Web demo Plastic gear calculation

The use of plastic gears is often considered because of their advantages over metal gears. As they have also disadvantages like lower strength and lower manufacturing tolerances, it is important to evaluate exactly the strength and geometry of the gears before going into production.

KISSsoft offers with each release more functionalities for resistance and lifetime calculation for plastic gears. See them in this 45 minutes live demo which covers the following topics:

  • Calculation methods for cylindrical plastic gears
  • Increasing the strength of plastic gears using elliptical root modification, tooth thickness optimization and more
  • Operating backlash calculation
  • Wear calculation using contact analysis
  • Crossed helical gears (worms)
  • Plastics manager

Please register here for the demo on September 27th at 15:00 (CET). The link to join will be sent to you right after.