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Shaft geometry

Graphic shaft editor

A graphic shaft editor is available for definition of shaft geometry including notches, bearing arrangement, and stresses. The editor allows entry of shaft geometry with cylindrical and conical elements, or import in a DXF file. Loads can either be defined classically through forces and moments, or through more complex force elements such as cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, clutches, pulleys, magnetic loads, etc. Individual load spectra can be assigned to all force elements.

An extensive database is integrated for roller bearings, however bearings can also be defined independently of the specific bearing type. Multiple bearings (more than two bearings) are possible without difficulty.

Roller bearings with inclined paths (taper roller bearings, angular ball bearings, and spindle bearings) generate a skewed pressure direction of the reaction forces. Thus the actual bearing point for calculation of bearing forces is not in the center of the bearing (as it is for normal roller bearings) but rather it is where the pressure angle intersects the shaft axis through the bearing center.

For entry of bearing points in KISSsoft the center of the bearing is always entered. After entering a roller bearing with skewed pressure direction the calculation can be executed taking the pressure angle into account. In this case KISSsoft then automatically shifts the bearing center point, calculates the reaction forces and immediately shows the modified results. The stored geometry data with the bearing center points are not modified; this means that the roller bearing type can be changed at any time.

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