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KISSsys Instructions

Download instructions and related models for a selected topic.

Item Explanation File Last update
Lubrication Explanations for the lubrication definition form the KISSsys table (PDF) 23.10.2018
Variable names Explanations for the variable names used in KISSsys (PDF) 23.10.2018
Table adaptation Adjusting default result tables for the model (PDF) 23.10.2018
User Interface Creating "UserInterface" tables in the model. Functionalities in the tables (PDF) 23.10.2018
Text output How to create an external text file with user defined data (PDF) 23.10.2018
Translation table A new variable from the KISSsoft needed in KISSsys! How to transfer new variables (PDF) 23.10.2018
Bearing force exportation Export bearing forces to a external file for latter use (PDF) 23.10.2018
Functionalities in KISSsys What are the main functionalities in KISSsys main window (PDF) 25.04.2016
3DView settings How to setup 3DView components (PDF) 25.04.2016
Component positioning Basic instructions how to position components in KISSsys (PDF) 25.04.2016
Kinematics How to define kinematic boundaries (PDF) 25.04.2016
Using centrical loads Basic explanations where "kSysCentricalLoad" can be used and how (PDF) 25.04.2016
Centrifugal forces in planetary gears How to add centricugal force for a planetary model (PDF) 25.04.2016
Multiple meshing in one gear How to calculate gear with multiple meshing points (PDF) 25.04.2016
Simple KHb setting How to addjust "KHb" value according to a shaft data (PDF) 30.05.2016
a23 limitations How to limit "a23" value for the bearing calculations in case of calculation inaccuraties (PDF) 25.04.2016
Worm gears Worm gear modeling and specialties (PDF) 25.04.2016
Over defined Kinematics How to addjust KISSsys models to be able to calculate with parallel power paths (PDF) 25.04.2016
Shaft System Dynamics How to perform a system dynamic calculation including analysis of unbalance response (PDF) 23.10.2018
Inclusion of Casing Stiffness How to take deformations of gearbox housing in KISSsys into account (PDF) 23.10.2018
Default Loadspectrum calculation Perform the default loadspectrum calculation in KISSsys (PDF) 23.10.2018
Rating factors from gears to shafts How to consider rating factor defined in gears also in shafts (PDF) 25.04.2016
Operating Backlash calculation in System How to calculate operating backlash for all gear calculations in the model (PDF) 25.04.2016
Journal bearing calculation How to model journal bearings and transfer data to the calculations (PDF) 25.04.2016
Group modelling How to model a gearbox using predefined groups or stages (PDF) 23.10.2018
3D modelling How to model a gearbox using elements with default geometry (PDF) 25.04.2016

Learn how to execute specific calculations in Instructions.You can also request a CD with a demo version, descriptions, and instructions with our request Form.

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