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Welded connection

Calculation basis: DIN 18800, part 1, November 1990, particularly chap. 8.4.

Calculation and configuration of welded connections (arc welding) with the following weld seam types:

  • Butt seam, root penetration
  • Double bevel butt seam, counter welding
  • Butt weld, cap seal counter welded / root penetration
  • HY-seam with or without fillet weld, no root penetration
  • Double HY seam with or without fillet weld, no root penetration
  • Double-j seam butt weld no root penetration
  • Filled weld, no root penetration
  • Double filled weld, no root penetration
  • Entry of the stress (normal force, transverse forces), part resistance value and limit weld seam value. calculation of stress, of the limit weld seam stress, and resistance.

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