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Hypoid gears with cyclo-palloid gearing

Geometry, producibility, and strength calculation of hypoid gears (bevel gears with center axle offset) in accordance with the Klingelnberg process.

In accordance with Klingelnberg factory standard KN3029 (Geometry and Manufacturer) and KN3030 (Strength calculation) a complete calculation is executed for cyclo-palloid gearing:

  • Machine types FK41B, KNC40, KNC60 AMK855, AMK1602 with all corresponding cutters, facing head tip radii, and number of starts.
  • Center distance, angle corrections, contact angle for traction flank and thrust flank can be selected as desired
  • The entire geometry with calculation of tooth bevels, tooth widths, machine distance, modules (inner, middle, outer), check for stock removal, undercut space, calculation of gap widths, check for reverse cut, check and calculation of the required tip reduction on the inner diameter, transverse contact and overlap ratio, tooth form factor, and stress correction factor, either for traction flank or thrust flank.
  • Calculation of all gearing dimensions
  • Calculation of the pitting resistance, root resistance, as well as resistance to scoring (in accordance with the integral temperature criterion for the replacement equivalent helical gear) with all adaptations of factory standard KN3030.
  • Sizing:

  • Determination of the main values using a rough calculation (based on the power data and the target ratio) with the possibility of influencing pinion tooth count, module, the pitch diameter (ring gear) and the tooth width.
  • Recommendation for suitable contact angle on the traction flank and thrust flank
  • Sizing of the addendum modification for the minimum necessary value to avoid undercut
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