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Load Spectra in KISSsoft and KISSsys
Thursday, 26. March 2015
In the load spectra calculation of KISSsoft (module ZZ1 and WA8), the values for partial damage per load element are now shown in the report. Also the iteration and the calculation speed has been improved.

Furthermore, it is currently possible to consider the load and speed direction of each element separately. For the flank calculation, optionally just positive load elements can be considered. For the root calculation, the alternating bending factor is considered with 0.7.

Finally, the load spectra calculation is also available for beveloid gears.

The calculation of load spectra in KISSsys (module SYS or GPK) can now be performed for several kinematics in one step. The values of the load elements are shown in an additional table.

In the upcoming KISSsoft version 03/2015 which is released at the industrial fair in Hanover in April, additional detailed information about damage calculation of gears, shafts and bearings are available. Keep on being curious and visit us at the HANNOVER MESSE 2015 in hall 25 at booth H18!

Calculation of the Face Load Factor
Thursday, 05. March 2015
In the K calculation, the manufacturing allowances are now considered using the combinations of (+/-) signs of fma and fhb (module ZA35). Furthermore, the gap as well as load distribution are shown for all combinations of (+/-) fma and (+/-) fhb in graphs; they are also listed in the report. In case of planetary gears, the results are determined for each planet singularly.

Additionally, a new dialog is available which allows the user to define the number of slices for the calculation of load distribution. This allows, among other things, a faster calculation for planetary gears.

Based on the effective gaping in the tooth mesh, the optimal flank modification is now delivered. The flank line modification is considering the bending and torsion components of the shaft deformation.

Finally, the sizing of lengthwise crowning and helix angle modification is currently possible under consideration of the axis misalignments. The modification values are therefore calculated using the exact method ISO 6336-1, Annex E.

For cylindrical gears (module ZPK) under 'Module-specific settings/General', files with tooth shape can now be exported - including coordinate points, normal vectors and curvatures. There is also a new input mode 'Diameter' available for the reference profile and pinion type cutter data, which allows an easy and immediate input of diameter values instead of factors. The information graphics have been optimized in this connection too.

Finally, for measurements over pins with small pin diameter, the display option for graphs was enhanced and shows now under ‘2D Geometry/Tooth form/Gear 1,2/Normal section (gap)’ clearly the flattened pin and measure circuit diameter.

A new calculation core was developed for the shaft calculation (module WPK) to favor increased stability, better performance and easier fault correction. This reprogrammed core is now freely available for the KISSsoft user. The older method, meanwhile, is still active ‒ under 'Module-specific Settings/Calculations/use 2013er Solver'. Particularly for calculations of shaft eigenfrequencies (module WA4), the new calculation method is recommended.

In the graphic presentations, the location of the calculated strength cross sections is displayed in the graphic 'Strength'. A new graphic under 'Shaft/3D Display/Deformation (Bending)' also illustrates the bending lines and shaft forces in 3D.

In the upcoming KISSsoft Release 03/2015, these highlights of the shaft calculation have been expanded even further: If you want to get to know them and are interested in the beta version, please send us an e-mail and we will send you a trial license back. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Part 2 of ISO/TR 15144 just released!
Thursday, 11. December 2014
Part 2 of ISO/TR 15144 has just been published and contains four calculation examples for the application of this micropitting standard - for a reliable prediction on the risk of micropitting.

As part of our effort to ensure quality control, we have recalculated all the examples with KISSsoft (module ZA32) and came to matching results. This recalculation in document form is also available for you.

We say goodbye to you from the 24th December due to our winter holidays and are back again for you from 5th of January 2015 newly refreshed! At this point, we would like to thank our customers, partners and friends for a successful 2014 and the confidence you have shown in us.

To a splendid further collaboration and for all of you Happy Holidays!

Enhanced Thermal Balance in KISSsys
Friday, 28. November 2014
KISSsys is a system add-on to KISSsoft, where complete transmissions and drive trains can be modeled (SYS module). The gearbox package GPK calculation, which is based on KISSsys, provides the user with 17 basic models of gearboxes as templates (GPK module).

With the "Efficiency Template", available for KISSsys, the efficiency calculation and thermal analysis in accordance with ISO/TR 14179 are carried out for all types of transmissions and drive trains. In addition, the template now includes a large number of new functionalities, which meet the requirements of the industry.

With the integrated programming language in KISSsys, own modifications of the calculation code can be made. Improvements of the gear design and the required cooler power are therefore much more purposefully and easily definable by the user. 

