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Release KISSsoft 2019

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KISSsoft - 3D geometry (STEP interface)

SP2 The 3D system model of bevel gear had wrong position when saved with H, J, V misalignment
The 3D system model of bevel gear had wrong position when saved with H, J, V misalignment.
This is fixed.

KISSsoft - Bearing calculation

SP2 Pressure angle of FAG thrust angular contact ball bearings
The pressure angle of FAG thrust angular contact ball bearings was 0° instead of 60° in the KISSsoft database.

KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP2 SolidEdge: Interface to SolidEdge 2020
Interface to SolidEdge 2020 implemented.

KISSsoft - COM

SP2 Improvement: Additional LTCA Results availiable via COM-Interface
COM-Interface provides now access to sliding velocity, normalized sliding velocity, specific sliding and sliding factor.

SP2 Calculating contact analysis step wise via COM was crashing
The calculation of contact analysis via the CalculateCAStep method of the COM-Interface was crashing in case of unequal facewidth of the involved gears. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - Gear calculation

SP2 Improvement: Double Planet Stage: Position of Planet-2
In the Sub-Window of the 4-gear stage, where double planet stage can be activated, an additional input is available: Now the position of Planet2, if on the right or on the left side of Planet1, can be defined. This affects the 2D and the 3D display.

SP2 Active tip and root diameters in the meshing graphics
The setting for the form diameter calculation (module specific settings) is now considered when calculating/displaying the active tip and root diameters in the meshing graphics (no load condition).

SP2 Bevel Gears according AGMA2003, change to static calculation eliminated
In Bevel Gears according AGMA2003, an automatic change to static calculation happens, if load cycles were lower than 1000 cycles.
This is not wrong but may be confusing, and in AGMA2001 for cylindrical gears we do not do it.
This is now eliminated.

SP2 Improvement: Worm Gear according EDIN3996
Worm Gear according EDIN3996 is available, and last printing errors in the document were discussed, corrected and added in KISSsoft.

SP2 Problem in 'Generate cylindrical gear with the read-in pinion type cutter'
Center distance check was wrong when using the tooth form operation 'Generate cylindrical gear with the read-in pinion type cutter'. The problem only occurred for helical gears. This is now fixed.

SP2 Profile modification on the flank of asymmetric gears changed without warning
In some cases for asymmetric tooth forms, the flank of the profile modification was changed from left to right without warning. This occurred in cases when there was an error in the tooth form calculation. This is now fixed.

SP2 Worm gear, Start under load modified
The calculation of the torque to start under load is not part of the standard, but based on a note in the Niemann book.
The indication in Niemann applies for driving worm. We extrapolated the driving gear case until now, but this is not really approved in practice.
We eliminated now this case and indicate that most probably the set is self-blocking.

SP2 Problem with tooth stiffness calculation in case of force close to root fillet and high pressure angle
In case of gears with high pressure angle and load close to the root fillet, the bending lever of the Weber/Banaschek based contact analysis is negative. In such a case the stiffness calculation was wrong because only hertzian, normal and shearing deflection should be considered. This is fixed.

SP2 Measurement data for worms
Radial single-ball measurement MrK (min and max value) for worms was not calculated. Additionally, measurement data  (except MdK and MdR) for worms was not correct in case if the worm had more than 3 teeth. This is now fixed.

SP2 Nominal transmission ratio in rough sizing overwritten
User defined nominal transmission ratio was overwritten (with initial value) in the rough sizing when the calculation was performed. This is now fixed.

SP2 Asymmetric gears calculation
If creating a "fresh" KISSsoft calculation file, and then converting it to asymmetric gear, the calculation was not working. This is now fixed.

SP2 Tab modifications info text
Tab modifications info text for Helix angle modification (parallel - arc minute) and Pressure angle modification (parallel - arc minute) was not correct. This is now fixed.

SP2 Splines DIN 5482 example
Shaft-hub connection  DIN 5482 40x36 e9_H10 example had the wrong profile shift in the DAT file. This is now fixed.

SP2 Fine sizing of Planetary stages
Added a Message, when Planetary stages with all elements (sun, carrier, ring) rotating are used, to better use the ratio definition with the 'z3/z1 option'.

SP2 Profile modification sizing was calculating same face load factor for different loads
The profile modification sizing dialog was calculating always the same face load factor for different load cases. This is fixed.

SP2 Runout in the operating backlash calculation
Own input of the runout error was not possible in the operating backlash calculation. This is fixed now.

