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The geometry of cylindrical gears is calculated for three cases: Backlash-free gearing, upper tolerance and lower tolerance. In the cases with tolerance all relevant tolerances are taken into consideration. All important diameters and angles are calculated and shown in the log.

For the addendum modification there is also a sizing function for center distance based on various criteria (compensated glide, tip limit and undercut limit, max. root or flank resistance, etc.). High gearing and short gearing, protuberance tools and buckling root flank can be defined. For tolerance there are sizing functions from measured test dimensions.

For geometry calculation tolerance systems are available in accordance with ISO 1328, DIN 3967; DIN 58405 for tooth thickness tolerance, ISO 286, DIN ISO 2768, DIN 7168, DIN 58405 for center distance; quality systems in accordance with ISO 1328, DIN 3961-3963, AGMA 2000, AGMA 2015 and DIN 23961-23963.

Calculation of information on profile correction of cylindrical gears

For a specified proportion of the nominal load KISSsoft calculates a recommendation for tip relief and root relief on the basis of tooth deformation manufacturing tolerances. This recommendation can be transferred directly into the definition of the reference profile.

The following information is also provided in the calculating log:
Points A to E of the path of contact with the appropriate involute lengths. Printout of diameters, radii, involute lengths, and roller lengths for the involute test diagram (for gear and paired mating gear). Specification of the approximate values according to different methods for tip relief.

Sizing of high gear configurations

Special reference profiles with greater tip and root heights are used for high gear configurations. This configuration function calculates the desired reference profile on the basis of the desired profile coverage. In the precision gear sizing this function can also be activated, in this case the reference profile is directly calculated in such a manner that precisely one specified target profile coverage is achieved for each output solution.

Enlargement of the interval for executable addendum modifications

The bandwidth of normally executable addendum modifications can be significantly enlarged with this option. This is quite useful for special cases. Suitable for: cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, helical gears.

Gear geometry of the backlash-prone gearing (for cylindrical gears)
calculation with manufacturing addendum modification

Cylindrical gear geometry in accordance with DIN 3960 is based on calculation of (theoretical) backlash-free gearing. Thus the total of the profile addendum modification of the individual gears is specified via the center distance. In KISSsoft, in addition the option is available of entering addendum modifications independently of center distance. This is quite useful in verifying the limit positions of a gear configuration (backlash, coverage, etc.) at significantly varying center distance (e.g. for large center distance tolerance fields). In Anglo-Saxon area gears are often defined directly with the so-called manufacturing addendum modification.

Optimizing center distance relative to compensated glide

For specified addendum modification of a (selectable) gear, with this option center distance is calculated in such a manner that the specific glide of the gear pair is compensated (for cylindrical gears).

Display of specific glide

The curve of specific glide (glide and roll speed) at mesh can be generated graphically.

Recommendation for tooth trace correction

The standard DIN 3990 has practical execution as the prerequisite for using the tooth trace correction. This supplemental program generates a recommendation for a practical sizing of the tooth trace+ correction in accordance with DIN 3990.

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