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Worm gears

  • Calculation of geometry, efficiency, temperature resistance, resistance to pitting, wear resistance, resistance to tooth fracture and resistance to deflection for worm-worm gear pairings. Calculation of start behavior. Calculation procedure in accordance with DIN 3996. Various worm-gear materials are also supplied as a supplemental data file. Flank forms: ZA, ZE, ZH, ZI, ZK, ZN, ZC.
  • Calculation of the worm geometry in accordance with DIN 3975. Tooth thicknesses and reference dimensions (tooth width, roll mass and ball mass of the worm gear) in accordance with DIN 3960. Manufacturing tolerances in accordance with DIN 3974-1 and 3974-2 (1995).
  • Sizing of tooth width, center distance, pitch angle etc.
  • Strength calculation according to draft DIN 3996 (version 1998) with:

    Efficiency, temperature resistance, pitting resistance, wear resistance, resistance to fracture and deflection. Data for various worm gear materials is supplied, the calculation is also suitable for plastics.

  • Also the starting torque under load is calculations which can be extremely important when sizing drives.
  • Reference dimensions for worms and worm gears

    For worms with flank form ZA, ZI (or ZE), ZK, ZN, reference masses are calculated with consideration of the tooth thickness tolerance: Three-wire mass and tooth thickness for the worm, ball mass for the worm gear, and backlash-free center distance for the worm gear pairing.

    Worm calculation with sizing via the normal module (worm sizing tool module)

    The geometry of worm pairings is normally calculated with the axial module. With this option sizing can optionally be executed with the normal module (tool module). Thus the tip circle and root circle as well as the addendum modification are particularly influenced.

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