gear, the tool for the corrections or grinding was not shown at the right position.

SP2 Graphic contact temperature and lubricating film
In the graphics for the contact analysis, the contact temperature and lubricating film according to AGMA was shown as 0, if the calculation was not done according to AGMA. We deactivated the AGMA graph, so that only the curves according to ISO 15144 are shown, unless rating is calculated with AGMA.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP2 Redundant warning message for cone diameter
When the cross section is added to the cone element, the error message for the outside diameter was shown unnecessarily. Now the checking condition is improved and the message is not shown anymore.

SP2 Center point of rope sheave jumped in editor
The center point (local and global position) of a rope sheave jumped in the element editor when switching beetwen widgets.

SP2 Load item selection in shaft editor
A load item with length of load application bigger than 0 could only be selected by clicking on the left arrow.

SP2 Graphics did not always update
Some properties of the graphics did not update after new inputs and calulation.

SP2 Load spectrum calculation shaft with stiff connections
The speeds of rigidly connected shafts were not set correctly for the individual bins of the load spectrum, if one of the shafts didn't have any force elements defined on it. This resulted in the relative speed between the shafts to be non-zero, even though they were rigidly connected with a stiff connection in the Ry rotation. This affected the lifetime calculation of any rolling bearings which were also defined between these two shafts.

KISSsys - General

SP2 Gear meshing path
The gear mesh name from KISSsys to the KISSsoft calculations was indicating the whole path of the gear element. That was the reason why the contact analysis according to the shaft calculation and KHbeta according to Annex E was not working properly. This bug is related only to kSoftHelicalGearPair, kSoftThreeHelicalGears, kSoftFourHelicalGears and kSoftPlanetGearSet.


KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP1 Static equivalent load P0
The static equivalent load P0 was always calculated as P0 = X0 * Fr + Y0 * Fa, and not as P0 = max(X0 * Fr + Y0 * Fa, Fr) as described in the standard (ISO 76)

SP1 Standalone bearing calculation - taper roller bearings
The standalone bearing module (*.W51 file extension) required a diametral clearance value, but these values are not needed and were never used.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP1 CAD interface: Problems with helical internal gears
Some helical internal gears couldn't be completely generated.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP1 Invalid ID Flankbreaking calculation.
In the Flankbreaking calculation for gears the error message had a wrong text, when no data file was selected.

SP1 Rough and fine sizing result window
The list title of fine sizing windows did not show symbols in correct format in Asian windows caused by Unicode problem.

SP1 Load spectrum with KHbeta ISO6336-1, Annex E and load iteration for planetary systems
The Planetary system had problems to find the correct gears on the shaft if KHbeta calculation according ISO6336-1, Annex E, was used with shafts, iteration of load distribution and a load spectrum.

SP1 Load spectrum was not set to own input if database reference failed
When loading a gear calculation file containing a load sprectrum that did not exist in the current database, the load spectrum was not always set to own input.

SP1 The cutter/tool definition for a face gear did not always show the addendum coefficient of the gear
If the cutter/tool definition for a face is set to input of length or diameter, the addendum coefficient of the gear should still be shown instead of addendum or tip diameter.

SP1 Call of special reports caused multiple calculation
When running the service life calculation or the sizing of torque in menu report, the calculation was executed once to often. Unexpected messages did appear.

SP1 KHbeta of Planetary system for strength calculation
The option 'KHbeta for the strength calculation' in the dialog 'Define Axis alignment' was always giving the maximum value to the strength calculation.

SP1 KHbeta was calculated twice for planetary systems
KHbeta was calculated always twice for planetary systems. This does not have any effect on the results, but calculation time was much longer.

SP1 Gear/Shaft matching problem of KHbeta Annex E and Contact analysis
If the KHbeta Annex E or contact analysis calculation was combined with shaft files, and there where several identical meshing's modeled on the shaft (this is the regular case for planetary systems), the algorithm had in some cases problems to determine the right gear on the shaft. The user can define the correct meshing for the analysis in the dialog 'Define gears on shaft', now. For planetary systems the meshing of the first planet has to be chosen. It is recommended to give individual names to all load elements in the shaft calculation.

SP1 The Planetary Analysis was alawys showing the results as right flank results.
The graphic representation of the path of contact was always shown as a right flank calculation even if the left flank was in contact.

SP1 Contact analysis with unsymmetric tooth modifications
In the contact analysis, when the first gear has contact on the left flank, unsymmetric modifications changed the flank side when calculating multiple times. Now always the right side modifications are considered.

SP1 Operating backlash: Housing material data were read wrongly
The data of the housing material were read wrongly, if the ID of the base material is not the same as the ID of the gear material.

SP1 Tooth form in the geometry manager
The tooth form in the geometry manager wasn't refreshed when values where changed.

SP1 Behavior of how to import Modifications into Dialog Modification Optimization adjusted
Important improvement: The dialog "Modification Optimization" was importing the modifications automaticly from the "Tab Modifications". This is now deactivated and an import button, for importing the data into the table of the tabs Conditions I and II, is introduced.

SP1 Operating backlash with Water absorption
The calculation method following DIN 3967 does not give an indication how to treat inner gears with water absorption. It is possible, that the backlash will increase or decrease, therefore it is not considered in the calculation.

