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Hydrodynamic radial journal bearing

Calculation of hydrodynamic radial journal bearings in stationary operation. Various oil types (ISO VG) are already preprogrammed in the database, special lubricants can be entered. The calculation is executed for journal bearings with cylindrical bore (other shapes occur however only small deviations).

Calculation in accordance with Niemann

Calculation of power loss, oil throughput, oil warming, minimum lubricating gap size in accordance with G. Niemann, Maschinenelemente I, Springer, and in accordance with O. R. Lang, Gleitlager, Springer. Calculation for pressure lubrication bearings (circulating oil lubrication) with test for operational safety.

Calculation in accordance with DIN 31652

Calculation in accordance with DIN 31652, part 1 to 3 (1983) for pressureless lubrication and pressure lubrication bearings. The type of lubricant feed (lubricating holes, lubricating groove, lubricating pockets) is taken into account. All operating data as stipulated in DIN 31652, such as operating temperature, minimum lubrication gap width, power loss, oil throughput, etc. is calculated. Operational safety is also checked.

In addition the spring constant (radial rigidity) of the operating point of the bearing is also calculated. This value can be transferred into the shaft calculation.

Grease lubricated radial journal bearing

Calculation of bearing data in operation and for transition into mixed friction on the basis of the calculating method for oil-lubricated journal bearings with deficient lubrication. Various greases are already available in the database; additional greases can easily be added.

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