SP2 Absolute speed value for bevel gears with carrier speed in the report
In the rpt template for bevel gears, the absolute speed calculated from the teeth ratio was using the virtual cylindrical number of teeth instead of the real bevel number of teeth. This is now fixed.

SP2 Woehler line display for planets
In some cases, the Woehler line for the planets was not drawn correctly. This is now fixed. It was purely a graphical error, so all the results are unchanged and correct.

SP2 Path of contact in the meshing graphics (for worms)
Path of contact in the meshing graphics was not drawn to the base diameter of the worm. This is now fixed.

SP2 Wrong face load factor due to inconsistent shaft calculation
In some cases the face load factor and its respective line load was calculated wrongly because the shaft calculation wasn't consistent after calculating the shaft bending line. This is fixed.

SP2 Estimation of collision between tool shaft and gear for the power skiving checks improved
In addition to checking for collisions between the tool shaft and gear when power skiving, the critical inner offset length, that an inner gear can be manufactured at, is calculated and displayed in the report.

SP2 Modification sizing for bevel gears
Headers in the modification sizing dialogue (tab results) for bevel gears was not shown correctly. This is now fixed.

SP2 Bending of the shaft and flank line modifications in the operating backlash calculation
Option 'Take into account the bending of the shaft and flank line corrections' was not considered correctly in the operating backlash calculation. This was limited to special cases, when load spectrum with more than 1 bin was defined, but 'Don't consider load spectrum' or 'Only take 1 bin into account' was selected in tab Rating. This is fixed now.

SP2 Grinding notch factor calculation for internal gears using form grinding
In special case, the grinding notch for the internal gear was not calculated correctly. This only appeared for the form grinded gear, using VDI 2737 for the form factors calculation. The issue is fixed now.

SP2 Alternating bending factor according ISO6336-3, annex B, for plastic materials
ISO6336-3, annex B, is only applicable to metals. For plastic materials the Mean stress ratio is approximated. We added now a warning message, if plastic gears are calculated.

SP2 Conical expansion of internal gears was considered wrongly
The face load factor calculation according to ISO 6336-1, Annex E, and the contact analysis was considering the conical expansion of the internal gear, due to load, wrongly. This is fixed.

SP2 Generate cylindrical gear with read-in pinion type cutter
In some special cases, the generated cylindrical gear with a read-in pinion type cutter was not correct. This is now fixed.

SP2 Power skiving check result was sometimes not correctly listed in the fine sizing
Sometimes the result of a power skiving check in the gear fine sizing was listed as "not checked" instead of "not possible".

SP2 Uploading load spectrum from file did not set the inconsistent flag
The inconsistent flag was not set when a load spectrum has been read in from a file in tab rating.

SP2 Wrong speed in results table of contact analysis in some cases
The speed documented in the results table of contact analysis was wrong in case of a speed < 1m/s. This is fixed.

SP2 Number of digits increased in tool export rps report
Number of digits increased in tool export rps report from 3 to 8.

SP2 Report of Duty cycles
Improvement: The Duty cycle definition in the report is changed into table format.

SP2 Wrong unit for moment of inertia (J) in the gear user interface
The unit for the moment of inertia (J) was not correct in the user interface (Tab Rating->Details). The unit is now corrected to kg*cm^2. The results were not affected.

SP2 3D model not correct
In some cases, when modification with value of 0 µm was applied, the 3D model was not correct. This is fixed.

SP2 GDE export for single gears
In the module single gears the GDE menu point for the export was missing.

KISSsoft - General

SP2 Collison check for double planet stage in 4-gear chain
Collision check was not correct in all cases for double planet stage in 4-gear chain configuration. This is fixed now.

SP2 Improvement: file name info added for KUI tabs and dialogs
The name of the file that defines a tab or dialog can now be looked up with the KUI element info system.

SP2 Editor improvements

  • Can use Ctrl-F to start searching
  • Pressing enter in the search field continues search
  • If search text is changed/new, start searching from start of document
  • Search wraps around after reaching the end
  • Found items when searching are now using a darker selection color to be more visible
  • Fixed font size changing when changing font
  • Fixed font not updating when loading a new document
  • Plain text files use a monospace font by default

KISSsoft - Graphics

SP2 Bevel gears: Problems with V misalignment in contact pattern graphics
The contact pattern graphics was showing wrong results in case of V misalignment for contact analysis with bevel gears. This is fixed.

SP2 Missing graphics added to contact analysis report
Missing hertzian pressure and root stress graphic added to contact analysis report.

