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Adhesive connection

Calculation basis: G. Niemann, Maschinenelemente, volume I, 1981. Calculation of the adhesive connection is executed for connections that are stressed on shear.

Two different stress cases are provided:

  • Shear force: Transmission of a shear force between two surfaces
  • Torque: Shaft-hub connection with torque stress.
  • The connection can be stressed statically or dynamically (in the normal case pulsating). Glues (extended database) can be selected for curing at room temperature or at an increased temperature.


  • Sizing of bond width for (shaft/hubs) or bond length (for brackets) due to the strength of the base material. The tensile strength of the connection is sized in such a manner that it corresponds to the tensile strength of the base material, or the fatigue strength of the shaft.
  • Configuration of the bond width based on stress: Tensile strength of the connection is sized in such a manner it can transmit the acting forces taking the entered target resistance into account.
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