If you are interested in a trial version or in a detailed manual, just contact us – or visit our booth K09 at the CTI Automotive Transmission Symposium in Berlin from the 8th until 11th of December 2014.

Extended Bolt Calculation in KISSsoft
Tuesday, 04. November 2014
In the bolt calculation according to VDI 2230 (module SPK), among other things, additional strength classes for nuts have been implemented in KISSsoft. New is also the feature that stress can now be calculated either with a reduced torsional stress level or with none at all.

Furthermore, CADFEM developed together with KISSsoft in ANSYS the tool "WB/Bolt Assessment under VDI2230" for automated evaluation of bolts, so complex component part geometries can be calculated efficiently. The benefit of this tool is the fast and reliable assessment of large housing structures with many bolts. Consequently, the user is freed from tedious, repetitive tasks and can concentrate on the development of optimal and reliable gear boxes.

Beveloid gears have their own new module in the KISSsoft system (module ZH1). Sizing and dimensioning of beveloid gears have been implemented based on cylindrical gear standards, which also makes it possible to consider load spectra.

The usual flank modifications, such as helix angle modification or negative crowning, are still available to help optimize tooth contact in a 3D model.

Finally, tooth contact can be verified using the graphical contact analysis method, and the models can be exported for various purposes, such as FE analysis, 5-axis milling, or output to a measurement grid.

The expert modules in the KISSsoft/KISSsys system also include seven language modules: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese (modules LA1 to LA7).
Unlike when you are working in some other calculation or software programs, you can change the user interface language in the KISSsoft system even when you are right in the middle of the calculation process. In addition, we have built up technically strong representative offices in numerous countries around the globe to guarantee support in the local language (in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, France, Turkey, Russia, People's Republic of China, South Korea, India, etc.).

The ease with which you can change the user interface language and generate reports and graphics in other languages makes it possible to:
  • outsource engineering or production – calculation files, reports, results and data exports can be created, opened and edited in any language (no additional translation costs).
  • perform benchmarking and integrate components from several companies (as it is typical in the wind turbine manufacturing sector, automobile construction, etc.) across multiple countries and languages.
KISSsoft, which is multilingual, supports activity on a global scale, can win markets, and enables cooperation with multiple partners. Our team at KISSsoft in Switzerland, which includes people of nine different nationalities, wishes you the very best success with your international contacts.

KISSsoft Adjusts to Your Needs!
Tuesday, 05. August 2014
On multiple requests of our customers, there are now two instructions available for tailoring KISSsoft to individual requirements and CI-regulations:

Instruction 092 „Modifying Reports“ assists the user to design custom report templates. Thereby unit adjustments and font size, settings in graphics as well as tables belong to the comfortable handling that KISSsoft provides.

It is now also possible to extend the configuration of the software. So the result display can be customized individually. With the Instruction 093 ”Define Rules”, the user is able to create custom rules for implementing e.g. internal company standards. The user also can be notified of intermediate values or results which are outside of permissible limits.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Further Parts of VDI 2736 Published
Wednesday, 16. July 2014
The VDI Guideline 2736 for plastic gears takes form: Part 2 (load capacity calculation of cylindrical gears) and part 3 (load capacity calculation of crossed helical gears) have been published as final white printings, part 1 (materials and manufacturing), and part 4 (evaluation of load capacity characteristics) are available as official draft versions via the publishing house “Beuth”.

The VDI Guideline 2545, the predecessor of the VDI 2736, has already been implemented in the 80’s in the calculation program of KISSsoft. Nowadays, plastic gears are found in many transmissions, but the VDI guideline 2545 was withdrawn. For this reason, we welcomed it very much to participate in the Guideline VDI 2736.

We are delighted that KISSsoft could bring own insights from everyday practice into this development process.

A series of new graphics have been added to the shaft calculation process in KISSsoft. These provide a clear 3D view of shafts and bearings, along with the bearing forces and loads (WB2).

These graphics can also be animated to illustrate rotation and bending, making even the most complex shaft systems easy to display and to understand.

Furthermore, the shaft calculation was reprogrammed in its calculation core. This not only improves stability considering calculation convergence, but also makes errors easier to identify and resolve.