SP2 Wrong maximum sliding velocity in comment field
The contact analysis graphic 'Kinematic' was showing the wrong maximum sliding velocity in case of unequal facewidt. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - KISSdesign

SP2 Improvement: Group modelling offers 2 types of adding cylindrical gear pair
The group modelling can now add cylindrical gear pairs in 2 ways: as a connection between 2 additionally added shafts and as a stand alone pair.

SP2 Improvement: Messages include their source information
It was not possible for the user to identify whether a message was coming from the system calculation or from one of the systems sub modules.

SP2 Improvement: Power flow table show the boundary name
The power flow table did only show the name of the boundary, now it shows the name of the coupling too.

SP2 Improvement: keyboard short cuts for new dots activated
The user can press a key while he adds a new dot or connection to distinguish the item type.
Supported keys are B (bearing), R (carrier), S (switch), C (coupling), G (cylindrical gear), V (bevel gear).

SP2 Crash in REXS import fixed
The REXS import crashed in case existing elements should be overwritten.

SP2 Improvement: extended drag-and-drop in KISSdesign sketcher
- Possibility to connect planetary stages and gear chains directly in the sketcher by drag-and-drop added
- Merging shaft calculations in sketcher by drag-and-drop one axis on the other added
- Moving one shaft to another shaft calculation by drag-and-drop added

SP2 Improvement: visual feedback for drag-and-drop in trees
Dragging elements in the trees gives a visual feedback if dopping will be possible or not.

SP2 KISSdesign sketcher graphical issues
It was not possible to select connections if they were directly sitting over an axis.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP2 Bearing rating life for non-rotating but loaded bearings was infinity
For non-rotating but loaded bearings, the corresponding bearing rating life resulted in infinity. This was fixed and for such cases the bearing rating life is now set to 1e10 h.

SP2 Automatically setting critical cross sections sometimes caused misleading results
In some cases, the functionality to automatically set the critical cross sections of a shaft resulted in cross sections with wrong positions.

SP2 Missing low eigenfrequencies
In some very few shaft examples a low (normally below 10Hz) eigenfrequency was missing.

SP2 Drawing for angular contact thrust ball bearings in shaft editor
All angular contact thrust ball bearings in the KISSsoft database have a pressure angle at the order of 60°. The drawing did not reflect this fact.

SP2 For larger groove width diameters, the notch factors for the shaft strength calculation are not considered correctly
In some models that had larger groove width diameters, parts of the surrounding shaft section were also considered as groove instead of just a smooth shaft section.

SP2 Crash in element tree fixed
KISSsoft crashes when removing notch elements of a shaft and adding another cylinder afterwards via context menu. This is fixed.

KISSsoft - Shaft-hub-connections

SP2 Radial bearing stiffness was not properly calculated in some cases
The radial stiffness which is shown in the bearing report was not correct for some cases.

KISSsoft - Splines calculation

SP2 Splines manufacturing drawing
Table with spline data in the manufacturing drawing was drawn over the profile and flankline diagram data. This is fixed now.

KISSsoft – Gear body FEM calculation

SP2 Bug in the generation of stiffness matrix files from the gear body calculation module
The generation of the stiffness matrix in the gear body calculation module is not possible in some cases. This is now fixed.

KISSsys - General

SP2 Improvement: New methods to show or hide elements in the 3D view
With a right click on an element, the user can now Show3DElement, Hide3DElement for individual elements, and ShowAll3DElements, HideAll3DElements for a shaft or a group.

SP2 Fix in efficiency template, user defined oil level
The oil level could not be defined by the user anymore, only calculated. This is now fixed.

SP2 KISSsys crashes in some cases, when calculating Campbell diagram
In some KISSsys models, KISSsys was crashing when performing the Campbell diagram calculation.


KISSsoft - CAD interface

SP1 Autodesk Inventor: Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2020
Interface to Autodesk Inventor 2020 implemented.

KISSsoft - General

SP1 Example for user defined tab comment added.
A file comment.dui is provided under /ext/dui_example folder as an example on how to build a user defined comment tab.
The user can copy the file into /ext/dui folder to create the comment tab in cylindrical gear pair calculation.

KISSsoft - Shaft calculation

SP1 Added possibility to specify the coefficient of friction for hypoid gear meshes in shaft module
In past KISSsoft versions, the coefficient of friction for hypoid gear meshes in shaft module was set fix to 0.05. This value can now be changed in the module specific settings.

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