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Toothed belt

Complete calculation and configuration of a belt drive with determination of tooth counts and belt length, taking standard tooth counts into consideration. When the desired target ratio and/or target center distance are entered the program creates optimal recommendations. Calculation of the required belt width with consideration of correction factors, minimum tooth counts, and number of contacting teeth; print out of installation information (belt load test). Data for the specific belt types is stored in self-describing text files and can be changed by the user as desired.

General dimensioning of the belt (output of a recommendation for a toothed-belt suitable for your drive problem), configuration of belt width; calculation of belt tooth count from the center distance and vice versa.

Special, non-warping toothed belts with inserts of high-strength steel cable can also be calculated (e.g. AT5). The calculation can also be executed with a third pulley (idler pulley).

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