For us, calculation standards are naturally fundamental. Therefore, the KISSsoft company works actively in the standardization committees. Dr. Ulrich Kissling is chairing the TK25 Committee (‘Gears’) of the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) and is a voting member for Switzerland of the ISO TC 60 and the Workgroup 15 (‘Micropitting’) as well as the Workgroup 6 (‘Cylindrical gear calculation’). Additional KISSsoft employees are in the ISO TC 60 WG 13 active (‘Bevel gears’), in the VDI Commission for defining the VDI 2736 (‘Plastic gears’) and in the board of the VDI 2610 (‘GDE’). Finally, we host the ISO and VDI meetings regularly in our office. True to our motto "Sharing knowledge", we support the exchange of information on an international level in order to offer our users a globally applicable software.

The calculation programs of KISSsoft are based on the implementation of all relevant standards and their drafts (ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, Klingelnberg).  This allows KISSsoft to be always on the cutting edge of technology and to offer many design and optimization tools, as well as methods which transcend the standards.

Local Wear Simulation in KISSsoft
Thursday, 15. May 2014

A new progressive wear method is used to define the wear for cylindrical gears: This method is based on the contact analysis and uses an iterative process to simulate the actual wear. The result is displayed either in 2D or in 3D, to provide a clear evaluation of the various modifications involved, for example, the effect of tip relief on the wear behavior (module ZA31).

The wear calculation also includes calculation of the wear factor with nitrided, unhardened, and hardened steels according to Plewe.

The calculation also includes the effect of some lubricants, as defined in the measurements taken by the company Klüber.

KISSsys AWARD 2014
Thursday, 24. April 2014
Celebrate with us 15 years of KISSsys and enter your application to win the KISSsys AWARD 2014!

You are free to choose your own topic. We leave it to you – a highly complex kinematic model or a visionary model rich in imagination.
Or are you more interested in interfaces with other programs such as vibration simulation or FE?

All that matters is that you design your model using KISSsys, the system add-on to KISSsoft.

You can obtain a free license for the purposes of the competition (commercial use excluded) via registration form.

Submit your KISSsys model until August 30, 2014 and convince our jury. We are looking forward to your participation!

PS: You can also submit existing models.

During the week of April 7 to 11, several meetings of ISO Workgroups have taken place at KISSsoft AG headquarters.

Workgroup 6, chaired by Professor Höhn, is intensively engaged in the development of a Technical Report, in which for the first time eight examples of calculations according to ISO 6336 will be documented. This work is very important for KISSsoft, because it can demonstrate that our software correctly implements the ISO 6336 and we get the same results, as they will be published in the standard.

After concluding the new issue of the ISO 1328-1 for cylindrical gear tolerances, Workgroup 2 works now on the Technical Report 10064: Code of inspection practice. The ISO 1328-1 was published in 2013 and is included in the new KISSsoft Release 03/2014. Since the differences compared to 1995 are considerable, both versions of Part 1 are now available in KISSsoft. We assume that it will take still much time until the new tolerance values are generally considered.

Workgroup 7, chaired by Dr. Octrue, is concerned with the geometry and strength of worm wheels. The different flank forms of the ISO TR 10828 are implemented in the 3D worm models of KISSsoft.

We are pleased to have hosted these successful meetings full of inspiration!

New KISSsoft Release 03/2014
Monday, 07. April 2014
On 7th of April, the industrial fair in Hanover opens its doors. At the same time, the new version of KISSsoft 03/2014 will be released with a number of innovations that have been implemented. Including the following highlights:
  • Calculation of beveloid gears with output of 3D models in STEP format
  • Efficiency and thermal rating of drive trains in KISSsys
  • Simulation of flank wear, based on an iterative wear calculation with contact analysis
  • 3D display of shafts as well as bearings with a visual indication of applied loads and reaction forces
  • Enhanced sizing for profile and flank modifications of cylindrical gears
  • And many more ...
If you would like to learn more about the highlights of our software, visit us at the HANNOVER MESSE in Hall 7 at booth C01 or ask for a free test version.

PS: Are you already a customer with maintenance contract? Then you will receive the update still in April!

Customizing of KISSsoft
Thursday, 13. March 2014
Simple and intuitive handling is the basis for comfortable and efficient work with a software. In KISSsoft, there are several possibilities available: like personalization of the handling and tailoring it to your own needs and standards.

For many years it has been possible to design custom report templates. In addition, unit adjustments and font size, settings in graphics as well as tables belong to the convenient customization capabilities that KISSsoft provides.

