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Calculation of deflection and bearing reaction

  • Calculation of the bending line, transverse force path and torque path in the XY and ZY plane (shaft axis always Y axis) with or without consideration of inherent weight.
  • Calculation of axial force with consideration of weight (depending on shaft position).
  • Graphic representation of all essential values on the screen and the printer: Path of deflection, transverse force, bending moment, in different planes, torsional moment, axial force, and static reduced stress.
  • Output of the data for four selected cross sections.
  • Calculation of forces and moments in bearings (and shaft ends) for any number and type of bearings.
  • Output of forces in up to 7 bearings.
  • Calculation of the slope of the elastic line in the bearings, e.g. for consideration in the calculation of cylinder roller bearings. The gradient of the slope angle can also be presented on the screen and the printer.
  • Presentation of the elastic line permits the marking of points and reading of the appropriate data.
  • If a shaft with load spectra has been entered, then the elastic line can also be calculated individually for the load at each load collective spectrum element (option W06s).
  • Calculation of all stress components (pull/pressure, flection, shear, torsion) and equivalent strain increment. Output in a log. Presentation of the equivalent strain increment path.
  • Calculation of deflection with or without consideration of the shear deformation.
  • The graphic display can be saved and compared with new results.
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