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Interference fit

Cylindrical interference fit and fits with centrifugal force influence

  • Loading in circumferential and axial directions
  • Calculation of maximum torque for slip-free fit. If slip occurs in the fit, then friction corrosion due to micro glide occurs.
  • The calculation includes the complete DIN 7190 (elastics) with longitudinal, transverse and oil interference fits.
  • In addition resistance of the interference fit against slipping, and resistance of shaft and hub material against break point and apparent limit of elasticity are calculated. To facilitate entry the tolerance system is integrated in accordance with ISO 286 (e.g. with entry diameter 60 H7/f6).

  • The influence of centrifugal force on the expansion of the interference fit and on the stress in shaft and hub are included in the calculation.
  • In addition to direct entry of tolerance, automatic determination of optimal tolerance pairings based on the desired resistance to slipping and for permissible material stress, can also be executed. Entry of surface roughness with qualities in accordance with ISO 1302.
  • In the calculation of cylindrical and conical interference fits with KISSsoft the outer diameter of the hub can vary. In such cases the outer diameter is entered sectionally with diameter and length; from this data an equivalent diameter (in accordance with V. Gross) is determined and considered in the calculation.
  • Taper interference fit

    Calculation and sizing of a taper interference fit for transfer of torque in elastic operating status. Mounting through axial twisting via a screw or by pressing on. Computation method in accordance with F. G. Kollmann for fits with the same elasticity module and full inner part.

    The permissible range of the setting angle (for upper placement) is configured. In addition the pressure and pre-stressed force when joining and in operation at maximum torque are also calculated.


  • Permissible cone angle (for self-locking)
  • Seat length for transmission of maximum torque
  • Maximum transmissible torque
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