In the Release 03/2013, some interesting new possibilities are available which extend the configuration of the software. So, the result display can be customized individually. Furthermore, the user can create custom rules to implement, for example, internal company standards. The user also can be notified of intermediate values or results which are outside of permissible limits.

For an analytical strength assessement, in the first instance the currently valid standard has to be applied. Therefore, an essential task of KISSsoft is to provide the user with the latest calculation standards. In the Release 03/2013, several standards are affected – amongst others the shaft strength calculation according to DIN 743 (module WA6) and the FKM guideline (module WA7).

The shaft calculation standard DIN 743:2012 contains now the proof in order to avoid incipient cracks on hard surface layers. Furthermore, calculation with load spectra according to the method "Miner extended" and slight modifications of the technological size influence coefficient K1 are available.

The 6th Edition of the FKM guideline implies currently some changes considering the material data and the calculation of the support factor number according to the material-mechanical concept.

Comparisons to the previous edition of the two standards were performed by KISSsoft and are available on request.

The KISSsoft 03/2014 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 7th, 2014 - just in time for the fair in Hanover "Hannover Messe".

If you want to find out more about the updates of the new software or if you are interested in a test license, please send an e-mail. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Let us share knowledge.

KISSsys, KISSsoft‘s system add-on, enables you to model complete gear units and drive trains (module SYS).

The "KISSsys assistants" (for parallel shafts and for single stage planetary gear units) guide the user through the steps involved in modeling a parallel or planetary gear unit.

Since the Release 2013, in the user interface, the most commonly used elements are now available as icons. To generate a model a user can simply drag and drop icons to add elements directly to the diagram window and link them to each other together.
Furthermore, the „Gearbox variant generator“ completes KISSsys with an efficient method for automatically creating numerous variants of gearboxes. The evaluation function enables you to make quick comparisons based on space, cost, efficiency and other criteria.

As we celebrate this year 15 years of KISSsys, we host a competition: The best application will win the KISSsys AWARD 2014!

Submit a KISSsys model and convince our jury. We are looking forward to your participation!

Last KISSsoft News in the Year 2013
Wednesday, 11. December 2013
If you have some peace and quiet during the holidays, then browse the picture gallery of a Spanish engineer about designing a wooden clock with KISSsoft and its production. Iñigo Latasa wrote to us: "The world is upside down. A Spaniard explains the Swiss, how to build a clock."

We say goodbye to you from the 20th December due to our winter holidays and are back again for you from 6th of January 2014 newly refreshed! At this point we would like to thank our customers, partners and friends for a successful 2013 and the confidence.

To a splendid further collaboration and for all of you Happy Holidays!

Calculation of Cold-Wear
Monday, 02. December 2013
Low-speed wear or cold-wear is a phenomenon that occurs with slow rotating and heavily loaded gears. In the process, the EHD lubricant film thickness gets so small that the metallic contact in the meshing leads to wear.

KISSsoft evaluates the wear according to the calculation of Plewe (module ZPK) and in the contact analysis with local numerical values (module ZA32).

Furthermore, the influence of the lubricant is considered in KISSsoft. The KISSsoft calculations were compared with the damage course of the test bench and show a very good agreement. This comparison confirms this practical calculation method.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us at: info@KISSsoft.AG

Contact Patterns of 5-Axis Milled Gears
Thursday, 31. October 2013

The 5-axis milling of gears is an established manufacturing process in the field of short run and replacement parts. This manufacturing method is used for cylindrical gears, and also increasingly for bevel gears and worm wheels. KISSsoft provides the exact 3D models for that purpose (modules ZC10, ZD10 and CB1).

We recently performed rolling tests of the milled bevel gear and worm gear sets and compared the contact patterns with the predicted results from KISSsoft contact analysis: KISSsoft contact analysis results matched the actual contact pattern.

We are pleased to give a lecture on this topic at the Dresden Machine Elements Colloquium (DMK 2013) in Germany. Find more information about events and fairs on our website.

Contact Analysis for Cylindrical Gears
Wednesday, 09. October 2013
The contact analysis for cylindrical gears in KISSsoft (module ZA30) has been extended and improved.

Experience gained from a comparison between various commercial contact analysis programs, carried out in fall 2012, has also left its mark on the calculation.

For example, additional correction factors (including one for Hertzian flattening) have been implemented, providing the user with even more detailed setting options. Of course, appropriate standard values are also set where suitable.

For the calculation of worm wheels and crossed helical gears, fine sizing modules are now available (module ZD5 and ZE6).

