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Calculation in accordance with DIN 743

Calculation in accordance with DIN 743 (200)) "Bearing capacity of shafts and axles": Strength calculation for shafts and axles with safety verification against lasting deformation and fatigue fracture.

The occurring stresses (with middle stress and deflection stress) are evaluated based on the simplified Smith diagram.

Important characteristics of this method:

  • Applies only for shafts and axles.
  • Pull/pressure, flection, and torsion are included in the calculation, shear is not taken into consideration.
  • Consideration of surface strength (through nitriding, case hardening, carbonitriding, rolling, shot peening, inductive hardening/flame hardening).
  • No calculation of service life (time yield range), this also means there is no calculation of load spectra. In KISSsoft however an extension of the standard is implemented analog to an FVA draft, which permits time yield calculation as well as handling of load spectra. An appropriate extension of DIN 743 is planned.
  • Temperature range: -40 to 150 degrees.
  • Calculation in accordance with the FKM guideline

    The current version of the FKM guideline (Strength Verification, 4th edition) is the most comprehensive calculation method available today. It goes far beyond the application area of DIN 743, however it is more demanding in the interpretation of the results.

    The calculation algorithm contains the latest findings in material theory and executes a static calculation as well as a time yield calculation. The calculation algorithm has been developed by professor Haibach. Thus assurance for expert interpretation of this complex guideline is provided.

    Strength calculation with load spectra

    Calculation in accordance with the FKM guideline permits strength calculation with load spectra. If a shaft has been entered with load spectra, then the calculation can be directly executed. With the calculation methods in accordance with Hänchen/Decker load spectra cannot be taken into account because the standard does not allow it.

    With DIN 743 the strength calculation can also be executed with load spectra. The calculation is executed in the same manner as as specified in an FVA draft. A supplement of DIN 743 is planned.

    For all methods, alternatively it is possible to execute a fatigue strength verification for a specific load spectrum element.

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