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Complete calculation with specification of standard v-belt lengths and standardized effective diameters. Determination of the transmissible power per belt under consideration of speed, effective diameter, ratio, and belt length. All data for the different belt types is stored in self-describing text files and contains information from the technical catalogs of the respective manufacturers (e.g. Fenner). Determination of belt tension from the belt bending force test is also integrated. End draw and axial load at standstill and in operation are calculated for optimal adjustment, as well as for adjustment in accordance with catalog specifications.

General dimensioning of the belt (output of a recommendation for a v-belt suitable for your drive problem), sizing of belt count, calculation of belt length from the center distance and vice versa.

As a variant the calculation can also be executed with a third pulley (idler pulley). The input of the position is interactively defined on the graphic screen. The position of the pulley can either be external or internal. KISSsoft is also capable of shifting the idler pulley to a position with standardized belt length if desired. The changed arc of belt contact parameters are taken into account in the subsequent calculation.

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