SP1 KHbeta calculation with shaft was canceled if shaft didn't converge
In case of a not converging shaft calculation the KHbeta calculation was stopped. This is now improved through asking the user if he wants to deactivate the iterative calculation. With yes the calculation will be converging, with no the calculation will abort.

SP1 Tilting of carrier shaft in Planetary Systems was considered wrong
The tilting of a carrier, when calculated through KISSsoft shaft calcualtion, was producing different results when compared with tilting inserted manually. This is producing slightly wrong results in the KHbeta calculation according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E

SP1 Required service life marker in safety factor graph
A marker is added to show the required service life in the safety factor curves graphics. This would help to get a feeling how much potential there is for the safety factors when changing required life.

SP1 Conversion of tip/root form height coefficient
In case of problems with the conversion of the tip/root form height coefficient a more detailed message is shown.

SP1 Center distance in meshing graphic of non circular gears
In the meshing graphic of non circular gears the center distance was not showing the unit and a useful number of decimal places.

SP1 Save curve for tooth form graphics in non circular gears
Save curve did not work for all tooth form graphics in non circular gears

KISSsoft - General

SP1 Dock widgets were blocked after loading a file with not existing database references
When opening an external file (found for a shaft calculation) that contains database references that do not exist in the current database, the user interface (mostly the dock widgets) was blocked in case that the calculation module was not opend before.

SP1 Translations improved
Several misleading translation are improved.

SP1 Load spectrum with negative bin's: NEW DEFINITION
IMPORTANT FOR USER'S OF LOAD SPECTRA WITH NEGATIVE VALUES FOR TORQUE / SPEED (For Shaft and Gear calculations) We have changed the definition to make it consistent with Load spectrum as used in KISSsys. Important: The help text can not be updated in the Patch, you find in \help a document with explications (see DutyCyleNegBinsE.pdf or see DutyCyleNegBinsD.pdf).

SP1 dxf-Export with older version
In the "kiss.ini" file of the installation, the standard value is set to use the old dxf-version. This is not intended and should be changed manually to DXFVERSION=1. When trying to export a dxf with the old version, a warning message is shown.

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP1 Zooming Tool in 3D Graphics
There was a small mistake in the zooming tool for the 3D graphics (rectangular zoom), so that the positioning after the zoom was shifted. Now the tool is correct.

SP1 Improvement in the graphics of the contact analysis
The descriptions of the curves has been changed, there is a second "single contact stiffness" to represent the second mesh and some markers to higlight the beginning and end of the mesh.

SP1 Rack tooth form in normal section
Rack: In the graphics of the tooth form, when choosing the display "Normal section (tooth)", the tooth was incorrectly connected in the middle.

KISSsoft - Proof of strength with local stresses

SP1 FKM Guideline: some issues
- KWKσ3 = 1, if σ3 is vertical to the surface area.
- Kf-factor has to be >= 1
- To calculate σV generated by pressure, fσD has to be used instead of fσZ
- Static calculation: The values for σsk, npl, Kp, ask, σhydro were available only for the System, not for all elements.

SP1 FKM: relation R < -1 allowed
The relation R smaller -1 was not allowed to use, which are necessary for the cases with alternating compression stress.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP1 Campbell diagram report only shows up in German
The report associated to the calculation of the Campbell diagram only showed up in German, regardless of the selected language.

SP1 Sliders did not react on clicking
The sliders of the shaft editor did not react on clicking but only on moving.

SP1 Update was not complete when moving elements in the shaft editor
The state of the calculation was not updated when elements in the shaft editor were moved. The position of an element was not updated in the elements list if the element was moved in the shaft editor.

SP1 Inconsistent bearing tolerance from older calculation files
Some old calculation files (prior to Release 2013) were saved with inconsistent tolerance values for some bearings. For example, it was possible that a deep groove ball bearing was defined with a tolerance value which corresponds to taper roller bearings. The wrongly selected tolerance was used then in the calculation. This affects only the inner geometry calculation.

SP1 Thin ring four-point bearings
This a special bearing category, which is not defined in the standard for the approximation of inner geometry, but KISSsoft ignored that fact. Dedicated messages guide the user in the required steps for any problem resolution.

SP1 Selection of connecting element in shaft editor fixed
Connecting elements could not be selected in the shaft editor if they where positioned around the axis.

SP1 Stability of shaft solver
Improved the stability of the new shaft solver, especially for bearings with contact angle for the inner geometry method.

SP1 3D viewer - eigenfrequencies
The eigenfrequencies of shafts having the left shaft end at a position Y <> 0, were shown wrongly in the new shaft 3D viewer.

SP1 Oil level in shaft editor
The oil level in shaft editor was not shown correctly when the shaft was positioned with angle. Now it is shown correctly. Still the oil level is not correct when the shaft is positioned with vector. This will be fixed in next release.

SP1 roughness factor wrongly
The roughness factor was wrong read for the cross section element shaft shoulder and shaft shoulder with relief groove.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP1 DIN 5482 tip diameter allowance
The tip diameter allowance of the profiles according DIN 5482 was 0, now the allowance for the shaft is h11, for the hub H11. All examples with the profiles are newly saved.

KISSsys - General

SP1 Open project folder menu in KISSsys
The user could not select the folder shortcut directly when he tries to select project folder.

SP1 KISSsys table data update
When you enter a data in a table, the data was not updated automatically, the user had to refresh the view manually.

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