The KISSsoft fine sizing is applied to gear optimizations of all kinds - from static strength to noise optimization. Thereby, the macro geometry is varied in desired areas and the optimal solution according to various criteria is selected from the calculated variants. Plastic helical gears can be directly calculated according to the new draft of the VDI 2736.

After the cylindrical and bevel gears, these fine sizing modules complete the sizing process for all toothings.

For all cylindrical gears, custom configurable manufacturing drawings are now available in KISSsoft (module ZPK). The toothing data and a range of different graphics − such as flank modifications, etc. − can now be displayed in one graphic, output to screen or paper, and sent to the toothing manufacturer.

At the same time, graphic position and scale can be set by the user on his own. Now toothing data can be easily arranged and placed on the graphic.
The settings are saved in a separate file and thereby adopted for all gears. This approach favors also the definition of company standards.

Have a look at the manufacturing drawing examples in a KISSsoft test license.

Another highlight in the KISSsoft Release 03/2013 is the extended settings and evaluation options for optimizing modifications of cylindrical and planet gears.

A new feature is that the face load factor KHβ can now also be calculated. This therefore reveals the direct influence of the tooth trace modification on the safeties of the classic tooth root and flank load capacities.

Modifications are evaluated in the radar chart, which also provides a very clear comparison, especially within different partial loads.
The contact analysis has been greatly extended for planetary gear units (module ZA30). It is now possible to take into account the exact deflections of the shafts on the sun, the planet, and the internal gear. The planet carrier position is also determined by a shaft calculation, or can alternatively be specified as a displacement. The results are finally displayed in the 3D system, ensuring maximum clarity. This provides a powerful analysis tool for the planet system.
New dimensioning suggestions are now calculated for modifications, especially for planetary gear units (module ZA5). This ensures that tooth trace modifications can be specified accurately, on the basis of the planet carrier torsion and sun gear deformation.
In the KISSsoft Release 03/2013, the current KISSsys assistants were extended and furthermore a planet assistant was added. These assistants facilitate and simplify the modeling considerably.

The already existing "Parallel Shaft Assistant" can now – along with spur and helical gear
stages – also create bevel, worm and crossed helical gear stages
. The modeling process itself is also made more intuitive, the user is guided step by step through the entire gear box structure.

New: The "Planetary Gear Stage Assistant" is implemented. The user is guided explicitly step by step through the kinematic structure. From the sun to the planet carrier - no element is left out, the modeling process is accomplished directly with coaxial shafts.

Following the modeling, the rough sizing of the gears can be carried out in KISSsys. This feature is available for cylindrical and bevel, worm and crossed helical gears as well as planetary gear units.

The recent meeting of the committee for the upcoming guideline VDI 2736 has taken place on our premises.

The VDI 2736 covers plastic gears and is replacing the withdrawn guideline VDI 2545. Newly added are steel worms paired with plastic gears, for which a safety against root shear stress and the flank pressure are calculated. Considering cylindrical gears now also the wear is determined. Part 2 (load capacity of cylindrical gears) and part 3 (load capacity of worm gears) are already published  as official drafts. Part 1 (materials and manufacturing) and part 4 (conducting and analyzing of material measurements) should be available at the end of this year or early next year.

We are pleased to have hosted this successful meeting full of impulses!

The last meeting of the ISO Workgroup 13 on bevel gear calculation took place on the 23rd and 24th of May 2013 at the KISSsoft AG, in Switzerland. The topics were mainly the strength calculation of bevel and hypoid gears according to ISO 10300. In addition, a new Technical Report for sample calculations is in the works, to illustrate the calculation process.

We thank the ISO Workgroup for the visit and look forward to a further active and successful cooperation within the Workgroup!
Tuesday, 30. April 2013
The Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH awards the INDUSTRIEPREIS to companies with high economic, social, technological and environmental benefits true to the slogan "Industry Award 2013 - Push for Smart Industry".

The company KISSsoft AG was honored for the product KISSsys by a four-member expert jury with the title BEST OF 2013.

KISSsys has particularly impressed the judges and belongs thus to the top group of over 1200 submitted entries.

We are delighted to receive this award!
Today the time has come – the Hanover Fair opens its doors again. Simoultaneously the KISSsoft Release 03/2013 is available, in which a wide range of new features were implemented, including the following highlights:

•    Optimized contact analysis of cylindrical gear pairs and planetary systems with clearly arranged
results in 3D
•    Design of plastic gears according to the draft of the new VDI guideline 2736
•    Automatic, easily customized, generation of manufacturing drawings – with gearing data, various graphics as flank corrections etc.
•    Fine sizing of worm wheels and crossed helical gears for variable macro geometries
•    Updated DIN 743 and FKM Standards in the shaft calculation
•    KISSsys gearbox assistant for planetary models
•    And many more...

