KISSsoft Basic Training

Fully booked
Training by KISSsoft , U.S.A., LLC

The emphasis of the training is on the usage of the software and exercises executed by the participants. In addition some basic theory will be discussed in order to develop an understanding of the technical terms used in the software. Computers with KISSsoft preloaded as well as documentation, exercises and handouts will be provided for.

The cost for the 2 1/2 day class is US Dollar 1'750 for the first person of a company, for any additional person of the same company half price or US Dollar 875. Please send a purchase order to KISSsoft, USA, to reserve your training spot including the name of the person/s and any dietary considerations.
The class size will be limited to 15 and fills up fast.

For information on the facility and directions as well as for room reservations please refer to the following links:

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KISSsoft Training

Basic and comprehensive training
Type: Basic and comprehensive
Language: EN
Costs: 1750 US Dollar


June 12 2017 | Week 24
08:30 - 17:00 | Monday
June 13 2017 | Week 24
08:00 - 17:00 | Tuesday
June 14 2017 | Week 24
08:00 - 12:00 | Wednesday
Duration: 3 Days
Topic: The general scope of the training program will take into account general settings, maintenance of technology data base, settings and adaptations for reports, possibilities of project administration as well as generation and application of calculation templates. The basis training outline is attached and is intended to be a guideline but we are welcome your input on the topics covered. As preparation for this training we strongly recommend gaining familiarity with the KISSsoft-Demo-Version and tutorials available.

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