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Strength verification with local stress

Static strength and fatigue strength verification (finite life or fatigue strength) with elastic calculated local stresses in accordance with the FKM guideline 183 (4th edition) for non-welded components.

The calculation program supplies a complete, written verification of static strength and the fatigue strength for a verification point W.

The verification is executed in accordance with the local concept as described in FKN Guideline 183, Mathematical strength verification for machine components. The idea behind the local concept consists of determining service life based on elastic/plastic local stress at the critical point of the component, compared with the elongation Wöhler line determined on the unnotched test specimen under single-axis stress. Within the framework of the FKM guideline the local concept is implemented as variant on the basis of stress. Thus the prerequisite for application is an elastic material status. This means there is no real local concept, such as the elastic-plastic notch base concept (local concept), but rather a concept close to the nominal tension concept, in which only the form count is on the other side of the equation. It is a useful tool for static and fatigue-strength verification for the high-cycle range (N > 104).

Entry: The stresses on one evaluation point W and one support point B are specified. Or the stress on the evaluation point is specified and the support effect are estimated mathematically. In addition the parameters necessary for calculating the design correction values such as surface roughness, component size, etc. are required. Additional stress data such as cycle count, spectrum, temperature, etc. are also specified.

Output: The degrees of utilization for the static cases and the fatigue case are calculated. A compele written proof is created.

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