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Cylindrical gears

On the basis of current standards KISSsoft permits strength verification for cylindrical gears in a simple and safe manner. Various methods are offered that can be found under "Strength calculations".

Resistance to root break, pitting, and scoring is calculated. Or or a given minimum resistance the transmittable power or achievable service life are also calculated.

Geometry calculations provide all relevant dimensions and test dimensions based on applicable standards and under full consideration of relevant tolerances.

Conceptual design provides a series of suggestions for gear pairs aimed at solving a transmission problem — at the click of a button. On one hand, this step provides meaningful ranges for the module, wheelbase, width and number of teeth; on the other hand, the concrete solution also serves as a starting point for further optimization work. Optimization work, in turn, is aided by the precision design feature, which combs through entire ranges of parameters and validates solutions based on a variety of criteria.

Other design functions are available that target specific parameters such as profile offset, tooth thickness tolerances, bevel or reference profile; these functions then determine the value of the parameter based on pertinent criteria.

CAD interfaces allow the user to represent a gear in two-dimensional format as a DXF or IGES file or as a three-dimensional STEP or IGES model. Various levels of integration are also available for the CAD programs typically used in mechanical engineering; this integration option makes it possible to construct a 3D model directly in the CAD program.

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