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Splined shaft

For multi-groove profiles in accordance with:

  • DIN ISO 14 (vehicles, light series)
  • DIN ISO 14 (vehicles, mid series)
  • DIN 5464 (vehicles, heavy series)
  • DIN 5471 (machine tools with 4 splines)
  • DIN 5472 (machine tools with 6 splines)
  • a calculation of the stress of shaft and hub (surface load) is executed. Additional standards can be added. The stresses of shaft and hub (surface load) with determination of resistance is calculated in accordance with the classic literature (Niemann, Maschinenlemente I. 3rd edition, 2001) True-to-scale graphic display.


  • Determination of the bearing length of the shaft or of the hub, based on the target resistance and
  • determination of transferrable torque.
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