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Planetary Gearboxes Optimization Procedure for Complete Planetary Gearboxes with Torque, Weight, Costs and Dimensional Restrictions
Gearbox Variant Generator KISSsoft Case Study on Gearing Optimization with the "Gearbox Variant Generator"
Gearbox design Gearbox Design for tight Space Constraints with Cost Estimation
Gearbox with load spectrum Evaluation of load spectra for a CVT transmission using a parameter-assigned transmission model
Systematic design Effcient gearbox design using KISSsys models
Wind turbine gearbox Steps in wind turbine gearbox calculations
Static calculations Statical calculations of geaboxes; parametric study
Wind turbine gearbox Theorethical approach to gearbox calculation
Efficiency calculation Efficiency Calculation for Gearboxes
KISSsysWeb An Industrial Gearbox Calculation Tool
Reliability Rating From the Single Component Safety Factor to the System Reliability Rating

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