Bevel and hypoid gears

This is a one day advanced special training for engineers who have already participated in a cylindrical gear advanced training. It covers the whole design process for bevel gears from the geometry and cutting methods to optimizations and 3D representations for contact pattern check.

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Bevel and hypoid gears

Type: special
Language: English
Costs: 750 Euro


October 25 2013 | Week 43
09:00 - 17:00 | Friday
Duration: 1 Day
Topic: In the first part of this training, several classical cutting methods are shown which are used for straight, helical and spiral bevel gears. Further, the determination of the geometry is explained for bevel gears, as it is defined in ISO 23509, also the specialities of hypoid gears are shown. In the second part the topics for strength and sizing, analysis and optimization are explained for bevel – and hypoid gears. Finally the generation of 3D models with modifications will be treated and the process from generation until export is shown. The training contains several exercises for the different topics. On request also user specific questions can be answered. In this case please contact the trainer in advance.


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Bevel and hypoid gears
October 25 2013 | 1 Day
750 Euro

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