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Tooth shape

The tooth shape calculation is usually based on definition of the basic rack or tool, which then determines the actual tooth shape through roll off. In this process, if needed, multiple processing steps can be interpolated in succession, which produces a very good simulation of the manufacturing process. Because each intermediate step can be visualized, for example stock removal can be determined in each processing step. Under &lgdq;Operations&rgdq; a listing of the possible definition steps is provided.

The result of the tooth shape calculation is highly precise, so that it can be used directly for definition of special tools or injection molded tools. The user can specify the maximum deviation. Output is provided in various CAD formats, optionally as continuous lines, circular arc approximation, or spline. Or also as 3D model within a CAD.

In addition to the visual feedback when sizing, the tooth shape calculation is typically used to determine the actual tooth shape when using impact wheels, to increase the service life of the tools, to achieve tooth shapes with greater root strength, to perform collision tests, to evaluate grinding notches, or also to create CAD models.

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