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Key/Key Way

For feather keys in accordance with:

  • DIN 6885.1
  • DIN 6885.2
  • DIN 6885.3
  • separate definition
  • a calculation of the stress of shaft and hub (surface load) and the feather key (shear) with determination of resistance is executed. (DIN 6892 (1998) method C)

    Feather keys in accordance with DIN 6892, method B

    For the calculation the tolerances as well as the spline rounding radii and the force contact direction are taken into account. The number of feather keys, the carrying factor, and the application factor can also be entered. True-to-scale graphic display.

    This standard permits a very differentiated calculation of the feather keys for continuous load and peak load. For example the situation is also taken into account when concurrently a press fit is present. The following information can be entered in a sub-screen: Edge break on the shaft and on the hub; smaller and larger outer diameter of the hub; width to the outer diameter; distance; torque band; frequency of the change in load direction cycle.


  • Determination of the bearing length of the shaft or of the hub, based on the target resistance and
  • determination of transferable torque.
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