If you want to find out more about the highlights of our software, visit us at the Hanover Fair in hall 25, at booth E01/1, or ask for a test license at info@KISSsoft.AG!

Ps: Are you already a customer with maintenance contract? Then you will receive the update until end of April.
Det Norske Veritas
Wednesday, 13. March 2013
Det Norske Veritas provides with the standard No. 41.2 "Calculation of gear rating for marine transmission" a widespread gear calculation method for marine purposes, such as marine propulsion and important auxiliary onboard ships and mobile offshore units. In KISSsoft, the cylindrical and bevel gear calculation were implemented, according to edition of May 2012 (module ZA19 and ZC11).

The standard contains not only the safety calculations for root and flank fatigue but also the safety calculation for achieving a required hardening depth. This valuable information is now available in KISSsoft for other calculation methods too.

Another special feature is the detailed material properties in limited life strength and the possibility to consider peak loads.

Get your free trial version of KISSsoft and the DNV instruction paper at info@KISSsoft.ag!
The KISSsoft 03/2013 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 8th, 2013 - just in time for the Hanover Fair.

If you want to find out more about the updates of the new software or if you are interested in a test license, please send an e-mail to info@KISSsoft.AG. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Let us share knowledge.
KISSsoft is proud to be MSC Software's first Technology Partner with a connection to the new Adams/Machinery product. KISSsoft will be an integral part of a new system-level dynamic simulation module, in which the effect of rolling bearings will be considered.

The full nonlinear stiffness of rolling bearings will be modeled and used within the Adams/Machinery environment, utilizing KISSsoft's expertise, and will be a guarantee for quality, accuracy of results, and speed of calculation.

We are pleased to welcome our newest Technology Partner: MSC Software!
Simplified Modelling in KISSsys
Wednesday, 19. December 2012
In the KISSsoft Release 03/2012, several assistants for the model building in KISSsys were implemented (module SYS). They facilitate and simplify the modelling significantly.

One of the assistants guides the user step by step through the entire process of building a cylindrical gearbox. Furthermore, the KISSsys assistants support in calculating gears and shafts. Further assistants are scheduled for the Release 03/2013.

Finally, all KISSsys tables have been improved in terms of formatting usability such as font, background and text items, which leads to higher clarity and better user-friendliness.

At this point, we want to thank all our customers, partners and friends for a successful 2012 and the confidence - we look forward to further cooperation!
New Profiles for Enveloping Worm Wheel
Thursday, 25. October 2012
In the KISSsoft Release 03/2012, the profiles for worms with enveloping worm wheel were enhanced. The 3D models for the profile types N, K and C are also available now (module ZD10).

The geometry shapes are determined as defined in the Draft of ISO/DTR 10828.2. This technical report contains the definition of several – in the industry commonly applied – profile types A, I, N, K, and C (Cavex).

Furthermore, with the graphical contact analysis the contact situation can be verified and optimized using tool modifications.

Have a look at our tutorial 16 about the worm gear calculation or ask us for the specific tutorial for 3D modelling with graphical contact analysis.
KISSsoft AG: New Address!
Wednesday, 12. September 2012

We moved our office to a new address:

Rosengartenstrasse 4
8608 Bubikon

Tel:  +41 55 254 20 50
Fax: +41 55 254 20 51

Please update our contact details - we will keep in touch!

We are looking forward to continuing successful cooperation

The load distribution in the axial direction of cylindrical gears can be calculated very efficiently according to the calculation method ISO 6336 Annex E (module ZA35).

The basis for the load distribution calculation of cylindrical gears is the shaft deformation. While Part 1 of the ISO Norm 6336 does provide only rough classifications for shaft deflection, the Annex E allows to specify the exact value - manually or in KISSsys. The accurate determination of the load distribution forms the basis for an appropriate tooth correction.

In the advanced training courses of KISSsoft tooth corrections are covered extensively.

KISSsoft AG | Rosengartenstrasse 4 | 8608 CH-Bubikon | Tel: +41 55 254 20 50 | info@KISSsoft.AG

Calculation software for machine design - Design, Analyse, Optimize